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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Mata Mata Supasave branch


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has opened a new branch at Mata Mata Supasave and this promises to be one of the great places to chillax for Brunei! You got the outdoor section for those who like the open air al fresco concept



Inside – you got a pretty spacious area – with furniture of different heights to give it a very modern American cafĂ© feel ~~



I like the display of their coffee beans and tea leaves for you to browse ~~ I am a very big big fan of their tea leaves and drink them pretty often at home.



Now what makes this branch so special? Well – for starters – this branch has a dedicated hot kitchen and chef to prepare hot meals for you! If you’re a fan of their food in the Seria branch – you will be happy to hear the good news!



Check out their all day breakfast menu ~~ now you can enjoy French toast even at NIGHT! A guilty pleasure!



Their all day breakfast ~~ oooo that French toast certainly looks goood ~~ soft and tender egg soaked bread ~



Fancy a chicken and apples salad while enjoying your tea or coffee? Yes please ~~



Simple pan seared salmon with lemon and asparagus sauce ~~ a light healthy dish that can be good anytime of the day ~



Their pastas are very American Italian – not the typical Italian style ones but I’m loving this Americanized carbonara ~~ creamy delicious plate of carbs! Come to papa!



You can never so no to a comforting plate of creamy meaty saucy lasagna ~~~



Pesto lovers rejoice! They have pesto pasta here! Ahh ~ the mixture of garlic, herbs and olive oil ~~



Simple and down to earth seafood Aglio Olio ~~~ mmmmmmm ~~



For those who want more punch to their pasta ~~ go for the Arrabiata pasta ~~



Reedah Anak Brunei who has went to the Seria branch before asked if they have their famous Beef Stroganoff pasta ~ and yes they have it here!! OMG! If you love your beef ~~ this is your pasta! *slurps* Loving the sauce for this dish and the seared beef ~~ MMMmmmmmm!



Last but not least is this bowtie pasta – served with mushroom and asparagus! Light creamy and yummy! I actually enjoyed this very very much! Thumbs up!!!



If you are a fan of pizzas – they are offering Artisan rustic style pizzas that are the first of its kind to arrive in Brunei! In fact – I heard that Brunei is the first CBTL branch in the world to serve Artisan Pizzas!


Two words! HAND MADE! RUSTIC LOOKING PIZZAS made to order!



Coey showing off these yummy pizzas ~~



Here’s the vegetarian pizza for those who love their grilled veggies ~~ nom nom ~~



Diavola – pizzas with pepperoni and a spicy kick from Jalapenos!



A classic but loved by many ~~ the margarita pizza ~~



Mushroom cheesy pizzas for those who love the earthy umami flavours of mushrooms ~



One of the crowd pleasers ~~ the Incontro Carne! Lots of meat and lots of cheesy goodness!!



Love smoked Salmon? How about smoked salmon pizza ~~~~~~ that smoky briny salmon certainly goes well with these pizzas!



*CRIES* Soooo beautiful ~~~ sooo sooo beautiful ~~~ come and let me eat you ~~



Another crowd pleaser is their Quatro Formaggio ~~ which stands for Four cheeses ~~~ sooo sooo sooo cheesy I must say! Even cheesier than the pick up lines I think of when I try to hit on hot girls at Coffee Bean ~~ #lamebloggerjoke



Happy faces  ~~~ pizza = happiness ~~~



So what are you waiting for? Are you going to come over and grab some coffee or tea to chillax at the latest joint in town? Or you’re here for the yummy pizzas and pastas? Or the all day breakfast? Why not all?! Yay! #happiness

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