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Brunei Hidden Gems: Home Style Thai Restaurant

Years ago I blogged about this hidden gem – a Thai restaurant that’s located behind Manggis Mall with good Thai food which serves pork. The hygiene wasn’t that good so we usually buy our drinks from Hua Ho before dining here.


Unfortunately, I think they were closed down and went back to Thailand last year and I lost a good home style non-halal Thai food for some time --- until I discovered a new place.


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Located along Jalan Muara – exact location will be kept private to protect the restaurant – the restaurant is within a house. You can choose to sit at the garage for that outdoors feel.


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I’ve heard about this place for a long time already but never have the opportunity or excuse to dine here. Muara is pretty far from where I stay but Abby suggested to dine here and I simply can’t pass up the chance!


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Most of the food are in the range of $4 to $5 – and they are pretty small portions. Here’s the $5 plate of fried chicken wings. Pretty good – the girls loved it but I think it’s alright.


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My girlfriend is a big fan of Thai Style Claypot Tanghoon and she would definitely order this. I think the ones at Bahn Nu Cha and KNY Kitchen serves better ones as they have a stronger coriander root taste. The one’s here tanghoon is too brittle and lacks the kick, while a bit too sweet. Still a good dish for only $4 compared to $10 or $15 in typical Thai restaurants in Brunei.


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Thai style pork stew – basically braised fatty pork, with good amount of gelatinous texture pork fat and tender meat. Quite similar to Chinese style pork – only $4 and way way way cheaper than the extravagant high prices charged at the Cempaka house kitchen. A good value meal for pork lovers.


 DSCF9478 (Medium)

Pretty good tom yum which is not too spicy and more on the creamier side. I like the freshness of their prawns and a good amount of squid and straw mushrooms. Thumbs up on the Tom Yum, although might not be spicy enough for some.


DSCF9483 (Medium)

Breaded chicken with lemongrass sticks – a pretty good snack for those who like deep fried stuff but I felt it pales in comparison to the ones I had in Thailand before. The flavour profile is lacking for this in my opinion but for only $4 – this is acceptable.


DSCF9490 (Medium)

The Pandan Chickens are pretty tiny and reminded me of dodol durian. It’s not bad but there are better ones in Brunei.


DSCF9492 (Medium)

The Green Papaya salad Som Tam is pretty good here – I can taste the freshness and the spicy bite of the chilies in this salad. A must order dish in this restaurant – although I must say despite being the appetizer – it arrived the latest – understandably it means they prepare it fresh – which is never a bad thing! Thumbs up!


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Their Pad Thai is also very unique. using thicker bee hoon noodles instead. It’s more on the sweeter side and not spicy at all but has the elements of a pad thai dish.


DSCF9486 (Medium)

The most unique dish has got to be this one. Thai pig’s blood soup noodle called Nam Tok. Thais like to add pig’s blood to their soups to enrich the flavour. I must say this is a delicious noodle soup – if you like kueh chap soup – this will be a must try. Do not be put off by the idea of pig’s blood and try this with an open mind. If you’re ordering for a friend, don’t let them know if they’re not the type to try new things! Yummy!


DSCF9470 (Medium)

The girls ordered an extra helping of chicken wings ~~ they must really love it!

Verdict: While we were dining in, there were quite a lot of bees flying around but they’re pretty harmless but it does give a pretty uncomfortable experience for the girls. We should had sat outside where it seemed to be free from bees flying around and landing on our tables.

We grabbed the drinks from the fridge – canned drinks and mineral water and choose not to drink the free water.

The pricing is indeed very reasonable and the food is not bad. I would come back here in future to try other dishes, especially their Thai curries.

As for the location – I will not post it as mentioned to protect this restaurant. Ask around and you should have a friend who knows the location.

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