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Taty’s Burger at Muara Town Area

A lot of buzz has been going around about delicious burgers at Taty's cafe - which is situated near Muara Town. To get there - drive towards Muara town -- but at the round about just when you're about to enter Muara town - do a U-turn at the roundabout - then as you drive and you spot a huge TAKAFUL BIBD sign, turn into the blocks of shops -- and you will notice it a few blocks from Guardian Pharmacy.

Burgers at Taty's near Muara Town

w00! I found Taty's Cafe!

Apparently a lot of students know about this place too!

Here's the menu for this cafe. They've got kebabs, burgers and nasi lemak.

One interesting thing about this shop is that they let you make your mark on their walls -- ask for marker pens to plant your legacy here! lol

It's amusing to read what people write on these walls ~~

The cafe does have a few tables and chairs but most people just come here for takeaways - so there's not much seating here.

Some words of wisdom~~

Burgers at Taty's near Muara Town

Beef Burger with egg~~ very tasty! What I like about their burgers are their finely chopped lettuce and tomatoes to make it easier to eat.

Burgers at Taty's near Muara Town

Lamb Burger with egg ~~ I personally like this burger. Good old homemade goodness - skip the mayo and cheese if you're on a diet!

Beef cutlets - I personally think the cutlets are alright - but the salad's a bit of a disappointment here.

Overall - this place has earned it's place in the Brunei Foodie's Hidden Gem's List - be sure to check this place out. I liked it and I hope you will too :)

Update: Tatys Café has recently opened a new branch near Times Square! A review will follow shortly (Nov 2012)

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