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Best Halal Kolomee hunt: KTM Ban4 KoloMee, Kilanas

I received a lot of emails and comments from many people ever since I posted two reviews on the best kolomee in Brunei. One particular question raised was "Where is the best halal kolomee in Brunei?". Frankly, I wasn't very sure. It could be the Seria kolomee, since it's halal now ever since its moved to the new venues. It could also be Farm Basket's beef kolomee that my friends have been raving about, which I have yet to try.

When I thought about kolomee that's halal, one place springs to mind. It's the KTM kolomee right after Ban 4 in Kilanas. You basically see Ban 4, don't turn into it, drive past it , and you will see a noodle factory on your left.

Here is the entrance to the shop.

Not a very big place but it's air conditioned at least!

Their kolomee is fresh from the noodle factory and the texture is very good.

Now on to the Kolomee!

Kolo Meepoh

Kolo Mee

Quite a big portion for just $2. Minced chicken kolomee. Their sauce has a nice ikan bilis taste to it. The minced chicken and sliced fish cake complements this dish well.

They also offer many other types of toppings for kolomee such as Yong Tau Fu, Wonton, Fish Balls or even Chicken Curry.

They also serve a nice beef soto for $3.50, I really like their generous portion of sliced beef, which is very tender.

You can buy the noodles here too after you finish eating. Fresh noodles at warehouse prices!

So give this place a try and see if it's really worthy of the best halal kolomee in Brunei. Cookie Monster will try and review Farm Basket's beef kolomee next time!


  1. I tried making kolo mee yesterday... not nice lah... :(

    I used the wrong type of noodles (am still looking for the correct kind!) plus the sauce was not that nice...

    Oh well, back to the drawing board. Although it doesn't help that I've kinda forgotten how kolomee tastes like! Will have to try this when I get home, hehe.

  2. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Hey, I nvr been to this place b4. next time we go lah..
    and i found another nice kolomee place today in gadong!

  3. Disagree it is the best kolomee in town because their kolomee was too Oily.