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Brunei Restaurants: A look at Tasek Brasserie Radisson's new menu!


The last time at Ramadhan, I showed you Tasek Brasserie's new look after their rennovations and this time they are proud to introduce their new menu to match their new look! It was a pleasure to visit with my wife and friends to have a good night catching up over drinks and good food! Here they are enjoying the mocktails, juices and smoothies ~~ ready to begin the night with signature appetizers!



We begin our meal with thin slices of beef carpaccio from quality Angus Beef Tenderloin, mesclun salad and extra virgin olive oil ~~~



Pretty looking appetizer - compressed watermelon with feta cheese ~~ quite a refreshing dish and the girls enjoyed this one!



For soups ~ we tried out the Tomato Orange: which is ripened tomatoes soup, with shreds of fennel and a hint of balsamic ~~ flavour profile more towards sweet and sour.



The mushroom cappucino is a favourite for the girls ~~ and mine too ~~ foamy porcini and wild mushroom soup was so good ~~ we were fighting for every last drop!



Naturally ~~ being true foodies ~~ we must make sure we take pics of the food before we eat ~~ hahaha ~~



After taking pics ~~ time to enjoy the appetizers!



They have pizzas in the new menu! w00 h00~~~ this is the chicken tikka pizza and we also tried their four cheese (Quattro Formaggi) pizza ~~ who can say no to pizza!? This would be good if you sit by their beautiful pool during weekends ~~ pizza by the pool ~~ yes please!



Ahhh ~~~~ pizzas or sandwiches with a glass of juice would be good!



Karen and Michelle enjoying the pizzas ~~~ they especially love the kick from the blue cheese on the Quattro Formaggi~~



There's other flavours like smoked salmon, pepperoni and classic margherita ~~ maybe for next time ~~~



Ooooh fish and chips might also be good by the pool too ~~ a squeeze of lemon and dip on that tartare sauce ~~



This sandwich is one of the most epic sandwiches I've seen in Brunei ~~ tenderloin baguette ~~ french baguette with seared tenderloin fillets, swiis cheese and salad ~~ *DROOLS*



Ahhh soft tender fillets of beef ~~ you already know you are in for a treat! nom nom ~~



If you want vegetarian options for sandwiches ~~ they have Vegetable Club sandwich ~ roasted red peppers, tomatoes, red onion jam, buffalo mozarella on soft foccacia bread ~~ sounds good doesn't it?



The Porcini cream pasta is pretty good! If you love mushroom ~~ this is the pasta that will win your heart ~ as it has won mine for the night ~~






For the mains ~~ they have very good vegetarian options such as this Butternut Olive which is actually gnocchi made from butternut squash ~~ pan fried and served with olive rosemary biscuit and parmesan shavings ~~ I must clap for this dish as I love the texture of the gnocchi and the biscuit! Thumbs up for this dish!



Ooo you gotta love steaks ~~ this is Angus Beef loin with viking salt, saffron cauliflower mash and spinach ~~



As always ~~ I love my steaks medium to medium rare doness to truly enjoy the flavour and juices of the steak!



This is be what meatlovers would enjoy ~~ a combo of New Zeland Lamb Rack paired with braised beef ~~~ served with grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes and jus ~~



ooo hubba hubba ~~~



Now on to white meat of the sea ~~ pan seared red snapper, served with stir fried greens and curried coconut reduction ~~ quite a fusion seafood dish ~~



This risotto will take some time to cook ~~ about 30 minutes ~~~ so be patient and you will be rewarded ~~ mushroom risotto in the house!



Besides western dishes ~ Radisson's new menus have quite a range of Asian dishes such as this Japanese style seafood platter ~~ Tempura Moriawase ~~ king prawns, sea bass, seasonal vegetables deep fried tempura style and served with wasabi mayo as well as other dips! Ooo sooo good! Another dish to enjoy by the pool! Hahahaha~~ I'm finding so much excuse to come back for more!



Something more for your local tastebuds? Nasi Goreng Kampung with beautifully cooked sunny side up egg, crackers and chicken satay with peanut sauce on the side ~~ with a nice blended chili sauce ~~



Their Curry Laksa is something you should try as well ~~ broth is packed with prawn flavour!



Thai Fish Cakes are pretty good too! Made from minced fish, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass! I love them dipped with the their home made relish! Yum!



Now for desserts! Haha ~~ naturally despite eating all that ~ the ladies still have ROOM FOR DESSERT! No kidding ya! The sorbets are very interesting and I feel you will be wowed by how unique they taste! I will not spoil the surprise and I will let your tastebuds tell you the story for this! A journey for your tastebuds!



Thai dessert! Thapthim Krop Water Chestnut dessert ~~~ for a more Asian influence dessert ~



Ooooo gorgeous chocolate parfait ~55% Barry Callebaut, semifreddo and salted caramel ~~ YASSSSSSS Chocolate heaven ~~~



Their Tiramisu comes with a playful shot of coffee on the side for you to pour on the mascarpone sponge and there's berry jelly on the side to balance the richness ~~ lovely stuff!



ATTACK OF THE LADIES ~~~ These desserts stand no chance against them ~~



The girls certainly had a great time dining at Radisson and I'm sure you would too.


Tasek Brasserie,

Radisson Hotel Brunei

Jalan Tasek, Bandar Seri Begawan,

+673 224 4272

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