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Papparich Brunei unveils new menu for 2020!


Papparich, a brand from Malaysia renowned for serving a delicious wide range of Asian Cuisine, unveils its new line of the menu that is sure to warm the hearts of Bruneians.


The upgrade was done to cater the challenging market and to be able to provide a new Asian taste with vibrant flavors, inspired by the blend of spices used in everyday South East Asian cooking, the brand aspires to bring home-made flavors to the world by using only spices cultivated in Malaysia.

IMG_20200228_144630 (Medium)

Aromatic Nasi Biryani served withtheir famous Pappa’s Curry Chicken whole leg, sambal prawn and Papadum from their Nasi Briyani series! This series comes with other choices, Nasi Biryani with Fried Chicken and Sambal Prawns and Nasi Biryani with Curry Mutton and Sambal Prawns.

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The Papparich Chicken Rice is a Malaysian favorite dish that comes complete with Fried Chicken, fragrant jasmine chicken rice, chicken soup, bean sprouts and a dip combination of chili and dark soya sauce.

IMG_20200228_144658 (Medium)

You gotta love their Nasi Goreng! Down to earth homestyle belacan wok-fried rice, served with a sunny side-up egg, cucumber & tomato slices, Pappa fried Chicken wing and Signature Chicken Satays.

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Their Nasi Lemak is very well down with a good whiff of santan fragrance and served with Sweet & Spicy Sotong, fried anchovies & peanuts, hard boiled-egg, cucumber slices and sambal. This is sooo good!

IMG_20200228_143548 (Medium)

This is a very different style of traditional wonton noodles! Check out this kolomee with Pappa’s homemade curry chicken. The combination works really well! DELISH!!

IMG_20200228_144640 (Medium)

Pamper yourself with four meaty dumplings bathed in a sweet, flavorful broth. A perfect treat for rainy days especially!

IMG_20200228_144708 (Medium)

Pretty good grilled chicken satays accompanied by condiments, served with delicious peanut gravy.

IMG_20200228_143527 (Medium)

Sambal omelet is a good pairing to the rice dishes ~~~

IMG_20200228_143535 (Medium)

Healthy option is their claypot tofu and mixed vegetables ~~

IMG_20200228_144742 (Medium)

PappaKids Meal is also an option that the patrons should try especially if they are with kids. In case, the patrons are looking for a light food yet with an Asian flavor, they should try the Wholemeal Hainan Roti Garlic.

IMG_20200228_143555 (Medium)

Another good kids meal is this Chinese ground chicken bowl which uses ginger, garlic, soy sauce and Chinese five spices to create a savory sauce, a good match with the chicken infused rice.


The Hainan Toast with Sambal & Anchovies, spread with sambal and anchovies was really delicious! I can easily finish two of these myself!

IMG_20200228_144752 (Medium)

They also introduced their Lychee Delight Series! Infused with fruity flavours, the Lychee Delights series is something to enjoy with a twist of fruity flavor. This new beverage series is sweet on the taste buds yet refreshing and light. The Lychee Delights series comes with three flavours, Pineapple, Cucumber and Orange and Lychee Soda.

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I was quite happy to see that they have stevia options for their White Coffee! This will be very good for people who love coffee but need to watch their sugar levels!

IMG_20200228_151814 (Medium)

Ahhh glorious delicious white coffee with coffee jelly – minus the guilt of having sugary drinks!!

IMG_20200228_152603_1~01 (Medium)

What an amazing lunch spread that was! Besides the new dishes – Papparich has quite a number of signatures that I love in their menu! Let’s look at them shall we?


We’ll start with their bread – it’s different as it’s pretty soft in texture unlike typical white breads. Reminds me of the soft textured white breads in the famous kopitiam in Damai KK. This is their honey toast~~


I’m always a fan of peanut butter and kaya – so this Hainanese style peanut butter kaya toast really suits my taste. Soft textured white bread with two of my favourite spreads. This would make a lovely breakfast daily – if I can afford to eat this daily that is! Probably for dates or gathering with friends or business meetings.


If you don’t like peanut butter (I know right? Some people just don’t like them) – there are other spreads to choose from in the menu – such as this simple kaya toast – or you can have them with soft boiled eggs. Hmm …. toast and eggs ~ hubba hubba.


Sorry to say – My favourite will still be their peanut butter kaya toast. How can you say no to that?!


Now – this is the epic one. Deep fried buns (mantous) with egg mayo. Crispy outer layers and soft inner layers paired with the rich eggy filling. Highly recommended and this is something I would crave for! Thumbs up!


Now I must say – I’m a big fan of Penang Kway Teow and I was very skeptical when my friend ordered this to share with me – since I don’t believe that franchises can have great kway teow. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it – and I must say I highly rate this plate of kway teow. Good caramelization (wok hei) and strong flavours – while using the same type of thinner kway teow used in Penang! Funny thing on my instagram – someone posted and asked if this is the #blogger special – I mean – how can you make a kway teow any more different or special just for a food blogger? A few other readers tried this and gave a high rating to this as well – but of course – some do complain that it’s pretty expensive. I guess it’s normal for places with better ambience – you cannot expect to pay pasar malam or kedai kopi/kopi tiam prices.


Last but not least is my absolutely favourite drink in Pappa Rich. This is their Soy Milk, with pudding and grass jelly. The contrast of the soft pudding and the slightly firmer texture of the grass jelly goes very well with the fresh soy milk (ordered daily from a local supplier. Now if they could serve this with black sesame ice cream (available only in Malaysia branches.. sniff sniff) this would be the most epic beverage in Brunei. Highly recommended! I actually can finish two of these on my own!


Bottomline, I can say the food maintains their standard in Pappa Rich and has quite a loyal following in Brunei. People would always debate about the price point – since you can get pretty much most of the food for cheaper prices in other kedai kopi or kopitiam – which would be an unfair comparison considering the extra costs of interior design, maintenance as well as franchise fees. It would be more fair to compare their pricing to other cafes or franchises in Brunei.

PappaRich Brunei
ANSH Restaurant,
Block G, Ground Floor,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Gadong, BE4119,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2432333

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