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Brunei Restaurant Review: Senja Restaurant Kiulap Branch

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Senja Lounge is a popular place for Western food for well known reasons. When they opened up a new branch in Kiulap, I wondered if they would keep the same menu or serve something different. The good news about this branch is that they are open for lunch, unlike the Riverview Hotel branch which opens only at night.


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The new branch in Kiulap is also a lot more spacious than the Riverview branch – which allows bigger groups and accommodate more guests. This is good news as I find the original branch to be too packed in terms of space and comfort. The ambience is pretty good as well, with artistic paintings hanging on the walls, dim lighting and soft music.


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The specials are of course – hung on the wall for you to choose. To me – the menu is pretty similar to the menu is the original branch – but I think escargot lovers would be disappointed as they are not available in the Kiulap branch. Your burgundy steaks – which is steaks with escargots – are also not available here – but other than that – it’s pretty similar.

Now if you’re expecting great pictures – I must say one of the drawbacks of dim lighting is that it’s difficult to take great pictures – so bear with me on this one – and if you plan on instagramming your food in Senja – you need extra lighting ~ I had to use the flash from my camera for some pictures, or opt for dark grainy photos – there won’t be much food porn in this post but it’s to show you what sort of food to expect from Senja restaurant.



Let’s move to some of the appetizers I’ve tried from Senja Lounge – this is the baked brie cheese with onion jam. A block of brie, baked and served with caramelized sweetened onions.



Spinach and Cheddar spring rolls – deep fried springrolls stuffed with spinach and cheese. One of the better appetizers when I dined in the Riverview branch – was told it wasn’t as cheesy in the Kiulap branch, do try and let me know.


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Baked scallops on shell with cheese


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Breaded fried mushrooms – I have to say I like the crunchiness of the breadcrumbs and the mushrooms tastes pretty juicy to me.


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I always have a liking for liver pate – so when I saw liver pate with mushrooms and cranberry marmalade on the menu, I must have it.


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I must say the liver pate is a bit too dry for me (I like mine spreadable and not so brittle) but the flavours pretty good and goes well with the cranberry marmalade and toast ~ but I could be bias as I love liver pates.


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A popular item in Senja lounge which has reached iconic proportions is their blue cheese pot appetizer – a favourite of many cheese fondue lovers – the blue cheese taste is not overwhelming and people simply love to mop up the cheese sauce with their toast. I literally have friends who would go to Senja just because of cravings for this appetizer. In the Kiulap branch, you can order the mussels and prawns – or you can pay more and have oysters and scallops instead.


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Who can resist melted cheese, seafood and toast? hmm …. although I would prefer a stronger blue cheese taste ~~~



For the mains – you usually get to choose two sides – potatoes (chips, baked, mashed) and Garden vegetables or salad (you can choose your dressing). I like their crisp chips (fries) ~~ and their vinaigrette dressing for their salad is quite nice. 

Senja is popular for their steaks and lamb chops – especially their cheese melt filets – where you have your steak with melted cheese on top – you can ask for blue cheese melt too!


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They also have beef bacon wrapped steaks stuffed with mushrooms and mozarella – adding more flavour to your steak.



Grilled Rack of Lamb with Mint Gravy ~~ Hmm …



They have quite a few seafood mains – such as the grilled salmon steak ~



Pan fried cod fish fillet drizzled with herbs sauce


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Grilled cod fillet with red pepper relish ~


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If you like ravioli ~ they have this spinach and mushroom stuffed ravioli in a tomato based sauce ~


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Seared duck breast with orange glaze sauce – a popular duck dish in fine dining establishments is also served here at Senja Lounge.


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If you’re hungry, go for a nice serving of their BBQ black pepper ribs ~ tender and packs a punch!



Senja has quite a selection for their desserts but the most famous one is their Chocolate Souffle, served with ice cream. You can never go wrong with this one. Now for Souffle purists, who has tasted great ones overseas, it won’t be as good – but it’s a nice dessert nevertheless.


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One surprising part of the Kiulap branch is the service. I for one enjoyed my dinner as the waitresses were friendly and the food arrived pretty promptly. One of the main complains about Senja Riverview was their slow service and unfriendly waitresses (which hopefully has already been addressed) but people still go there for special reasons.

The Kiulap branch is located right next to Baiduri Kiulap. where Saffron restaurant used to be (below Le Taj Indian restaurant and Capers restaurant). It is advised to make reservations before dining here.

Senja Restaurant Kiulap branch opens for lunch and dinner at 12pm and closes at 10 pm. They close on Mondays. They also serve up a lunch menu – consisting of burgers and sandwiches. Stay tuned for reviews!

The contact number for Senja Restaurant Kiulap branch is : 7203734

The contact number for Riverview Senja Lounge is : 223 8238

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