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Brunei Thai Food: Tom Yum Gung Noodles

Face it - Bruneians are big fans of Thai cuisine and most Thai restaurants are booming with patrons. When I was in Bangkok, I love Tom Yum Gong soup noodles because it was an easy quick bowl of soup that will fill me up and they are really delicious. Recently I stumbled upon a place that serves that and I want to share it with you. This restaurant has been in Brunei for quite some time already but I usually ordered other dishes.


DSCF0825 (Medium)

I had this bowl of big head prawn Tom Yum Gong when I was in Bangkok and it was awesome!


DSCF0828 (Medium)

If you got money to splurge ~ you can even order their lobster set ~~ which looks absolutely amazing!!! Find out where to get this at :




Now the main reason for this post is to share Brunei's version of the Tom Yum Gung noodle ~ you can choose from bee hoon or tang hoon (I chose tang hoon ~~~ prefer the texture in my soup - be sure to tell them what noodles you prefer!). You can tell them how spicy you want the soup to be and would you look at that beautiful bowl of goodness! *slurps* I can finish this bowl on my own! I only wish one day can special request them to do a lobster or udang galah version! Hu hu hu ~~ Where is the restaurant? It's at KNY kitchen in Kiarong! Here's the address below ~~ it's the same row as Kaizen Kiarong branch. Enjoy your Tom Yung Gung Noodles!



KNY Kitchen

8 Blk C Kiarong Complex, Brunei and Muara, Brunei

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