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Lemongrass Restaurant Review

The other day I went to Lemongrass Restaurant in Kiulap for dinner. My friends were surprised to hear that I didn't know about Lemongrass. They claimed every Chinese in Brunei should know about Lemongrass: a thai restaurant. I usually eat at the Thai restaurant in Jerudong and I'm a known lover of green curries and tom yams.

This is the seafood tomyam soup presented on a nice claypot bowl. It's hot and sour flavour has a nice kick and not too spicy so most people should enjoy this soup but personally I prefer my favourite Jerudong Thai Restaurant.

This panang curry would be suitable for those who can't eat really spicy. Spicy curries lover should avoid this and order the green curry.

The fishcakes were alright but I find them lacking texture and greasy. Could had done better.

My friends highly recommend their pandan chicken. You need to get your hands greasy for this as you unwrap the pandan chicken. Inside the parcel is marinated mince chicken that tastes awesome. This is one of the reasons I would come back here again.


  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Yes, the tomyam soup is too sweet instead of spicy...the pandan chicken would be the reason ppl would come back again and also the price is cheaper compare to Jerudong, but Jerudong pricing is value for the food they serve.

  2. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I love green curries too, where in brunei you think serves the best?

  3. Jewelle:

    At the moment - I am not sure where they serve the best green curry as I did not really order green curry often. :)

  4. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Ok because hubby not into thai so if i can convince him it has the best green curry, he might give in!

  5. I think there's a place in Jerudong that's really good. There are three thai restaurants in Jerudong but I forgot the best one's name. Basically you turn in at the traffic light near HSBC. Wonder what's the name.

  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Lemongrass is just another place to makan. Not for Thai food. For Thai food, you either go to KNY or like you mentioned the Thai rest at Jerudong. The former; pricier than the latter (they haf 2 thai chef manning the kitchen!) and the latter; fairly priced n still gooood

  7. Anonymous2:33 AM

    What's the name of this thai restaurant at jerudong? Am coming home soon an would like to give it a try... is it halal?

  8. Anonymous4:14 PM

    it's called Aqiel Shafiee..I'm not sure if my spelling is correct but this is the best thai food restaurant so far.One building with HSBC.I've tried the other one at Pertama but for me the food is rather disappointing and overpriced.

  9. Kay Iskandar11:35 PM

    been here again and again and i never get myself bored with the pandan chicken, it the best in town. i just wish they'd start serving coconut shake.