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When I was invited to check out the new White BBQ Crunch, I was expecting something cheesy and creamy. Boy ~~ You can’t imagine how wrong I was! The limited edition fried chicken actually packs a real spicy punch! Yes – The white sauce is not mayo or white pasta or cheese sauce ~ it’s something else!!


The signature KFC’s Hot & Spicy chicken is first generously glazed with an exquisite red hot sauce.. and dayummm I have to say it’s quite spicy for my taste buds.


The glazed fried chicken is then topped with this KFC limited-time edition White BBQ sauce; a delicious departure from the typical red or brown barbecue sauce. It’s a unique appetizing white version of BBQ sauce that packs a classic smoky rich barbecue flavour which goes well with the hot glaze!


“The KFC White BBQ Crunch is a different take on our popular chicken specially created for the festive season. With a special Hot Sauce glazed over the popular KFC Hot & Spicy chicken, topped with the rich smoky White BBQ Sauce, it is an overall mouth-watering and satisfying experience that you wouldn’t want to miss!” said Mr. Ooi, general manager of KFC Brunei.

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The KFC White BBQ Crunch range is available in a 2-pc to 3-pc chicken combo set with KFC signature sides and a drink or Box Meal set that comes with a Zinger Burger.

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The 2 Pc Combos ~~ 7.50 each with a drink ~~


Box meal in my opinion is a good price ~~ my fav Zinger and coleslaw with fries and coke and one piece of White BBQ Crunch goodness for 9.90!


The KFC fries have a lovely crisp texture which I love!


Snap snap first before eating and upload to Instagram first ~~ huhuhu ~~~


Ooo did I mention these new shrimp popper sides are AMAZEBALLS??!!! $2.80 each or get them as part of the Celebration Bucket!

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“KFC's bucket meals have been bringing people together around the table for generations. We hope this year’s Celebration Bucket with juicy Shrimp Poppers would add to the occasion and bring happiness to your gatherings.” said Mr. Ooi, general manager of KFC Brunei


Of corrs ~ keep calm and tapao for your family and loved ones! That box meal has a bit of everything I want in a meal ~ woo hoo ~~ oh wait … Thanis …. isn’t that for your wife ~~ not for you?? *ooppppsss* Caught red handed ~~


Too good to share ahhaah ~~ ok la ok la ~~ I’ll tapao for my wife too ~~ ;)

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