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Freshco Delivery Service: Combination of Restaurants Food Delivery


Freshco group of restaurants have grown and now has diverse range of restaurants under one roof.


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For a Western fare, they have Auntie Anne Pretzels, Freshco Sandwich and Gloria Jeans, Oooh gotta love those pretzels!


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Japanese Restaurant Sushi Tei – which I am very fond of their Premium Unagi, Salted Yolks Soft Shell Crabs and Salmon Teriyaki! *drools*


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Chinese and Malaysian Cuisine Restaurants like I love Yoo and  All Seasons, last but not least Indonesian favourites Waroeng Penyet. There’s simply sooo much choice!


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Now the big question for family dinners has been to decide where and what to eat, some might prefer having Chinese food and some might want Japanese or some just want a pretzel and coffee…. it’s not easy to please everyone but with the new Freshco Delivery service – all that is going to change! Now everyone can have something from their favourite restaurants – all combine them all in one delivery!


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The beauty about Freshco Delivery service is that they allow you to combine the food from their restaurants under one delivery. As long as you match the minimum amount of $15 and pay only $2 for delivery charge – they will deliver the combination of food from different restaurants under the Freshco group. As you can see here, I ordered the new Belado range from Waroeng Penyet, some sushi from Sushi Tei, Dim Sum from All Seasons, delicious chocolate coated pretzels from Auntie Anne’s and a nice cup of White Chocolate drink from Gloria Jeans. Man ~~ maybe I should had ordered some porridge and silky tau fu fa from I love Yoo too ~~


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Food arrived within an hour after I placed my order (about 40 mins). Great service! They deliver only to selected areas for now and is available from 11am to 10pm. Another good promotion at the moment is the free delivery between 2pm – 5pm! So if you are at the office and feeling hungry ~~ get your colleagues to order a whole feast with you!

To make your life easier – I’ll put the order menu on this blogpost so you can always check back and order from here. Or you could always grab the delivery menu from Freshco outlets. I will update this as often as I can to bring their latest delivery menus! You can always call and ask if they deliver any particular favourite dishes of yours that is not on the delivery menu.

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Of course – if you’re looking to host any functions – Freshco Catering can do a combination of food from their restaurant chains at their Freshco Banquet Hall! Just call the number to make any enquiries!

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