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Melbourne Food Guide: Best Breakfast in Melbourne Must try Breakfast In Melbourne!

The best breakfast%2Fbrunch places
I have to say the best place to wake up in the morning is Melbourne if you’re a foodie. When it comes to good places for breakfast or brunch, Melbourne has so much to offer. The first thing is their coffee – Melbourne coffee and café culture ranks one of the highest in the world to an extent that Starbucks is actually struggling in the country – most cafes specially roast their coffees and their baristas make really good coffee to make you look forward to your mornings. Then there’s the food – the people of Melbourne have high standards when it comes to breakfast and brunch, and the competition is very high! After dining in so many cafes and restaurants in search for the best breakfast brunch in Melbourne, here are my favourites! This is the food and travel guide for to help you choose where to eat for breakfast and brunch when you visit Melbourne. Warning: Lot’s of #foodporn #breakfastporn – be ready to get hungry ~~

Crab Apple Kitchen

DSCF4862 (Medium)

Located near Glenferrie train station, Crab Apple Kitchen owners Owners Greg Feck and partner Kim Coronica have worked in some of the best restaurants in the world and brought back their experiences to open up an eatery that serves really good breakfasts inspired by places they’ve been to.


DSCF4866 (Medium)

Such as this Stockholm inspired dish by the chef on his travels, delicious smoked ocean trout, on toasted rye bread, shaved cornichon, red onions, capers, seaweed caviar, horseradish crème fraiche and young celery. The combination works really well together – drawing a good balance of salt, sweet and the creaminess of the trout.


DSCF4878 (Medium)

or checkout this full blown lamb dish for breakfast, chargrilled flatbread with spiced ground lamb and spinach, garlic yoghurt, freekeh, dukkah, with two beautiful poached eggs, spicy harissa and lemon. Delicious!

Crabapple Kitchen

659 Glenferrie Road Hawthorn


Axil Coffee Roasters

DSCF4912 (Medium)

At Hawthorn and within walking distance from Glenferrie train station as well, Axil Coffee Roasters is highly recommended for those who enjoy coffee. They are so good – they got a three cup rating from the Age Guide – equivalent to three Michelin stars for restaurants. They offer quite a lot of choices for coffee blends and any way you like your coffee to be brewed.


DSCF4919 (Medium)

They have an all day breakfast menu to go with their fantastic coffee. I really enjoyed this sweet treat to compliment my coffee ~ waffles with peanut butter parfait, candied popcorn and banana with dark chocolate at the bottom.

Axil Coffee Roasters

322 Burwood Road Hawthorn


Dukes Coffee Roasters

DSCF4930 (Medium)

Closer to the city is Dukes Coffee Roasters, located at Flinders lane. Dukes Coffee Roasters is another highly rated coffee place for you to have your coffee fix but they only serve pastries and cakes at the counter. The main focus here is their excellent coffee. There’s not much seats here as this is more of a coffee bar but if you’re up early, you should be able to get a seat.


DSCF4933 (Medium)DSCF4931 (Medium)

A good place for a quick coffee fix and grab a small piece of pastry like the this yummy escargot shaped pastry. My choice for a good quick breakfast on the go ~

Dukes Coffee Roasters

247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD


Cumulus Inc

DSCF3883 (Medium)

Cumulus Inc is one of the more popular restaurants for their dinners but they provide a good breakfast line up too! Located along Flinders Lane, Cumulus offers decent coffee while serving one of the best lemon curd madeleine I’ve tasted!


DSCF3906 (Medium)

At least 150 of these are sold every morning! They are all made to order so you need to wait at least 15 minutes. For the batter, the chef uses the classic "genoise" recipe Soft spongy and the lemon curd is just amazing!


DSCF3890 (Medium)

For those who love baked eggs, one must try Cumulus Inc’s Shakshouka – baked eggs with roasted peppers and shanklish. These are different from the traditionally baked eggs as they are served  are soft like porridge texture, enhanced by the strong roasted peppers and spices, combined well with the shanklish cheese. Simply delicious ~~ mop it up with the Turkish bread!

Cumulus Inc

45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD


The Grain Store

DSCF4103 (Medium)

Another gem along Flinders Lane, The Grain store scores points for bringing in some innovative out of the box desserts which are pretty good. You might assume that it’s some healthy junkie breakfast store where there’s lots of quinoa, whole grains and lots of veggie juices place but it’s actually quite a good place for a yummy hearty breakfast!


DSCF4112 (Medium)

A double shot latte vs a single shot latte ~~ mmmmm choose your energy boost ~~


DSCF4115 (Medium)

Most people like their smoked salmon omelet with truffle crème fraiche – and you will get a punch of the truffle oil as soon as it hits your table. Yum!


DSCF4133 (Medium)

This was my favorite breakfast item, portobello mushrooms and gruyere potato rosti  with poached eggs, hazelnut hollandaise and sunchoke chips. The hollandaise is slightly nuttier and pretty rich while the porcini mushrooms were really yummy!

The Grain Store

517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD


Dead Man Espresso

DSCF5180 (Medium)

Dead Man Espresso boasted a special blend made specially for them by prominent coffee roasters Seven Seeds and would be a great place to go after having $1 oysters at the South Melbourne Markets. Great coffee and breakfast menus highlighting fresh seasonal produce.


DSCF5187 (Medium)

Seriously good coffee – one of the top places for coffee in Melbourne.


DSCF5206 (Medium)

Talk about a healthy start to your day, try out these gorgeous green pancakes that are chocked full of veggies, served with gorgeous healthy edamame beans salad, citrus butter, beautiful smoked salmon and for the finish #eggporn.. a lovely poached egg~~ oh that oozing yolks goodness!

Dead Man Espresso

35 Market Street, South Melbourne


Friends of Mine

DSCF3557 (Medium)

Friends of Mine is a tram ride from the city to Richmond. I like the artistic hipster feel of this place. The artwork and decoration makes me feel relaxed while sipping on my cup of latte. The savoury breakfast of scrambled or poached eggs are good but it’s the sweeter breakfast that’s getting the most attention.


DSCF3521 (Medium)

The banana bread here is simply too beautiful to eat! A towering stack using two slabs of toasted banana bread sandwiched together by mascarpone whipped with maple syrup and fresh banana. The crunch from the pistachios and the sweet tangy mix of blueberries and raspberries adds elegance to this dish, finished with a berry compote. Swoooons ~~~ this makes the tram trip to Richmond so worth it!

Friends of Mine

506 Swan St, Richmond.


Three Bags Full


Three Bags Full has a very homey feel to the café and has a lot of good breakfast dishes up their sleeve but this is the place where I have my first rhubarb for breakfast on a french toast and that fond memory of this dish still lingers to this very day.



I simply love the ambience of this establishment. It’s a warm welcome especially in cold winter mornings!



Rhubarb French Toast with Creme Patisserie. Genius! I can’t believe it when I first saw this on the menu but its so so so good! What a way to lose my rhubard virginity! LOL

Three Bags Full

60 Nicholson St Abbotsford, Richmond


Top Paddock

DSCF3309 (Medium)

Top Paddock is swamped with hungry patrons when I visited and I must say little Tiffany have a very fun time sitting next to the baristas busy preparing coffee for a full house on a Sunday Morning. They are a tram stop from the city to Richmond.


DSCF3288 (Medium)DSCF3303 (Medium)

While their savoury dishes such as the grilled snapper and avocado, as well as their soft shell crab brioche bun burgers are the go to dishes according to Urbanspoon, I have a strong preference for their sweeter breakfast items we had – they are delicious though – I’m not saying they’re not good – just overshadowed by the sweeter choices.


DSCF3292 (Medium)

What a beautiful sight to wake up to for breakfast! Granola porridge garden? Not only does it looks good and tastes good – it’s probably good for your health as well! GOOD MORNING PORRIDGE! NOW I WILL EAT YOU! OM NOM NOM NOM!


DSCF3304 (Medium)

Their hot cakes are also very colourful – crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside ~~ a good one to share with friends as it’s huge ~~ and served with a ricotta cream ~~ that was sliding off the hot cakes as I was shooting this photo ~~ ooops ~~


DSCF3312 (Medium)

As we were leaving – there’s still a lot of people braving the cold winter morning winds – just to queue and wait for their chance to dine in at Top Paddock!

Top Paddock

658 Church St, Richmond.


Fly Daily to MEL TL banner 550px[9][3]


Hammer and Tong

DSCF5320 (Medium)

Located at Brunswick street in Fitzroy, take number 11 tram and stop near 412 Brunswick street (it’s located at the back so use your google map and you’ll find it easily), Hammer and Tong is rated very highly on Urbanspoon and is currently one of the hottest breakfast spot in Melbourne and I’m not surprised.


DSCF5319 (Medium)

For starters, they use a very good Duke Roasters Coffee beans for their coffees, so you’re definitely getting quality coffee here.


DSCF5315 (Medium)

They are also very creative with their menu such as these pretty good corn fritters served with Spanish Machego cheese, sweet chili jam and perfectly poached eggs for breakfast? Yes please!


DSCF5306 (Medium)

This whimsical breakfast is genius omg level! Pan fried duck egg, served on a herb and pepper french toast, with salted caramel and duck egg ice cream and maple sausage crumbs – sounds crazy but works together like a charm! It took me almost an hour trying to get here – as I wasn’t really familiar with which trams to take – but it was worth it! If you’re in Melbourne and you did not have this for breakfast – it would be a #FOODCRIME ! Highly recommended!


Hammer and Tong

Rear 412 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


Hardware Societe


The Hardware Societe is located at Hardware street within the Melbourne CBD. They are fondly remembered by many for their baked eggs and while I was in Melbourne, they are the most recommended by friends in Brunei.



Highly rated on Urbanspoon and boasts one of the best baked eggs – they give you plenty of options for your baked eggs and I love the way they presented their breakfast on rustic wares and served on a wooden board. Nom nom ~~

The Hardware Societe

120 Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD


The Maling Room


The Maling Room used to be a post office and has a heritage feel to the place. It’s known to have one of the best coffees in the Eastern Suburbs and a favourite for many locals.



I love how they educate people on drinking warm coffee – which is my favourite temperature despite what many piping hot coffee lovers try to argue.



Beautiful warm coffee and pastries for breakfast ~~oooooh yeahhh!!



Or you can do what I do – and have these truffle oil scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes ~~ GOOOOOD MORNING!!

The Maling Room

206 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury


Manchester Press


Manchester Press is another must go breakfast place ~ famous for the MP Bagels and also baked eggs – I am a fan of their good coffee and establishment, which used to be an art gallery. Quite spacious place but it’s still packed daily due to it’s popularity!



Gorgeous baked eggs with tomatoes and feta cheese, served with their famous MP Bagels!



Their mixed berries mascarpone french toast topped with pistachio dust and strawberries is really an eye opener! Beautiful yet delicious to go with the lovely coffee here!

Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne CBD


Proud Mary


At Collingwood, Proud Mary is a highly recommended breakfast place for their house blend coffees and their creative delicious breakfast menu. Very highly rated place on Urbanspoon and by my friends who are real foodies, studying and working in Melbourne. I’ve been here only once and I wished I could visit here again for their super good sandwiches!



The coffee here is sooo goood ~~~ swooons ~~ they are in competition with the best Melbourne roasters have to offer.



I had a very good ragout pasta here but they have very good sandwiches and their take on bake beans which are white beans, cooked cassoulet style.

Proud Mary

172 Oxford St, Collingwood


Seven Seeds


Seven Seeds is another breakfast place that is well known for their coffee and supplies coffee beans to the famous Brother Baba Budan in Melbourne CBD.



To go with my coffee,  I opted for something sweet like this delicious poached pears french toast with pecans. Lovely! They have other good savoury options as well.

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley Street, Carlton


South Melbourne Market

DSCF5356 (Medium)

Fancy having oysters for breakfast? Hop over to South Melbourne market for some good fresh baked Turkish pastries or good pan fried fish fillet sandwiches but what moved me here on a cold drizzling morning was the fresh oysters!


DSCF5358 (Medium)

Look around for a seafood stall that sells freshly shucked oysters ranging from $1 to $1.99 each depending on the varieties. You can actually taste the difference in terms of texture, mineral content and creaminess! #oystergasm #oysterheaven #oysterbreakfast!


DSCF5360 (Medium)

Have you ever had fresh oysters for breakfast?! Hop over to South Melbourne Markets! Hop over to Dead Man Espresso later for good coffee and hearty breakfast, which is just nearby.

South Melbourne Market

322-326 Coventry St, South Melbourne'


Queen Victoria Markets

DSCF4981 (Medium)

Another good market for cheap eats is at the famous Queen Victoria Markets! One of the must try places is The Boreks Place at the deli area of Queen Victoria Market.


DSCF4984 (Medium)

They have quite a lot of choices and I opted for the yummy lamb and zucchini borek for only $3! A good breakfast!


 DSCF4983 (Medium)

or go for something sweeter such as these cherry or apple boreks ~~ for only $2!!


DSCF4982 (Medium)

Borek is basically a Turkish style Filo pastry bread that is stuffed with yummy goodness and baked till a charred crisp exterior! YUM!


DSCF5052 (Medium)

Within the same Deli section – if you have a craving for coffee - there’s the famous Market Lane Coffee – another well known coffee roaster that serves very good coffee – made the way you like it ~~


DSCF5054 (Medium)

If coffee is not your thing – no fret as KoKo Black is just next door to serve one of the best hot chocolate to warm you up ~~~ mmmm choices choices ~~


DSCF4996 (Medium)

Many who visit Queen Victoria Markets daily join the queue for a packet of freshly fried dough balls are savouring a recipe which has accompanied the 130 year old Market since 1950.


DSCF4993 (Medium)DSCF4994 (Medium)

These hot, sugar-dusted fried doughnuts are crispy on the outside and soft and slightly chewy with raspberry jam on the inside! Funny story, I initially saw a sign 5 for $5.50 and thought you have to buy a mininum of five! I then realized you can buy any amount you like! Oh god I need to finish all 5 of them myself! Bwahahahahhahahaha! Good excuse for me to eat more for breakfast!


DSCF5073 (Medium)

As you can see – if you’re not early – you will need to queue for quite some time – no worries as they make their doughnuts really really fast!

Queen Victoria Market

Corner of Victoria St and Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD


DSCF4543 (Medium)

So that concludes my very delicious breakfast and brunch places for visitors and travelers to the awesome food city of Melbourne! There are plenty of other good options that are not listed in this post as I’ve only enough space for so much breakfasts in a short time! Google Maps and Urbanspoon is going to be very useful for you when trying to find these places but be sure to learn how to use trams and trains if you want to save money from using taxis! Stay tuned for more of my Melboune Food Guide where I cover the best restaurants and high tea places!


This concludes my Melbourne Food Guide for the best breakfast and brunch restaurants! Do check out my other food guides on Melbourne!

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