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Miri Food Review: Jing Wood Cafe


Regulars to Miri would had heard of Jing Wood Café – it is located just behind Imperial Hotel and near the popular clubbing areas in Miri. A lot of people like to have their dinner here as it’s near their hotel. Jing Wood was very popular for their economy grills – featuring steaks and chops at very affordable prices as well as very good kway teow in another stall. Lately – there’s been more choices available and here’s my verdict on the people’s favourite Jing Wood Café.


Jing Wood Café has always served a wide range of economy grilled meats but my favourite is their mixed grill at about RM16 – which includes lamb, chicken and pork chop, with a sunny side up egg, one sausage, salad on the side and a serving of fries. A super BARGAIN considering the exchange rate – this dish is less than Bnd7! The best thing is – there are plenty of other great things to order such as their honey chicken chop, fish and chips, beef steaks and even their famous chicken cordon bleu! So much choice ~~ so little tummy space – at very affordable prices.


There’s a stall that sells kolomee but that’s pretty basic in most Miri Cafes – Jing Wood café was very popular for their Cockles stir fried kway teow last time but I must say the quality has dipped for me – or perhaps I am spoiled by my Penang trip that this Miri Kway Teow cannot satisfy my tastebuds anymore. Order one with sunny side up egg and share with your friends – personally there’s other better dishes to try here.


If you order any noodle dish – you can order some pan fried pork dumplings to try – not bad as a side dish to share and munch munch.


QQ Claypot Chicken or Pork rice – claimed to be from West Malaysia


For me, it’s good to order one and share with your friends but I must say I prefer the claypot chicken rice at Gaya street in Kota Kinabalu. It’s an okay claypot rice but doesn’t wow me. Order only if you simply must have rice! (There’s a good duck rice at the restaurant opposite Jing Wood Café though)


There’s also a stall selling Taiwanese Sausages but I would not recommend them. Simply too sweet and artificial tasting to me. Order ONLY if you wish to try them out – otherwise – save your stomach for better food.


I was surprised to see this SO GOOD street snacks stall – featuring Taiwan’s famous XXXL chicken chop and fried breaded sausage.


Look at the size of that Chicken Chop!! XXXXL Indeed!


They will slice the chop for you for easy eating – so if you wish to take a picture of the XXXL chicken chop to post on instagram – you can tell them not to slice it for you. The chicken is served with a special Taiwanese Spicy Pepper which I must say – is pretty authentic and brings back memories of Xi Ling night market – A THUMBS UP and I recommend this!


Be sure to check out their breaded sausage as well – yummy!


Last but not least --- One simply must try Uncle Tan’s hand made steamed rice rolls (cheong fan) – Uncle Tan makes them fresh on the spot – which is the reason for their silky smooth texture that you cannot get even in classy dim sum establishments.


You can choose between pork or prawn cheong fans and I must say – it’s one of the best cheong fan I have tasted! If you went down to Miri without having this Cheong Fan – your trip is not complete! Be prepared to wait as there’s usually a long queue especially during weekends – expect 15 – 45 minutes wait! Order more! You’re bound to want more! I myself ordered two prawns and two pork cheong fan for my friends without thinking – despite the amount of food we ordered – no regrets! Si beh ho Chiak!

So the next time you head down to Miri – be sure to pay a visit to Jing Wood Café – my favourite place for cheap eats! Bon Appetit!

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