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Brunei Restaurant Pancake House International relocates to Rimba Giant

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Pancake House International is a very popular franchise from the Philippines. In fact, they’ve been around for almost 40 years and opened more than 150 outlets alone in the Philippines – the success owing to their famous soft and fluffy pancakes and combined with Filipino favourites make them a big hit.They were open in Kiulap but recently relocated to another popular spot at the new wing of Rimba Giant Hypermart on the first floor (on top of Burger King).



The CEO of Max's Group International, Peter King, was present to officiate the opening ceremony with Director of Pancake House International Brunei,  Del Goh. Max's Group International owns many other franchise eateries such as Pancake House, Yellow Cab, Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme and others - spanning more than 700 over outlets!


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The ambience uses the colors of Pancake House International – mainly orange and white theme colours – comfy sofas on the sides and white themed furniture in the center. The place is confortable for small to medium size groups.



Let’s have a look at the main attraction here – their famous soft and fluffy pancakes ~~ I have to say there’s quite a lot of choices here – you can order 2 pieces or 3 pieces stack but more is always better when it comes to pancakes!



They have two pancake stacks – one lemon and one orange flavoured one ~~ This is the Sunrise Orange Stack, slightly smaller pancakes, with cream cheese in between, topped with cream, orange rind and served with orange syrup ~~ oooh yes ~~~



Hubba hubba ~~~ can't wait to sink my teeth onto those pancakes!



Oooo would you look at that ~~ *drools* I have to say this is my favourite as I like the soft fluffy moist texture of the pancakes which goes well with the cream cheese filling and balanced by the fragrance of the orange. A thumbs up from me ~~



Oh hello there ~~~ pancake stacks with crushed walnuts, bananas, caramel, scoop of cream and drizzled with banana syrup



They also have savoury versions of their pancakes ~~ such as this Panwich (sunny side up egg in between two pancakes) served with chicken ham (or you can choose sausages) with cream. *drools* #eggporn I wouldn’t mind waking up to that!



Or if you are a fan of waffles ~~ be sure to check out their thin and crispy waffles ~~ *drools*



Mango with waffles or pancakes? Hmmmm ~~ so hard to decide!



Speaking of waffles – in their desserts corner ~~ they have this waffle foldover – you can choose your scoops of ice cream ~~~ served on a waffle spread with PEANUT BUTTER!! with candy coated chocolates and drizzled with chocolate syrup ~~ a combination of my favourite peanut butter, ice cream, waffles and chocolate ~~~ Mmmmmmm #dessertporn ~~~



Or you could order this dish that caught my attention and I thoroughly enjoyed when I had my first Pancake House meal in KK; Southern Maple Chicken, served with rice or fluffy waffles ~~~ OOoooooooOO of course I'll have them with waffles ~~ CHICKEN N WAFFLES!!



I have to say – the chicken is very delicious – the flavour and skin of this chicken is superior to their fried chicken and goes well with their fluffy waffle.. This ladies and gentleman is the my all time favourite at Pancake House *big applause* Die die also must try this chicken and waffles ~~



Let's face it ~~ even if you are in a mood for pancake or waffles ~ you might have one friend or family member that wants to have something else ~~ but don't worry ~~~ Pancake House has a lot of other dishes such as their house special spaghetti!



Besides pancakes, they are also famous for their delicious crispy tacos! I personally like how crispy the taco shells were! I really enjoyed them but be wary not to take too long to snap pictures for instagram or the juices from the filling will make the taco shells brittle. I made a big mess after biting into one of these as I took too long to snap pics of these yummy tacos. These are  must try at Pancake House!



Let's say you want to have pancakes or waffles for breakfast but your colleague's aren't ~~~ I bet they'll be in a mood for a simple grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast! Try Pancake House's version ~~



Simplicity at it's best I must say ~~ A grilled cheese sandwich to start your day ~~



or they can have omelet for breakfast! I have to say their breakfast omelets are delicious as well ~~ quite a few choices for your omelet fillings ~~



They cook my omelet the way I like them ~~~ creamy ~~~ *drools*



The Pancake House Pan Chicken is a very unique style of fried chicken as you can see from the coating of the chicken ~~ be sure to give them a try as well!



Aziz definitely enjoyed the Pan Chicken! Nom nom ~~



I'm actually impressed by their burger steaks ~~ especially the Salisbury burger steak ~~ the sauce was lovely with the pan fried burger steak!



Did I mention they serve some great Filipino favourites? Beef Tapa!!!! A classic Filipino favourite – marinated Australian strip loin, stir fried and served with garlic rice, sunny side up egg and their in house green mango salsa. I have to admit I really enjoyed the mango salsa, and it goes well with the tender beef ~~~ and of course ~~~ more #eggporn just makes this dish better! Besides beef tapa, they also got other Filipino favourites such as smoked golden tilapia and Daing Na Bangus ~~ Friends of mine have raved about their fish dishes and I would definitely try these next time since I am a big fan of Filipino food – and more excuse to have that MANGO SALSA! #delicious



Pancake House has quite a few savoury dishes so if you want a bit of everything, you can order their Special Sets which let’s you try more of their food in one go and it comes with a free iced lemon tea ~~ kind of like a value meal! The House Special Set – which has their spaghetti, fried chicken with mini pancakes, delicious taco and their special gravy sauce. Good dish to have a little bit of everything at Pancake House



A Filipino specialty right here! Halo Halo, which is a popular Filipino version of our Ais Kacang; sweet corn kernals, jackfruit strips, yellow sweet potato, bananas, shaved ice, home made pudding and yam ice cream ~~ mmmm ~~


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Pop by with more people so you can try more things ~~ order more to take Instagram worthy shots ~~


Pancake House International

Unit EF05, First Floor, Giant hypermarket, Tasik Rimba

Opens from 9am till 10pm

Tel: 2463593

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