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Brunei Restaurant Review: Noralizah & Iskandar's House of Curry! Best Murtabak!

Roti Canai , Roti Prata or Murtabak; it is one of the staples in Brunei foods you must try. Every time I have friends coming from overseas, I will surely bring them to my favourite Murtabak store. In fact, I can say this is one of the rare restaurants in Brunei, where you might need to queue or wait outside the shop during peak hours. Yes – the ever popular Noralizah & Iskandar's House of Curry!


House of Curry is famous for having the most delicious Murtabak, which I would dare say, better than the ones I’ve tried in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, KK and Malacca. None of the roti I tried came close to the amount of satisfaction of their Murtabak or Roti Kosong.


Rotis are only available up till 6:55 pm so take note ~~


The most basic Roti Kosong is probably my favourite. Crispy Croissant like textures and pleasant buttery smell. That’s one of the reason they’re so delicious.


Look at how flaky and crispy this Roti looks ~~ Nom nom nom nom! When ordering their roti kosong – you can choose to have it just with the complimentary curry or dhall, or have it as a full set with condiments - their sardine goes super well with this dish!


Meet the four condiments of deliciousness! Pickled sliced vegetables, potato and spiced dhall (lentils), corned beef and corned sardines.


I strongly recommend you order the full set – in my opinion – having all those delicious condiments make this the most delicious experience – and you should always eat with your hands – get messy!


You can ask them to put the condiments on the side or just top your crispy roti with them!


My favorite is the corned sardines but I like to have a mix of everything. One piece of this roti with condiments is enough to fill you up!


R0ti BOM is filled with Susu Manis (Sweetened Condensed Milk). Most of my friends preferred this type. Crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside. It's Da BOMB! They'll say ;)

The Roti Bom is filled with sweeted condensed milk but crispy on the outside ~~ (Old Camera photo taken years ago: forgive the quality)

Roti Pisang is roti filled with bananas. Ask for the sweetened condensed milk to dip this with. It's simply delish! My friends who tried loved the creamy texture on the ripe bananas. Simply Yum! (Old Camera photo taken years ago: forgive the quality)


Delicious banana filled crispy flat breads (Roti Pisang) – How can you say no to these!? Eat with curry or with sweetened condensed milk!

Roti Tissue is a thin crepe like roti that is sweet and crispy. You simply 'peel' this mountain and eat the thin crispy sweet roti. (Old Camera photo taken years ago: forgive the quality)

I usually order Lamb Kurma to go with my Roti Kosong - especially when there's a big group but when it's a small group - the condiments are sufficient. (Old Camera photo taken years ago: forgive the quality)


They also serve a variety of other local Malay favourites such as Nasi Briyani, Nasi Lemak as well as Mee Goreng – which are pretty good as well. They are also popular for their Curry Fish Head but I’ve yet to try that – heard it’s a must try! Perhaps if I ever have dinner here!

Note: Service can be pretty slow and servers unattentive during peak hours – so bear with it ~~ don’t expect excellent service here.

The landmark nearby is WYWY and KFC Lambak – it’s exactly on the same block (next door to KFC).


Contact: 867 5781

Noralizah & Iskandar's House of Curry

No 15 Ground Floor, Kompleks Awang Hj Ibrahim,

Kg Lambak B, Jalan Berakas

Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Darussalam

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