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Lao Di Fang–Nostalgia Restaurant

Using my time travelling old school bicycle and putting on a farmer’s hat and colourful Japanese slippers, I rode on to the 1960s and the first thing I do is of course to hunt for food. I rode my bicycle down the entrance where one takes to go into Jin Chiew, and you will see a small roundabout – go straight in and you will see a new block of buildings – and here we had arrived at Lao Di Fang restaurant ~~
Oh yes – my food senses are tingling – this looks like a place for good food!
One of the things about this restaurant is the nostalgic feel and décor. Unlike the typical Old Town or White Kopi Town franchises, which is overly decorated with wallpaper or drawings on their walls, Lao Di Fang welcomes you with their classic Teresa Theng’s Chinese songs and their old school Kopi Tiam décor.
It’s fun to check out the antiques they have – check out those old fashioned coca cola pictures and this clock
The old school fan~~
In the modern world of Iphones, how many of our younger generation had actually seen a telephone like this – I remembered using these type of dials when I was young – ahhh the memories ~~
Interesting miniature shop house
Old school switches
They even got a bird cage with an Angry Bird in it – showing the boss’s humorous side.
On to the food – there are satay, tongkeng (chicken butt) and chicken wings from these young gentlemen. You can order from them and eat inside the restaurant.
Grilled chicken wings ~~ hmm …
Godzilla here is so excited to show us the restaurant’s signatures ~~
First off, we got to try their rich delicious curry noodles. You can choose between chicken or seafood.
We also tried their Penyet Kway Teow, which we initially thought was deep fried kway teow but it turns out it’s fried kway teow, with ayam penyet – which was quite a unique touch. Specially for those who want to eat both Ayam Penyet and Char Kway Teow – this would be your dish!
Their braised prawn noodles is served with crispy big prawns and soaked in a gravy with a strong prawn flavour – prawn mee lovers will enjoy this dish!
It was quite surprising to see them serving Western food such as this Lamb Shank as well, which is cooked to the right tender texture and served with fries and salad.
Picture 016 (Large)
For me, the highlight of the restaurant was their delicious kolomee. Before I came here, I originally did a post on the best halal kolomee in Brunei, which was from KTM’s Ban 4 kolomee. A lot of my readers actually wrote comments and some messaged me on facebook to tell me about Lao Di Fang’s kolomee. They have pretty good kolomee :)
On the history of this kolomee, apparently, this was the Sibu kolomee that was sold back in the late 1990s in Mata Mata – and recently they brought back the secret recipe and fused it with the Bruneian style. The Lao Di Fang’s Brunei/Sibu kolomee is reborn!
Of course, you have the option of choosing thin noodles (you mian) , thicker noodles (chu mian) or flat noodles (mian poh), If you wanna eat your kolomee in style, you can order it with deep fried big prawns like this bowl over here ~~ nyummy!!! *slurps* *NOM NOM NOM*
The Angry Bird watched as we dined, laughed and enjoyed our meal. It somehow looks sad and wished it could slingshot it’s way to our table to Nom Nom the good kolomee~~
The playful me could not resist playing around with the Old Fashioned Chinese BMX 3 Series ~~ 
Note: A good heads up to all my foodie readers – the area where Lao Di Fang is located – could be the next chilling and dining capital of Brunei! Stay tuned to new updates on upcoming restaurants (one of them’s Italian!) and cafes from this area! I was informed there would be a few cafes, a Japanese restaurant and a dim sum restaurant! Oooo I can’t wait!!


  1. I like the concept of Lao Di Fang.

    NIce kopi O and biscuit would be perfect!

    OMG! Sound soooo old. :P

  2. I haven't been back to Brunei in a long while. I was wondering if someone could send me the address of this place or take a screenshot on Google maps and send it to my email. raven77_jj@hot