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Comfort food at Frangipani Restaurant

Frangipani is located on the same block as Baiduri Bank Senkurong Branch, which is right after Sengkurong’s HuaHo Supermarket. It’s a quiet suburb area where traffic and parking will not be a problem. This is one of the places I would recommend friends or tourists to give them a taste of good old comfort food - recently we had the pleasure of bringing Singapore Food Blogger David Koh to dine with us in Frangipani.

It's easy to spot as it's on the same row as London Kebab.

Frangipani has the European café feel and I liked their black and white checkered floors.

You will immediately be served their spiced nuts as snacks/appetizers. Something you don't see in other restaurants.

Always loving the lada rindu~ theirs wasn't so spicy so those who can't stand the heat will love this~

Their Soto Ayam comes with a fried potato dumpling ( Begedil ?) and goes well with the lada rindu.

Their Nasi Goreng Belutak (truly Bruneian style sausage) is one of my favourites in Frangipani. The richness of the Belutak goes well with the yolks of the fried egg and is a perfect harmony with the fried rice. Sinfully delicious and it wowed the tastebuds of many who had tried this dish. A must try dish if you haven't tried it.

This is their Lamb Mandhi Rice, which is a lamb shank cooked till tender and served with nasi briyani. You'll be biting the last bits of lamb off the bone if no one's watching! I also have to mention they serve a mean Ayam Penyet dish too, with very crispy skin, one of the reasons I like Ayam Penyet.

To show David what's one of the favourite dish of Bruneians, I ordered this buttermilk chicken rice, to which David understood why this dish is very popular in Brunei. Frangipani's Buttermilk Chicken impressed me as well. One of my recommended dishes to Buttermilk Chicken Lovers or any of your tourist friends.

For dessert, I adore their Cucur Pisang served with Ice cream! I can honestly take two servings of this myself! *burp*

They also have lot's of assorted French style pastries and cakes!

Macarons are available here as well -- many flavours to choose from .. but my favourite has to be ....

Durian Macarons .... Ahhhh!! Simply divine!!! *Melts in mouth*

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