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The KB Seria Food Guide

I had blogged about the Brunei Food Guide which has been pretty useful for tourists, people who come to work in Brunei and Bruneians. People have told me that the guide should include good eats from Kuala Belait district. I’ve been thinking of writing this post for a long time and finally got the opportunity when my friend Cyril agreed to work together with me in writing the KB Seria guide. So here goes – some of the most popular places to eat in Kuala Belait and Seria! Kenali Negara Kita ~~ KB SERIA FOOD ~~



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Kuala Belait

Jee Juan Coffee Café (KB Non Halal)


My first stop took me to Jee Juan, an iconic place in KB for noodles, breads and pastries. This is located in KB town and easily found.


Jee Juan is cool because they allow you to custom your noodles to your liking – choose your noodles – indomie, kolomee, kway teow or bee hoon ~~ and choose your ingredients – curry powder, egg, cornbeef, bacon, spicy pork cubes ~~ you name it – they will cook it for you ~~ above is my stir fried indomie with pork and eggs.


Stir fried Kolomee with bacon and eggs ~~ yum ~~~ upon posting this on instagram – friends gave me other suggestions on what to order in Jee Juan ~~ everyone has their personal favourite and I’m sure you will have it too!


Oh my bacon ~~ good morning KB!


The Jee Juan Custard Tarts are also a must try! Custard with a hint of jagung (corn) on slight flaky pastry ~ so yum!


Would you look at that beauty! YUM YUM!


By the way – if you want to try a different custard tart that belongs to a bakery decades ago in KB ~~ an old school style tart which many of our parents love ~~ they are available for sale through 8837739 whatsapp or text message ONLY . Minimum order of 30 pieces (60 cents each) and must give 2-3 days notice. Pickup around Kuala Belait.


My friend Candy seriously loves these tarts ~~ haha what an epic shot of her enjoying the tarts!

Gerai Bunga Rambai (next to CHMS KB and ST John’s School)

Chicken Rice Stall (KB)


Gerai Bunga Rambai is another iconic spot for your foodie needs – located just next to CHMS KB – there’s plenty of stalls here and they operate at different hours. For the morning session – one of the yummy eats is the chicken rice stall (facing KB CHMS).


The key factor in the good chicken rice is their tender flesh and silky soft chicken skin. A must try if you love Chicken Rice.


The Chicken Rice stall starts operating from 10am onwards I think.

Lau Hu Chai Duck Rice (KB Non Halal)


Towards the other end of the corner behind the chicken rice stall (next to FooChow Association) is the most famous duck rice in Brunei – the Lau Hu Chai Duck Rice. Opens usually at 11am but might sold out in less than an hour. I dare say this is the best Duck Rice Brunei has to offer. Make sure to be there at 11am or face a possibility of missing out.


Duck web soup anyone?

Rojak, ABC, Cucur Stall (KB)


Just behind Lau Hu Chai duck rice is this auntie who sells ABC (Ais Kacang), Fried fritters and rojak, which is similar to the famous Lee Loi Fatt in KB. This was introduced to me by my friend Carol, who actually loves the Rojak Sotong Bee Hoon here!


This is good! For a guy who doesn’t like sotong and rojak ~ I actually enjoyed this dish!




Fried Fritters to share with your friends ~~


Wash it all down with their ABC or my friend’s favourite 3 Sour (San Suan) Ping. The stall operates during the daytime and closes at night.

Satay Stall (KB)


The Satay stall at Bunga Rambai opens during the night and has a friendly group who plays the guitar while you wait for your satay. They have quite a big selection ranging from the basic chicken, beef and lamb satay – to the more niche hati kura, hati buyah, perut ~~ liver , tripe, lung ~~ and even intestines  ~~ oooh yummers ~~


I ordered one of each to try and I have to say they are pretty good and if you’re in KB and craving for satay ~ give them a shout!


Would you go out with me on a date? Bouquet of satays for you ~~

CST_9905 (Medium)

Intestines, tripe, liver, lung skewers? cool satays you usually don’t see ~~ I really enjoyed their Hati Kura satay – that liver pate taste is soooo goood! *pic by Cyril*


One of my followers on IG told me the name of their stall is Satay Haji Jiri. You have to tapao and go to another stall for a table. We tapao and went next door to Gerai Simpur to order some drinks and of course – to snap some instagram worthy pics! lol. Opens only night time.

Lai Khuan Yong Chap Yong Tauhu (KB Non Halal)


This stall sells one of the best yong tauhu and fishballs – very soft texture fishpaste! They also sell handmade kolomee here.


I wouldn’t mind having this daily ~~~ so comforting and soft ~~~ *press like on FB and Instagram*


Hand made kolomee ~~ the stall opens only from Monday to Friday from 5pm onwards till they finish stock – usually by 8:30 to 9pm.

Ayam Penyet at Gerai Simpur (just next to Gerai Bunga Rambai) (KB)


If you have craving for Ayam Penyet – there’s this stall at Gerai Simpur that is popular for their Ayam Penyet to satisfy your cravings. Pretty good and cheap at 3.50. Good sambal.

Update: Thien Sung Noodles


I didn’t get to try this place but my friend Candy helped me take some pictures and she thinks this is her favourite noodle place. *pic from Candy*


You must try their hand made kolomee ~~ served with chicken slices ~~ *pic from Candy*


Candy also enjoys their laksa ~~ wished I had the pleasure to try this ~~ but do give this a shout if you’re in KB. *pic from Candy*

Stalls in Gerai Simpur that I missed are Yong Peng (famous for their laksa) and Thien Sung mee stall (famous for hand made kolomee noodles and their watan ho) because they were both closed during my short KB Seria food hunt. Be sure to check them out! There’s also AHAD burger which is famous too but I didn’t get to try it.

Food Stalls at the KB Morning Market (KB Non Halal)


The KB Morning Market opens very early in the morning and closes around 10-11am. It’s a pretty busy place during the weekdays and packed during weekends. They have pretty good stalls such as this kolo wonton ~~ saucy and nice.


Kolomee for breakfast ~~


They have two different kway teow stalls which you can try and decide which do you prefer!


I quite like the porridge here ~~ and their cha kueh is crispy! Good flavour and something I look forward to especially in the morning!

SriKandi X-Press Kebab (KB)


Located next to Body Shop in KB – this kebab store is very popular. Be sure to drop by for a piece!


Simple pita bread – loaded with beef or chicken kebab ~~ you can ask for less or no mayonnaise as they are pretty generous with spreading it! LOL.

Marilyn Café (KB)


Marilyn café has free wifi and is a pretty cool place to chill and relax.


They serve mostly bakery stuff ~ but I’m surprised when my friend recommended their Ayam Kalasan (like Ayam Penyet) which is pretty different – since their side vegetables looked really western ~~ lol ~~ the chicken is quite nice but their sambal is quite spicy ~~ it’s pricy at $5.90 but you get free wifi and good ambience here ~~ worth a try!

Guilinggao Dessert House (KB)


If you want to go for some Asian style dessert – check out Guilingao at Komplex Harapan. Mochi Yoghurt can be found here too!


Guilingao (herbal jelly) with taro and sweet potato dumplings


Mango Pomelo dessert ~~


They even got egg waffles here too ~~ famous Hong Kong sweet snack~~

Thai Food at Saleha Restaurant (Gerai by the Park) (KB)


At the park where people jog in KB is a food court with a riverview. Friend CK recommended the Thai food here – which is quite cheap and nice.


Quite a nice view ~~ but be wary of hungry mosquitoes.


Thai style tanghoon salad is a must order here ~~


Dry Tom Yam Seafood ~~ a bit too greasy for my liking though

Cottage Restaurant (KB Non Halal)


Cottage restaurant is a popular Chinese restaurant on the first floor along Jalan Pretty in KB town. Just look out for the signboard Cottage Restaurant. They are very popular for their Indon Curry Prawns or Indon Curry Deer Meat, which is pretty yummy!


Another popular dish is their flaming bbq spare ribs

CST_9850 (Medium)

Tender and saucy ~~ this is Cottage’s top dish ~~ *pic by Cyril*

Red Rooster Café (KB)


Red Rooster Café is a unique café for it’s nice outdoor décor and reasonably priced food. Candy posing with their famous tower burger – combination of lamb, beef and chicken~~


Love their handmade menu!


Fun to actually take pics here ~~ and very instagram worthy ~~


A good crowd on a Tuesday night actually ~~ good mix of locals and expats!


Cyril has a better picture of the three patty tower burger ~~ it’s not as big as you think and easy to finish for one hungry guy ~~ read more about Red Rooster Café at Cyril’s blogpost:


A map from Cyril to make it easier to find the place.

Red Rooster Café, lot 7523, spg 69-29-4-5n Pandan 7, Call: 8810101

Awira’s Kitchen (KB)

CST_9916 (Medium)

Awira’s Kitchen is located in a household in KB. They serve mostly BBQ grilled food, burgers and local food like nasi lemak. This is their lamb burger, which is actually grilled pieces of lamb, cheese and gravy. Pretty yummy ~ *pic by Cyril*

CST_9920 (Medium)

I must say their grilled chicken is very good ~ cooked perfectly ~~ though we waited almost 40 minutes for our food ~~ so you have to be patient here. *pic by Cyril*

CST_9919 (Medium)

Yes – they have Indomie – for those who cannot live without Indomie ~~ they will enjoy it very much with their Sunny Side up Egg and Grilled Chicken.

Awira's Kitchen, No. 5 Spg 363-29-73-12-3 RPN Kg. Pandan C, KB Whatsapp: 7186399

Northern Indian Food at Zaika (KB)


A fancy North Indian restaurant with comfortable posh settings. Zaika is a nice place for upscale comfortable comfort food.


Start with their famous Mango Lassi ~~


Chicken kebabs with coconut milk and herbs ~~


This Naan is very good ~~ comes filled with minced meat and spices ~~ yummers!


I also love paneer (Indian style cheese – like tofu) served with a spicy sauce ~~


Their chicken with spinach sauce is really good too! A must order for me ~~

Zaika, A4 Lot 308 Bangunan Maju, Jalan Bunga Raya, Kuala Belait,

Nul Hajika Restaurant (KB)


When I asked my friends for a good Malay restaurant, many introduced me to Nul Hajika ~~ I had read about this place from prominent blogger Nonnie King but have yet to try it for myself!


Their most famous dish is their Roti John Hong Kong – which is roti john with two sunny side up eggs and served with a creamy cheese sauce or black pepper sauce. I highly recommend the cheese sauce one ~ and make sure you request them to undercook their eggs – as they overcook mine ~ lol ~ I reckon if my yolks are half cooked – it would be even more epic!


Nonnie also recommended their Mee Gulung – which is like Nasi Pataya (wrapped with egg) then served with a sweet sour sauce – make sure to mix well with the sauce to enjoy ~~


They also have Maggi Mee Mamak! Stir fried Maggi mee ~~ mamak style!

Nul Hajika is located at Wisma Yakin at Pandan 5, KB.

Ambuyat at Q-inn (KB)


If you have an enormous craving for Ambuyat while in KB ~~ have no fear as there’s a place that serves Ambuyat. Look out for Q-inn at the industrial area in KB. Here’s the ambuyat set we ordered that has pucuk ubi, daging lalap, ikan goreng, udang goreng. tempoyak and binjai. I still prefer the ones in Bandar but Q-inn is your place in KB.

Q-inn, Block 2-4 B. Kompleks Penindustrian, Kuala Belait., Kuala Belait, Brunei

Homey Taste Restaurant (Hakka Dishes) (KB Non Halal)


Homey Taste restaurant is pretty popular in KB for their Hakka dishes  ~~ which serves Lui Char on Saturdays!


Friends of mine loved their steamed chicken (the rice is just normal rice btw)


Hakka style braised duck ~~


Hakka style pickled vegetables with pork belly ~~


last but not least is their Suan Pan Zi (abascus dumpling) which is actually made from yam and flour! It’s pretty good but my friends tell me it used to be smaller and nicer. Wished this feedback would go to the restaurant and they go back to the smaller ones!

Homey Taste Restaurant, Next to Fratinis, Pandan 4


Note: Lee Loi Fatt, Charcoal, Excapade Restaurant, Sorriso , Nur Wanita are honourable mentions but I didn’t have the time to check them out since we have branches in Brunei – they are definitely good places to dine in KB.


Seria Food Stalls

The Seria food stalls are a famous place for Seria Kolomee and Seria Kway Teow as well as a variety of other local favourites. Many claimed that the food used to be nicer when it was at the older place and I have to agree. Still – it’s packed with lots of people daily.

Lee Siew Fang (Seria)


This stall sells very good porridge which apparently sells out between 8 to 9am! I didn’t get the chance to try it as I arrived at 8:15 am ~~ so be sure to give it a try if you love porridge!


Many are fans of their kolomee with home made chicken balls – which are pretty good.


They also serve Ngau Lam (beef noodles) ~~ here’s my ngau lam lau su fen~~

Nam Tao Kolomee (Seria)


My friend Eric loves the Kolo Lau Su Fen here and many claimed this as their favourite kolomee stall ~~ while some prefer Lee Siew Fang. It’s pretty subjective but I’m leaning towards the Kolomee in Namtao because of their sauce ~~


Nam Tao Kolomee or Lau Su Fen get’s my vote ~~~ but I do agree that it used to be better back in the old days (with the added special ingredient *oinks*)

Lee Teck Ming Seria Kway Teow (Seria)


The Seria Kway Teow is also one of the iconic dishes of Seria but I felt that it’s not as good as before. Really missed the good old days when Seria Kway Teow was really epic!

*note* I heard there’s another stall that opens from 3pm onwards that’s preferred by my friends – you can give that a try too.

Yong Sister Rojak (Seria)


Famous for their ABCs and Rojak ~~ this is a favourite for many in Seria!


Seriously good rojak from the Yong Sisters ~~ nom nom ~~

Kafe Ray Mateen (Seria)


Friend Mirei highly recommended the Sup Tulang here ~~ and I have to agree it’s pretty cheap and nice! Didn’t really enjoy their other dishes I ordered but the Sup Tulang is spot on!


At only $3 – this sup tulang is worth every cent! Opens from 10am onwards!

The Gurkha Palace (Seria)


I wrote about The Gurkha Palace in my blog some time ago and this restaurant is still one of the unique restaurants to go to in Seria.


Their highlight is their saucy Gurkha style chicken which is very good! Do try out Gurkha cuisine here! Located just next to the famous Seria Food Stalls.

Read more about Gurkha Palace in my blogpost:

Universal Café (Seria)


Universal Café is the pride of Seria – famous for their hot stone toasted breads and simple down to earth kopitiam drinks.


Very old school style of toasting breads ~~ you don’t see these types around much nowadays ~~


Half boiled eggs with soy sauce and white pepper ~~ ahhhh breakfast ~~


The iconic must order – French toast with cheese ~~


People keep coming back for these ~~ I quite like this ~~ very enjoyable ~~ with good old school coffee please ~~

Soi Heng Coffee Shop (Seria Non Halal)


Soi Heng is another popular spot for the locals to eat ~~ famous for their fried kway teow too (special request them to fry their sambal with their kway teow for more kick!)


Soi Heng Kway Teow ~~ Jan Shim’s tip to stir fry it with the sambal first ~~ nom nom ~~


Friend also recommend their soya milk ~~ ahhhh refreshing ~


Ahhh and be sure to try their Chicken Mee Sua ~~ soupy goodness that warms your tummy ~~~

Wah Hing (same row as Excapade Seria) (Non halal)


Wah Hing comes recommended by my friends Tim and Nelson when I bumped into them in Seria. They are located on the same row as Excapade Seria.


The sun was shining through the window and gave me the opportunity to shoot this lovely picture of their KOLOMEE SPECIAL – which is basically a surf and turf style kolomee ~~ fishcakes, prawns, charsiew, eggs and beef ~~ it’s pretty good and I think it’s my favourite kolomee in my Belait hunt but comes with a $4.50 price tag.


Their breads are pretty good too ~~~ has a nice crispy outer crust and soft fluffy center ~~


Ahhh ~~ breakfast ~~~


Fun with bread ~~ Kway teow sandwich ~~ LOL

Note: Be sure to check out Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch at Seria Supasave where they got good hot food to match their drinks – and check out shopping at Naafi (blogpost here:


I had lots of fun touring around KB Seria to hunt for food ~~ – Cyril for hosting and driving me around to hunt for food ~~ Jan Shim, Shawn, Candy, CK, Carol, Maggie, Heidi and Jesmine for joining me in this fun adventure!

Did I miss some of your favourite KB Seria restaurants? Let me know through email!

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