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Brunei Restaurant Review: Sabriyana Tunisian Restaurant


Sabriyana restaurant recently opened at Jerudong Park Phase 3 food court. Maurina spotted this restaurant’s special Lamb Souffle dish on Instagram and decided to check it out ~~ after a few whatsapp messages – Marul and I zoomed to Jerudong Park to meet Maurina.

The only Tunisian thing I’ve learned about as a foodie is Harissa – a spicy paste that’s popularly used in their cooking – which can be bought from German Shop in Muara as well. Now when I heard of Lamb Souffle – my mind turned towards the typical cloud like French souffles – probably with minced lamb… turns out I was wrong. According to Chef Sabri – in Tunisia, souffles are similar to Italian Calzones ~ which is two pieces of pizza dough encasing the pizza filling!


They’ve got a simple menu and I must say I am impressed with their home made breads for their menus – a plus point and they’re pretty good! Tunisian style breads in the haus~~


We ordered their beef kebab kabir – A Tunisian style kebab – the plus point being their home made kebab bread. Not bad!


Their Maklub sandwich is interesting as it’s pretty spicy with a good mix of spices, onions and shredded vegetables and the secret ingredient of mozarella cheese and french fries!


We also ordered their Yana Burger, which also uses their home made burger bun ~ notice the cuts the chef has made and  a good sprinkling of wholegrain spices on the bread ~~ there’s also one whole egg with a generous serving of mayo, chili and veggies ~ verdict? I love the bread but the burger patty is a normal ramli burger style patty ~~ the burger would score high for just it’s bread alone and if they could use better patties – it would be a top notch gourmet burger ~~


Last but not least – it’s the Lamb Souffle we’ve been dying to try ~~ as I said before – it looks more like a Calzone ~ Like a giant curry puff – but bready type – with a good sprinkling of whole grain spices!


We cut the Tunisian souffle to reveal a yummy lamb, vegetables saucy filling – to enjoy this – eat with the Harissa paste on the side of the plate. I would pick this as the winning dish out of all we’ve tried today. The calzone seal in the flavours of the fillings very well, while giving a good bread like texture. Thumbs up and highly recommended!


You might ask – what’s a good looking Tunisian man like Sabri doing in Brunei? Well – He married a Bruneian lady called Yana and they decided to bring Tunisian cuisine to Brunei – Notice the restaurant name is a combination of their names! How sweet! Be sure to pay them a visit and try out Tunisian breads! Nom nom nom!

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