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Lunch at Shikai Restaurant in Batu Bersurat

Shikai boasts one of the best roasted duck in Brunei and the best thing is that it's halal so everyone in Brunei can enjoy their famous roasted duck. They also have a variety of other tasty dishes.

Usually it's common to order crispy deep fried noodles with sauce (cantonese style fried noodles or crispy noodles) but this is something new to me, crispy deep fried kway teow - I really liked the texture of the rice noodles(kway teow) and this is one thing you must try in this restaurant.

Of course - how can you eat at Shikai without trying their roasted duck? We ordered half a Pi Par Duck and they did not disappoint. Crispy skin and succulent duck meat. Hmm....

This is the Kwai Fei Tofu, which translates to Empress Bean Curd. It's tofu that's home made (or restaurant made by them), fried to a crisp on the outside yet has a nice firm jelly texture inside. It's served with minced chicken and salted fish sauce.

The next is a vegetarian dish called Lo Han Chai (Lo Han's vegetarian dish).

We also ordered their black pepper beef. Nicely done - good texture that is not seen in many restaurants who tend to have tough texture.

I like crispy stuff (in fact I used the word a lot of times in this post). Deep fried sotong is one of my favourite things to eat and Shikai's one is good as well.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and the food was satisfying. Of course, be prepared to wait for your food as during the rush hour, food can be quite slow to arrive but your patience will be rewarded. Give this restaurant a try! You won't be disappointed.


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Wah.. Ter.. you make me hungry. Can we go to this restaurant again when I go back end of the year?

  2. Sure man! When you're back, maybe got more new restaurants to try tu ;)

  3. duck rice... ahhhhh

    I hope everything is halal inside the kitchen. thanks for the info. I miss duck rice...

  4. I think they do have halal certification :)