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KFC Brunei introduces Korean Style Drumettes and the One Box!


KFC has officially unveiled a surprising new menu featuring chicken drumettes – a first for KFC, in a new Korean-influenced flavour – the rich and tasty soy garlic! I was quite excited as I love the glaze of Korean style fried chicken!


Always striving to bring you the latest in food trends that are Finger Lickin’ Good, KFC’s Soy Garlic Glazed Drumette is first and foremost fried to that golden-and-crispy perfection before being coated generously with our version of the sweet and savoury Korean-style soy garlic sauce. The result: you’ll get a flavourful crunch in every bite, and the addictive taste will leave you wanting more.


We trust that you would not be disappointed as we believe we have perfected our take on this popular Korean fried chicken flavour. We are beyond excited to finally share the KFC Soy Garlic Glazed Drumette, made available for everyone’s eating pleasure,” said Mr.Ooi, General manager of KFC Brunei.


Suitable for all, from an absolute beginner to an all-out Korean food lover, KFC got you covered as this menu can be enjoyed at an affordable price starting from BND 2.80 in 2 options – ala carte and THE ONE BOX.


Get as many as you want with our ala carte option or opt for more variety with THE ONE BOX where the drumettes complement well with our other delicious KFC menu.


Both ONE BOX will come with a piece of KFC finger lickin good fried chicken…


Everyone’s favourite Zinger burger ….


The KFC Whipped potato ~~~


The three bean salad ~~~ and a soft drink ~~


This box comes with the cheesy wedges ~~


This one comes with the new KFC Soy Garlic Glazed Drumette!


Mmm decisions decisions ~~~~~~


My verdict? These Korean drumettes are seriously delicious and I think personally I can eat 8 of these without any problem but I feel the one box combo will leave you feeling more satisfied!

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-13 at 9.14.18 PM

More good news is that the zinger stackers will now become a permanent menu for KFC!! HURRAY!!


Remember to tapao more for your family ~~ don’t sendiri makan makan only oooo

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