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Tune Hotel KLIA2 Airport: Tips on the fastest way to check in your Air Asia flight!

Are you confused about KLIA2 Airport? Here’s the best guide for KLIA2 to get to check-in and not miss your flight! A great tip is to stay at the new Tunes KLIA2 and it will make your travelling and transit so much better!

Air Asia recently started using KLIA2 for all their flights and there has been advice for passengers to actually be at the airport at least 3 hours before flight times. I had one concern as my flight on  is at 6:45am in the morning. That really gave me quite a lot to worry about since it’s advisable to be at the airport 3 hours before departure! I need to be at the airport before 3:45am. Early morning check in can be quite congested surprisingly as they tend to be cheaper to book apparently.

I had a few options to consider – did a lot of research and these were the options I have!

Option (1) Take a cab from the city and pay rm130 – 150 at least since it’s way past midnight – or I might not be able to hail a cab at that hour!

Option (2) Take the earliest bus from KL Sentral at 3am in the morning – it’s not expensive at less than RM10 but I still need to find a cab or someone to send me to KL Sentral – plus I might arrive too late in KLIA2 for checkin – what if the bus is late? What if this and that ~~~ *headache la* So much to worry about – so stress laaa~~

Option (3) for me was to stay in Tune Hotel – stress free and not so expensive.


*Photo from Tune Hotels*

It was really an excellent idea to have Tune Hotel opening within close proximity to KLIA2. I was supposed to take the 6:45 morning flight Kuala Lumpur to Brunei and taking a cab or public transport can be a huge hassle – especially since  KLIA2 can be confusing for first timers, but once you get the hang of it – it’s pretty easy. I find that the lift labels and signs DO CONFUSE people as I myself got really confused initially. But don’t worry – I did all the research (and practical – imagine a confused food blogger running around in circles). How to ( directions to) get to KLIA2 Check In (baggage drop) Counter from Tune Hotel KLIA2 the FASTEST and QUICKEST WAY!


Image taken from Tune Hotels website.

Having seen so many passengers sleeping on floors and hard benches in the KLIA2 – I think it’s better to actually spend a night at Tune Hotels KLIA2 for a good rest as well as stress hassle free checking in – It’s actually 5 minutes walk for me! For this post – I will show you the rooms as well as how to get to your baggage drop counter as quick as possible! You will use less than 10 minutes to reach the baggage drop – but expect long queues! MAKE SURE YOU WEB CHECK IN AND PRINT YOUR BOARDING PASS! This will save you tons of time!



*Photo from Tune Hotels*

The lounge is pretty fancy as well – while you’re waiting to check in or checking out ~ a good place to hang around with your ipad or laptops. Thankfully - You can check in to Air Asia flights and print your boarding pass at this very lounge! They have web check in machines kiosks here! So CONVENIENT!


DSCF9813 (Medium)

Walking from Tune Hotel to KLIA2 takes less than 10 minutes for me even while pushing a trolley. You will first see a lift that brings you to L1M – keep walking until you reach another lift. You will see this signboard (I took this when I’m in level 2)


DSCF9810 (Medium)

Now – when I’m in the lift – I want to look for level 3 which is departure hall – but there’s no L3 (level 3) button?! Omg! What do I need to press? Many would try to press CP3 thinking it’s L3 departure but it’s NOT! DO NOT PRESS CP3. (I will explain where CP3 leads to later)


DSCF9812 (Medium)

Instead – press CP4 – which is the access to the Malls – technically that’s L2 (Level 2). Get out of the lift – go out and turn right.


DSCF9814 (Medium)

You should see a Baskin n Robbins when you turn right. Walk straight at that direction.


DSCF9815 (Medium)

You will walk past Jaya Grocer (located on your right side) and also Guardian should you need some supplies.


DSCF9816 (Medium)

The natural move is to take an escalator up to Level 3 as soon as you see it – but there’s one problem…


DSCF9818 (Medium)

No trolleys allowed. If you' don’t use trolleys – no problem – but OMG – What should I do now?! Don’t panic – there’s a lift!


DSCF9819 (Medium)

Behind HOMETOWN Hainan Coffee – there’s actually a lift for you to go to Level 3


DSCF9820 (Medium)

You should see this and then turn left ~


DSCF9821 (Medium)

Lift spotted! Hurray!


DSCF9822 (Medium)

Go to Level 3!


DSCF9823 (Medium)

Walk towards the direction of Nandos ~~ do not be tempted to go in – go straight to drop your luggage first! Walk past Nandos – yes I know the chicken smells fantastic but you can eat after you drop your luggage!


DSCF9824 (Medium)

Walk out of the Mall section of Level 3 – Straight after you walk past Nandos.


DSCF9825 (Medium)

Then you will enter departure hall! That was easy wasn’t it?


DSCF9826 (Medium)

Walk straight in and you should see this counter KLIA2. I actually asked them plenty of questions and yes- if you haven’t print your boarding pass yet or haven’t web check in – you’re in for a rough ride!


DSCF9827 (Medium)

Turn LEFT and go towards U or V lanes – where you can check in and drop your baggage. Despite arriving at 4am in the early morning – I still needed to queue for 30 minutes before I manage to drop my luggage.


DSCF9828 (Medium)

U or V lanes are the ones for Baggage Drop for International. You’ve now reached your destination! It took me around 7 minutes from Tune Hotel KLIA2 to reach here – with a huge trolley. If you have elderly or physically disabled passengers (or passengers who spent too much time shopping and their legs hurt like crap)  with you, it might take a slightly longer time.


DSCF9829 (Medium)

But what about those who took the taxi? Well – you should be at Level 3 when they drop you off – so just keep walking straight past all the shops – exit the mall level 3 and you should reach departure hall – turn left and go straight to U and V to drop off your luggage!


DSCF9830 (Medium)

I also need to highly recommend the KLIA Ekspres Train – I took it from Airport to KL Sentral and it only cost RM35 and less than 35 minutes to reach KL Sentral station. A good idea if you want to avoid the stressful traffic jams of Kuala Lumpur.


DSCF9831 (Medium)

Now if you’re in KLIA2 and you needed to wait long hours for transit and you decided to stay in Tune Hotels KLIA2. Well just walk past Jaya Grocer and turn left towards the lift and press …. CP3 (yes – CP3 leads to Tune hotels) As soon as you see this sign – you’re on the right track!


Image taken from Tune Hotels website. They have plenty of parking space as well with reasonable parking rates. Please check their website for more information.


20140601_091052 (Medium)

Took this from their in flight magazine and I have to agree – why sleep on the hard bench or stress yourself out when you can just stay in Tune Hotels – have a nice shower and sleep in a very comfortable bed – within 5-10 minutes walk to the baggage drop counter!


DSCF9977 (Medium)

Their Tune Hotel KLIA2 Lobby and Reception. Quite a lot of sofas, chairs for guests to sit while waiting.


DSCF9832 (Medium)

Entering my room – I got a room far from the lift.


DSCF9833 (Medium)

Spacious and comfortable!


DSCF9834 (Medium)

Another angle – Doesn’t that make you wanna snooze already?


DSCF9844 (Medium)

A nice desk for you to put your make up kits, laptops to update your work or blog/instagram. Pretty convenient – with the sockets there.


DSCF9836 (Medium)

Toilet ~~ cosy and just the nice space.


DSCF9837 (Medium)

Strong warm shower for one – or two if you are supermodel thin.


DSCF9841 (Medium)

Tune Hotels KLIA2 was having a function to launch the grand opening that day and this is the view from my window.


DSCF9892 (Medium)

Here’s a glimpse of their WonderKafe restaurant – where you can enjoy a good meal while meeting new travellers! Or you can just walk 5 minutes to KLIA2 for a wide variety and range of dining and shopping options. I hope this guide would be very useful for guests staying in the hotel or those who are planning their trips in Kuala Lumpur!

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