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Brunei Cafes: Brew Café and Bakery

Mr Baker’s Bakeshop has been around the Brunei scene for some time and they’ve been very popular with the health conscious crowd not only for their range of quality breads and cakes but also their affordable prices for such quality choices. Mr Baker has a strict policy of “No added” preservatives or artificial dough improver, opting for natural ingredients in their products. I find that their products have a shorter shelf life than other bakeries because they use no added preservatives but this is a good thing – as the longer the shelf life – the more it will shorten your life.



Recently, MrBaker’s Cafeteria was renovated and renamed to Brew Café and Bakery to better serve the café culture of Brunei. I must say it’s totally different from the previous model.It has a more artsy and cosy feel to it.


2015_0730_20511100 (Medium)

Loving the makeover? Drop by and check it out for yourselves!


2015_0730_20512600 (Medium)

Lounge sofas ~~ good for having a cup of coffee, cake or pastry with a good book or chit chat with friends (provided you all put your phones down and actually talk to each other ~~ #AHA)


2015_0730_20514700 (Medium)

As you can see – different sections with different styles of furniture and artwork ~~ you can sit in a different corner and Instagram as if you’re in a different cafe .


2015-07-31 10.35.47 (Medium)

Another big change of course is that they now installed  a new coffee machine to cater to the growth of artisan coffee drinkers in Brunei. So now – you can enjoy quality healthy meals – paired with good quality coffee while enjoying the new ambience!



If you’re not into coffee, they also serve a good variety of fresh fruit juices like this freshly squeezed orange juice, blended smoothies (oooh lovely Vanilla bean smoothies or mixed berries smoothies), and  tea. One thing I love about their drinks is that they do not use artificial flavoured syrups – a good choice for those who want to watch their health.



Mr Baker have been serving quite a lot of healthy yet delicious breads, and quality cakes in their bakery for some time. I for one, am a big fan of their specialty breads such as their ciabatta, sovital, low gi and french loafs. I feel at ease knowing that they use natural ingredients and maintain a good standard in their baking. I could remember first bringing one of their ciabatta breads to a function and making bruschetta with it, earning rave reviews on the delicious texture of the bread. If you’re looking to serve your guests for a tea party or would love to treat yourself to good quality bread – Brew Café and Baker is your place.



Many are fans of their croissants – for some reason – their croissants have a certain fragrant and flaky crust which I really enjoyed. They are good plain or served with melted cheese – or made into one of their custom sandwiches!



Brew Café and Bakery also offers personalized 3D cakes, wedding or birthday cakes but their best seller is this signature fruits cake called the Fresh fruit vanilla – three layers of vanilla sponge served with a generous amount of assorted diced fresh fruits and their special cream. A beautiful elegant cake for that special moment! You can checkout their website for the various types of cakes that they have – or you can even call them to discuss and personalize a special cake to suit your needs. I find the management is very flexible in catering to the customers’ needs.



I am a big of of their fruits and fresh cream cake ~~ fresh sliced fruits layered with fresh cream and sponge cake. I’m sure it’s a favourite for many in Brunei too.



Be sure to check out their addictive California Cheese, which is a soft taco shaped sponge cake with pastry cream filling and topped with shaved cheese and sugar. I am a big big fan of their Oreo version, which is the California Oreo ~~ with crushed Oreos mixed into the filling! How can you resist?



My female friends tend to have cravings for their cream puffs and I’m not surprised as I myself have guilty cravings from time to time. I try to tell myself I will workout more in the gym or climb more hills in Shahbandar or Tasek so I can eat more of them~~ *COUGH* #excuses #denial



Fancy something yummy to go with your coffee or tea? These premium muffins are another signature to enjoy at the cafe. I am a fan of their low GI muffin, which gives a good slow release energy for a pre-workout meal, or their Oreo Cream Cheese muffin – a delicious sinful indulgence ~~ #guiltyIndulgence



The Cafe does not plan to serve hot and heavy menu items such as pastas or steaks as they are more focused on the cafe culture and showcasing their cakes and breads. This doesn’t mean they are short when it comes to offering a satisfying meal – in fact, I find their meals pretty satisfying yet healthy at the same time!



Fancy having these gorgeous gourmet healthy sandwiches with fresh crisp lettuce salads on the side? Yes please! They have quite a selection and you’ll be spoiled for choice! The best part is that you can even customize your own sandwich – choosing your bread and fillings and even your salad dressing!


2015_0730_20554900 (Medium)

If you’re a fan of sourdough breads ~~ be sure to pop over to try them out ~~ I haven’t try it yet but I will soon! Naturally fermented and hand knead sour dough breads! These should be very delicious to make a nice sandwich! Ahh so much to choose!


2015-07-31 10.30.31

Alin Kurapak and I really enjoyed their custom made salads and sandwiches! We would often come here for good value for money healthy meals before their renovation – I guess now with the new feel and ambience – gives us more excuse to visit! One of the most affordable healthy meals in town I must say.



Brew Café and Bakery is also a great place for breakfast as they open their doors starting at 7am early morning. For $1.80 – you can have two beautiful soft boiled eggs dipped with their quality toasted bread – you can choose to have plain or whole meal bread ~~ nom nom nom ~~~ value for money indeed!



Or you can indulge in this special breakfast set – which is your choice of sliced bread (I chose croissant because I love them but you can go the healthy route and go for multigrain bread) , two slices of chicken ham, slice of cheese, two sunny side up eggs with side lettuce and tomato – with a cup of brewed coffee or tea for only $6.50! What a bargain considering the quality of their coffee! A good way to kick start your morning! #bargainbreakfast #alldaybreakfast #supervalue


Have you tried their Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich? A sandwich with cream cheese, smoked salmon, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and olives – you can choose your bread or even croissant for this sandwich.



This hearty grilled vegetables sandwich is not released yet but I had a sneak preview of this yummy sandwich and I’m wowed! Caramelized grilled vegetables and mushrooms (using olive oil) makes this sandwich a mouth watering meal! Note that the vegetables for this sandwich will be grilled to order so it might take about 15 minutes time – it would be worth the wait of course! Fresh off the grill is the best!



One simply must try out their bagel sandwich, using grilled boneless chicken thigh with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. For those who are fans of bagel – you can drop by and buy their bagels to make your own sandwich ~ or just come and custom make one at Brew Café and Bakery ~~ mmmm ~~~


2015_0730_21031400 (Medium)

Brew Café and Bakery will also introduce their range of good quality pastries – just take a look at that Apple Danish Pastry ~~ *swooons* How can you say no to that? Highly recommended from me ~~ easily can eat two slices of this with a good cup of flat white!


2015_0730_21064900 (Medium)

So if you want to check out the latest café in town ~~ drop by to Gadong Central to have good coffee to pair with their good selection of cakes and pastries – or you can even order their waffles – custom made sandwiches or just order the options from the menu!


Brew and Bakery

Unit 47, Ground Floor, Block C, Gadong Central

Opens 7:00 am till 9:00 pm Tel: 2427554

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