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Brunei Restaurant Review: Ikura Japanese Restaurant

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Ikura Restaurant is located at Gadong Central, just right opposite Yugo BBQ and Shabu Shabu and AP Ayam Penyet. Recently, Ikura introduced us their new sushi chef and let us tried their signature dishes.


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Frequent visitors of Japanese food around Brunei might recognise the chef ~~~ say hello to the new sushi chef of Ikura!


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Here are some pictures of the ambience ~~ dimmer lighting and comfortable settings.


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From another angle in the restaurant ~~


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They have VIP rooms for special occasions and more privacy


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To start your meal, I always prefer to begin with lighter items such as sashimi or sashimi salads, this is the sashimi salad which features a combination of sashimi slices served with their in house salad dressing.


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This is their Sake (salmon) carpaccio, sliced salmon sashimi served with Japanese dressing


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Now on to the specials - this is their signature Scallop Cheese Maki, which is fried battered scallops, topped with in house creamy sauce, cheese and sushi rice. People with big mouths like me love to just have this in one bite! Ladies might have to take smaller bites ~~ haha ~~ A dish that is unique to Ikura and one of my favourites in this restaurant.


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Another yummy scallop dish which is their hotate cheese yaki ~~ grilled scallops on shell with a cheesy sauce.


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This is their Ika Sugatayaki – grilled squid in their special marinate – to me it’s good on its own and doesn’t need the dipping sauce ~~ good texture and flavour.


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Ebi Cheese Maki – tempura prawns maki drizzled with cheese sauce. For those who love cheese ~~ this is the sushi for you!


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This is their Sake Nagai, which is salmon nigri sushi but with a longer tail ~~ reminded me of Japanese style fish lanterns ~~ beautiful ~~


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Chicken Karoke – mashed potatoes with chicken shaped, breaded and fried ~~ mmmmmn


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Their Volcano Maki resembles a volcano sushi oozing out saucy lava goodness ~~~ a sweet tangy sauce to go with the maki sushi.


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One of their top sellers is the Tokyo Maki – which is crispy salmon makis topped with sliced unagi ~~ *Swoons* who can resist salmon and unagi together?? ITADAKIMASU!!


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Ami-yaki which means "net grilling" is a popular Japanese style cooking method in which meat, fish, or vegetables are grilled on a wire net over a high flame or red-hot coals. Check out this Lamb Chop Amiyaki from Ikura Restaurant ~~


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Drools ~~ gotta love grilled lamb chops ~~~ they also have Wagyu Amiyaki but I didn’t get to try it yet. Do give other amiyakis a shot.


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This is their Ebi Tokyo Cheese – but I jokingly tell the boss this should be called Angry Bird – Doesn’t it look a bit like angry birds to you?


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Ebi Tokyo Cheese is a bit like the chicken karoke but stuffed with cheese and prawn ~~



There’s just something pleasing about Omu-rice ~~~ I saw this on the menu and had to try it ~~ OmuRice with Curry and Soft Shell Crab ~~~ how can you resist?


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Ikura management is quite confident with their ramens and udon noodles and recommended this Tori Katsu Curry Udon to me since I am a big fan of Curry Katsu. Yummy breaded chicken chop served with a soupy Japanese curry broth. I quite like the taste but my friend prefers it thicker just like the curry rice but this is a good change of pace for me. Do give their ramens a shot if you dine in here.



They have two types of Japanese Pancake (Okonomiyaki) – Plain and Salmon one ~~ I probably will try the salmon one next time ~~~ looked good ~~ mmmmmm


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For those who love the kick of wasabi – try out their ebi wasai mayo – fried crispy prawns drenched in a wasabi mayo sauce with a strong kick!


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For their drinks and desserts – they do have quite a Western influence ~~ such as slushies and smoothies. This is the macha mango slushie ~~ a very interesting combination ~~


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Chocolate brownie with ice cream ~~~ what a way to end your Japanese meal ~~ but wait ~~ the most epic dessert is about to come ~~


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In all my culinary years of makan makan – I’ve never been so happy to be served such an ice cream – one you would never believe to be seen in a Japanese restaurant – the Durian Kuning Ice Cream – so epic – any durian lover will go nuts over it ~~~ naturally we all voted this dish of the night! LOL ~~~ *oits it’s a Japanese restaurant – focus on the Japanese food pls!*


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Do pop by Ikura and give their new sushi chef’s Japanese food a try. This is your friendly neigbourhood foodie signing off ~~~

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