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Brunei Restaurant Review: MyTown Eating House

There’s a good reason to be excited about the opening of MyTown Eating House in Brunei. First things first – this is not an international franchise but a new local restaurant with the possibility of expanding and even franchising overseas.


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It’s a self service style where you pay for the food – get your number and go to your seat – where they will bring you your orders – so be sure to make your orders and payment at the counter first!


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The d├ęcor combines a very hipster style ambience – comfy old school kopi tiam settings with a modern twist.


DSCF0181 (Medium)

As with heritage style restaurants like Old Town or Klang Station franchises - One can check out the photos on hanging on the walls of MyTown Eating House – printed pictures of Brunei’s history


DSCF0170 (Medium)

You can’t help but feel proud of these pictures as a Bruneian… hopefully in future we’ll be able to hang these overseas in our international franchises to showcase Brunei history.


DSCF0185 (Medium)

Check out their old school clock hanging on the walls.


DSCF0188 (Medium)

I’m loving these retro style decorations near the counters ~~ so instagrammable!


DSCF0183 (Medium)

Their menu looks like a newspaper ~~ and they serve quite a variety of food ranging from simple pastries to full own dinner sets.


DSCF0184 (Medium)

Prominent blogger Anak Brunei must had spotted something really shocking in the food news of My Town Eating House


DSCF0250 (Medium)

I must say I love their concept of having different type of beans from different parts of Malaysia – Ipoh, Tenom and Sarikei Coffee – order Ipoh coffee for a milder version, Tenom for medium and Sarikei for the strongest one!  Order different ones depending on your mood! Ipoh coffee to relax and chill, Tenom if you want to get yourself going and Sarikei if you’re super sleepy and you need a slap to wake up!


DSCF0251 (Medium)

Gotta love that Pink Cup!! It’s actually for sale – so do ask the counter if you wish to buy any of the cups!


DSCF0172 (Medium)

Anyone remembers these tid bits! Some call them flower top biscuits while the funniest one I heard is called biscuit puteng or nipple biscuits! LOL LOL LOL LOL! Thanks Maurina for reminding me about that!


DSCF9567 (Medium)

You can order these with your Milo, Teh C or Kopi ~~ Oh yes please! Childhood Memories Yo!


DSCF0175 (Medium)

Now let’s begin with the food – they have freshly baked buns and pastries daily – coming out at different times of the day just like Jin Chiew kopitiam!


DSCF0178 (Medium)

They come out fresh from the oven at 7am, 10am and 3pm ~~ hmm … breakfast, brunch and tea time all covered for the day ~~ now pass me some Tenom Kopi O Kosong !


DSCF0237 (Medium)

Oh yes please! That’s pretty appetizing ~~ the buns – not the cabinet ~


DSCF0240 (Medium)

Polo Bun? w000t!


DSCF0249 (Medium)

Say hello to their pastry line up – with the yummy Biscuit and Teh C drink at the back. Available all day - They have Polo Bun, Peanut Bun, Red Bean Bun, Coffee Butter Milk Bun, Coconut Cheese Bun, Oriental BBQ Chicken Bun (oooh yes CharSiew Sau Bao!), Egg tarts and Portuguese Egg Tarts too! The Siew Bao Pastries are only available after 3pm – Curry Chicken Siew Bao, Red Bean with Salted Egg (oooh yes!) and the Chicken Siew Bao.


DSCF0271 (Medium)

Milo Dinosaur Ping anyone? Slurps ~~


DSCF0183 (Medium)

They have quite a lot of breakfast options besides the pastries – fancy those old school kopi tiam style toasted breads served with eggs, baked beans or kaya or butter, or you can go for a more luxurious breakfast of noodles and buns ~ fried noodles – kolomee – wonton soup or macaroni soup breakfast sets ~ all at quite reasonable pricing!


DSCF0180 (Medium)

I didn’t try their breakfast set as there were too many other dishes to try so I’ll leave that to you my dear readers to judge!


DSCF0191 (Medium)

This is their version of Assam Laksa – which is a famous dish from Penang. Their head chef Ah Yap, created this version – using Salmon to add a unique twist to the typical Assam Laksa.


DSCF0199 (Medium)

This is their Kangar Mee Rebus – with a good aromatic kick from their sambal belacan (prawn paste) *slurps*


DSCF0204 (Medium)

A delicious Ipoh Curry Mee – creamy coconut curry with tauhu pok and XL size prawns! You gotta love this!


DSCF0217 (Medium)

We also enjoyed their signature Kung Po Chicken Wings – a sweet and spicy sauce blends well with the fried chicken – finger licking goodness!

DSCF0221 (Medium)

This is their economy rice for those who want a quick and cheap lunch – at only $2.50 – this is their Cup Cup rice – pretty good value!


DSCF0213 (Medium)

They have Chindon Ayam Penyet – which is a mix of Chinese Chicken Rice mixed with Indonesia’s Ayam Penyet served with their sambal. Pretty good combination I must say!


DSCF0231 (Medium)

How can anyone say no to deep fried crispy kway teow lathered with eggy sauce!! This is interesting because one side is the crispy version – while the other side is the normal stir fried kway teow – consider it a ying-yang style kway teow! Nom nom nom!


DSCF0229 (Medium)

Perak style Claypot Fishhead Curry is pretty good especially with rice or their plain buns ~ mmm… forgive me for my overexposed photo ~~ was in a hurry to eat – too much temptation!


DSCF0206 (Medium)

I’ve seen a lot of crazy dishes in my life, with myself creating a few of them but this one is unique and I can forsee people from overseas coming to Brunei just for this dish – or copying it in their restaurants. Step forward the Ketam Gearbox! A luxurious combo of the Gearbox (which is essentially a cow joint that’s shaped like a car gearbox, usually cooked in soups) with lots of delicious softened tendons (collagen la – good for skin!) and tender meat, flavoured by the saucy crabs! A marriage of land and sea into one luxurious dish ~~ you can see the gearbox side from this photo ~~


DSCF0208 (Medium)

Turn it around and you see these yummy crabs ~~ They also have a King Prawns Gearbox version if you’re not into crabs. Both these dishes can easily serve 4-6 people and costs $49.90!


DSCF0226 (Medium)

They are best served with these plain buns at $1.50 extra for 6 pieces – oooh yes – mop up the gravy with these babies!!


DSCF0236 (Medium)

Marul, my foodie blogger friend is not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to enjoying good food! Yes – finger licking good! *smacks lips*  Tip: Be ready to get messy when eating this yummy dish!


DSCF0225 (Medium)

Last but not least – is their signature Penang Kway Teow but what makes this special is their addition of crispy CHICKEN SKIN! See those yummy goodness on top of the kway teow?! I don’t care what your dietician or grandmother say about chicken skin but THIS IS DA BOMB! Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!! Mesti cuba! Lim Peh LIKE!


DSCF0166 (Medium)

After all that – we still have room for dessert – so we checked out the back of My Town Eating House and discovered they also have a mini dessert and snack bar ~~


DSCF0169 (Medium)

Justberrys is a franchise (also known as Pinkberrys) that specializes in icy desserts and simple snacks hailing from Malacca, Malaysia.


DSCF0167 (Medium)

They are great for both dine in and take away – checkout their range from this menu and I’m sure the Durian King would catch your attention!


DSCF0256 (Medium)

This is their HoneyDew Loh (Loh basically is shaved ice with fruits) – reminds me of the popular Loh desserts from Kei Dak Sek in Kepong, KL.


DSCF0257 (Medium)

This is their Mango with ice, sago and chewy texture balls dessert


DSCF0259 (Medium)

Mango with snow balls and ice cream ~~ Mango lovers will enjoy this!


DSCF0268 (Medium)

This is the Po – Taro (sweet potato and taro) ball mix – served with ice cream, roasted milk tea and shaved ice dessert – a unique chewy goodness – reminds me of the ones I sampled during my Taiwan trip!


DSCF0284 (Medium)

Last but not least – is their Durian King series – using only D24 quality durian in their shaved ice desserts, you can have it with red bean, ice cream or with even butter cake!


DSCF0279 (Medium)

I wasn’t kidding when I said there’s Durian and buttercake cubes served with ice cream and shaved ice! Oooooh My Duriannnnnn!!


DSCF0288 (Medium)

Remember after eating durian –- you instantly become Orang Puteh repellant (LOL I know some of my White friends who love Durian though). Wonder if it’s a good idea to go on a date – that good night kiss would be so delicious ~ HAHAHAHA


DSCF0291 (Medium)

After a nice meal – it’s always a good idea to tapao pastries for your colleagues – or they will give you dagger stares for instagramming but never share – thankfully – the pastries are pretty affordable starting from 90 cents!

MyTown Eating House officially opens 4th June lunch time! As with all new restaurants opening, please bear with them as the management deals with the huge influx of hungry Bruneian foodies! They currently do not accept reservations and operates on a first come first served basis!

To find MyTown Eating House – it is directly next to Le Galleria Hotel (behind Charcoal restaurant) in Jalan Batu Satu.

MyTown Eating House

Ground Floor,
The Crown Princess Complex,
KM2.5, Jalan Tutong
BA1779, Brunei


Opens 7 am till 11pm daily

Closes 12 – 2 pm Fri for Friday Prayers.

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