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Radisson Hotel Deals Restaurant New Menu

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Deals restaurant from Radisson Hotel is one of the better places to have a romantic dinner with quality food, ambience and service at surprisingly affordable prices. I must admit I am very fond of their oyster promotions and their steaks. When I heard of their newly launched menu by Executive Chef Wan Elmee Zazalee, I was quite excited to try it out!


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Complimentary buns with butter to start your meal and I like their soft bread rolls.


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Since Chinese New Year is coming up, we decided to go for healthy fruit juices from their beverage menu. They also have quite a good selection of mocktails to match with the food.


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The starters are reasonably priced from $9 – $10 per appetizer. A very affordable price at a posh dining place for such quality and well presented appetizers indeed!


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I quite like cold starters and love the combination of melon wrapped with cured meats, so when I saw this Honey Melon Rolled with Thin Balsamic Wagyu Beef slices , I ordered it without hesitation – it’s served with a side of sundried tomato sorbet to add a certain acidity to balance the dish. My partner did not enjoy it as much as I did as she’s not a cold appetizer person –


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Our second appetizer is their in house signature smoked mackerel, served with Vietnamese style spring rolls, cucumber-carrot ribbon salad, ripe mango and an avocado sauce. There’s a good smoky flavour the the fish and even though it’s good on it’s own, it’s a good match with the sweet and sour ripe mango.


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:Last but not least of the appetizers, is this gorgeously plated thinly sliced tuna maguro and scallops and beets, drizzled with yuzu soy, sweet juicy popping pomegranate seeds and their signature raspberry caviar. The seafood tasted fresh and the popping sensation of the pomegranate really elevates the appetizer. I had tasted similar cold appetizers like this in Australia before but to have this in Brunei makes this foodie very happy!


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They have three soups to choose from and I picked the Lobster Bisque – a flavour packed slightly thick lobster soup and served with lobster meat on a grissini cracker. The taste is pretty intense and for those who love bold stronger flavours, this is the soup for them! The portion is pretty big and can even be shared if you are ordering other mains and desserts! $10 for a Lobster Bisque? What an absolute bargain!


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This is their vegetarian soup: The Wild Mushroom Soup with Black Truffle Oil will be enjoyed even by the most loyal meat lovers as it combines 6 different mushrooms to achieve that umami taste! It has a good chunky texture of different types of mushrooms and has the added punch from the black truffle oil as you scoop up the soup. This is quite a big portion for $7 and can be shared by two.


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For those who love pasta but want a less guilty version, check out Deal’s Whole Wheat Spaghetti, served with shelled slipper lobsters, chilies with fresh basil in a tomato concasse. They have local purple spinach and brie ravioli which caught my attention but I ordered two other main dishes already – perhaps the next time!


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I must say I really enjoyed the presentation and the service staff will cut the pasta for you! This is actually pretty cool – I enjoyed the perfectly cooked slipper lobster meat which goes well with the sauce but the best part is the al dente texture of the pasta. If you prefer softer pasta, please let the staff know so they can cook it longer or switch to non whole meal spaghetti.


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The chef recommended me to try the slow braised wagyu beef brisket – usually the brisket is a tougher cut that requires a long cooking time but it’s also the cut of the beef that has more beefy flavour. The good thing about using Wagyu beef is their higher fat marbling which gives a contrast of textures ~~ the soft tender fatty parts and the meaty part. I like the slow braised sauce that is lips smacking good.


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I did mention that Deals is popular for their grilled meats like steaks and lamb, so to come here without having steak would be such a waste! I tried their grilled Blackmore Angus Beef Tenderloin and asked for medium rare. Not surprisingly, my tenderloin was cooked perfectly with the right amount of char-grilled marks and juicy as I sliced through the steak. I tried their Black Truffle Jus to go with my steak ~ ahhh yummy!!


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Seriously ~~ isn’t that beautiful? *swoooons*


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You gotta reserve some space for dessert! At Deals, their desserts range from $8 – $10 and if you love to end your meal with a cheese platter, the chef’s cheese platter is $12. I didn’t get to try it this time as I wanted to try a variety of desserts.

For me, I prefer to have a fruits based dessert first – kinda like an appetizer dessert – before the main dessert! LOL! This is their chili mango sorbet which has quite a good kick to it ~~ served with fresh fruits. Quite refreshing and for those who are watching their weight – this is a good finish to your meal .. for hungry foodies like me – it’s just the beginning for my sweet tooth!


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I have a thing for lemon tarts – so this lemon tart with thick cream was second on the dessert list. I must say ~ what a tarty lemon tart ~~ lol ~~ I like the tangy sour and rich lemon tart and you must dip a bit of the thick cream on the side to fully enjoy this dessert. The thick cream complements the slight acidity of the lemon tart ~~ oooh yeshhh!


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Ahhhh ~~ that was such a good tart ~~ but I am not satisfied yet so I wanted to eat this little pot decoration ~~~ mmmmmm that potted plant looks yummy!


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But wait ~~ it’s not a potted plant ~~ it’s actually their signature dessert! The Mangonisu ~~ which is a their interpretation of the tiramisu but adding the tart flavours of mangoes!

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Specially requested so I can take a nice picture ~~ I think this dessert is a winner! The mascarpone cheese is beaten with whipped cream to give a smooth creamy texture and goes well with the mango puree and sponge fingers. The ‘soil’ is actually crushed coffee biscuits which not only adds the coffee element of the tiramisu but also added a crunchy texture to it! The coffee is mild which makes it suitable to eat at night if you’re weary of having caffeine induced sleep deprivation! I must say – it’s a brilliant fun dessert!


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Overall – I am happy with the service and the quality of the food. The pricing is also pretty affordable and this is a good place to take that someone special for a romantic date ~~~ or just a good excuse to treat yourself to a nice meal to celebrate!

Deals Restaurant

Radisson Hotel

Jalan Tasek, BS8211 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

+673 2244272

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