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Brunei Restaurants: Shabulicious

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I have to say it – Bruneians love Shabu Shabu and it’s a fun family get together time. Having fresh ingredients all provided and prepared for you, while you choose your favourite soup base (which usually takes hours to make on your own at home) and combine that with an endless combination of condiments and toppings to create your favourite sauces. You save a lot of time slaving in the kitchen – all the hard work has been done for you – and you still get to do what you love most – cooking and eating with your family!


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The latest Shabulicious branch to open is the branch at Seri Q-lap mall recently right next to Lof Bakery, Dapur Penyet and Barista by Modesto – and I have to say the love the spacious ambience and tall ceilings of this shabu shabu restaurant!



The tall ceilings make it perfect for shabu shabu and teppanyaki – it means the vapours actually have more space to rise up and you are less likely to walk out smelling like food ~~ this is especially useful during lunch – or before you are meeting someone later – you are less likely to have that new brand of perfume ‘shabu shabu scent’ compared to a typical shabu shabu restaurant.


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They have smaller tables for 6 and bigger ones for up to 12 people! Very comfortable seats!


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If you want some me-time ~~ you can sit by the counter and enjoy your shabu shabu lunch or dinner – while snapchatting or taking selfies ~~ hey ~~ who says you can’t eat alone? There are times when you just need to spend more quality time with yourselves!


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Besides the tall ceilings, spacious feel and comfy seats – I think quality equipment and utensils are a key feature of Shabulicious where they emphasize comfort and safety for your shabu shabu dining experience.


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Good quality heatproof bowls and plates make eating piping hot soups easier ~~ these are especially suitable for shabu shabu – very thoughtful planning which puts the customers first.


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Shabulicious restaurant uses induction cooking technology for cooking – it is a much safer way of cooking.


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You can see that despite the soup boiling hot and bubbling ~ I can still touch the metal side handle of the pot – that’s the magic of induction cooking. This doesn’t really work for the Teppanyaki pot by the way – so be wary when cooking teppanyaki.


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Now to look at their soup choices. Shabulicious allows you to select one soup – or you can have yin yang – which is a combo of two soups. So if you want half Chicken and Half Thai Red Tom Yam – it will be $1.5 + $1.5 = $3.


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This is a good idea for those who want to have two types of soups for their Shabu Shabu ~~~


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They have quite a good selection of soups ~ but most of us love the Japanese Miso and Soup Tulang! I actually like the Chinese Herbal one – which get’s really yummy if you add lots of vegetables into the soup!


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Now that looks like a good family dinner ready to happen!


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While waiting for the food ~~ the fun part is always to make your own special sauce mix to accompany your shabu shabu ~~


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Quite a range of sauces and toppings to choose from ~~


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Special sauces, sambals and oils ~~ there’s local, Thai and Japanese influences so be sure to check them out ~~ I’m looking at the Sambal Baby Prawn ~ mmm ~~~


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Raise up your hand if you love Cincalok!


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That sambal chili looks seductively good ~~


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Hasmin obviously likes her food spicy! That’s a fire hazard right there! Follow hasminnn on Snap Chat btw ~


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Shabulicious has quite a big selection of sets for you to choose from ~ so take your pick and see what suits you the best


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Some luxurious items that would look good on IG and Snapchat! LOL! Mussels and Scallops ~~


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Salmon ~~ *drools*


DSCF9721 (Medium)

Jumbo Prawns ~~ *smacks lips*


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They have quite a selection for their side orders too ~~


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Seriously spoiled for choice! So much to choose from!


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They even got beef tripe! These will go sooooo well in my Sup Tulang ~~


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Oh my marbling beef ~~~ *drools*


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Sliced meats are the best ~~~ don’t you think so ~~ let’s cook them!


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I must say ~~ I have a weakness for Yong Tofu ~ stuffed fish paste items like these are very good for soups ~~


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They also got a selection of meat pastes – specially good for cooking in soups too ~~ got chicken, beef, prawn , fish and even a mixture of chicken & prawn!


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To enjoy – simply scoop and slice them into the hot soup which will cook them ~~ a popular Chinese cooking method called Yu Wat ~~ sliced meat pastes into soup to make your own meatballs.


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Pieces of Yu Wat (meat pastes) being cooked in the hot boiling soupy goodness ~~


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Delicious chunks of meat ~~ mmm ~~~ *dips on sauce*


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Let’s cook this and that ~~ then add this and that ~~~


DSCF9820 (Medium)DSCF9814 (Medium)DSCF9816 (Medium)DSCF9802 (Medium)IMG-20151021-WA0053

Shabu Shabu FoodPorn ~~ is there such a thing? Looks soooo good!


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Another interesting feature of Shabulicious is their range of Teppanyaki Sets ~~ meats and vegetables cooked on a hot plate – and with a variety of sauces ranging from Teriyaki, Sukiyaki, Yakiki or Black Pepper – these sets come served with Rice and Miso Soup.


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We checked out their Lamb and Beef Teppanyaki Set ~~


DSCF9730 (Medium)

and also the Seafood Set ~ *drools*


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Drizzle the sauce you chose ~~~ don’t forget to turn on the heat ~~


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Stir and let it sizzle ~~ ooooh ~~ then enjoy with your rice! ITADAKIMASUUUU!!!


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Yum~~~ sizzling saucy goodness!


DSCF9800 (Medium)

The beef and lamb teriyaki is cooking up nicely ~~~ time to have some ~~


DSCF9845 (Medium)

I boiled some noodles in my other shabu shabu ~~ then mix them with the remaining teppanyaki sauce ~~ mmm ~~ teppanyaki noodles ~~ ahhh ~~ bliss ~~~


DSCF9850 (Medium)

Added some more Udon noodles plus other good stuff from my Shabu Shabu pots ~~ tadaa~~~ teppanyaki Udon ~~ I’m sure you can add in your rice in there too! YUM YUM!


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For those who can’t wait – or want some other choices – their kitchen also has cooked side orders like these delicious Teriyaki Wings! They also have fried chicken wings if you want ~


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Thai Fish cakes ~~ a favourite snack to many ~~ aroi mak mak ~~


DSCF9835 (Medium)

These Japanese Style Dumplings are gorgeous! *nom nom*


DSCF9811 (Medium)

Or would you love some pan fried prawns ~~


DSCF9761 (Medium)

Teriyaki Beef Rolls with enoki mushrooms ~~


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Shabulicious has quite a good selection of drinks – including their signatures that are actually inspired by hawker center drinks around Asia.



Hasmin being her awesome self – labelled these drinks on her snapchat ~~ Do you know? White Lady and MatterHorn are famous drinks originating from Kuching actually!


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Smoothies, shakes, fruit juices, mocktails and sparkling drinks ~~ you are bound to find something that you like here!


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If you just want water – it’s self service by the sauces and condiments counter.


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Now for the happy ending to all the hot bubbly shabu shabu and sizzling teppanyaki ~~ would you like some ABC Special? Yes please! It’s quite a big portion meant for sharing ~ or for one very hungry foodie! Ahhh ~~~ mix it well ~~ then enjoy!


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Shabulicious was a fun outing for us foodies – great spacious ambience ~~ lots of choices and quality ingredients ~~


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They have a special function room to cater for events too at Delima Branch and I think in Seri Q-lap branch too but I have to confirm with them – do give them a call to ask about these ~


Shabulicious restaurant


Seri Q-Lap Mall Food Arena Branch

Unit L1/13 to 16, Food Arena, Seri Q-lap Mall

2232022, 729 2577


Delima Square Branch

Unit 1 & 2, Block C, Delima Square

2238333, 875 0076


Batu Bersurat Branch

Unit 6 & 7, Abraco Building, Jalan Batu Bersurat

245 1000, 888 2100

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