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Brunei Restaurant Review: High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe

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As a coffee lover, I’m very happy when I see a good place with great coffee, which has been a huge trend in Brunei with Gloria Jeans and Star Bucks coming into the picture next week. I have to say I love the tagline of High Frequency Cafe – A new wave of coffee culture. Indeed! The coffee tidal wave has finally swept over Brunei! Say hello to more coffee!


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One thing you will notice about High Frequency is the style of their furniture. Notice the different heights and sizes of their tables and chairs – unlike typical restaurants.



The ceiling lightings are different across the cafe as well.



You will not miss the large communal table at the centre of the cafe – suitable for big groups or for smaller groups to sit together and share the table – a common concept in popular cafes across the world.



Look out for lots of artsy old school - retro posters all around the restaurant for your good Instagram moments ~~ Terence and Mel enjoyed their coffee and all day breakfast on the opening day.


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Their decor also includes a display wall of trinkets such as these ~~ gotta love that Latte Scrabble blocks!



There’s quite a good selection of good books and magazines on the rack just next to the communal table. Spotted one of my favourite authors amongst them ~~



Their chief barista has carefully fine tuned and selected their coffee beans to perfection! I personally witnessed him trying out different grounds according to coarseness, temperature and pressure. A perfectionist barista can only be good to the cafe.



High Frequency currently have two blends – I am a fan of their Bean Me Up Scotty – which is a four bean blend from Papa New Guinea, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Brazil. Their ‘Star Trek’ themed name coffee is the right choice for coffee lovers while their usual blend is pretty good as well – more suited to those who are new to coffee drinking. I like that they have two blends to cater to everyone’s liking.



Another reason why their coffee is so good is that they used fresh milk instead of UHT milk – which makes a big difference! They also serve their milk warm – to about 63 degrees Celsius – which to me – is how coffee should be served! The days of me scalding my tongue due to latte that is heated too hot will be long gone now! Delicious 63 degree Celsius coffees are the best! Don’t believe me? Order one warm and one hotter one (special request) – you will taste an obvious difference!



Instant Human ~~ just add GOOOD coffee ~~~ You’ll be surprised how quickly you finished one cup of latte ~~ then you’ll order another one ~~~ so good!



Fancy an affogato? Ice cream with a shot of good old espresso ~~ooooh yes! Go for it!



If coffees are not your thing ~ they do have juices and gourmet teas as well ~~ make sure you don’t spill (like me) when trying to instagram the picture~ LOL~


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High Frequency owners are real foodies who actually taste tested and tried a whole lot of available ingredients just to select the most suitable ones for their dish. They are similar to the concept of Wild Honey in Singapore and Wild Flour in Manila, which serves an all day breakfast menu during the day – and delicious wholesome dinners at night.



Let’s begin with some egg porn - Eggs Benedict – two poached eggs on yummy brioche bread served with hollandaise. A well executed breakfast classic! One thing I like about their breakfast items is their use of Brioche bread – a bread that uses eggs and has a fluffy texture with rich eggy taste! Very suitable as a breakfast bread!



Anyone up for scrambled eggs on toast? As you can see – the creamy texture and colours of both yolks and whites is spot on! Just like the way I cook my scrambled eggs – slow and steady cooking technique ~~ (those who attended my cooking classes on how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs will know this). A good creamy eggy goodness ~~ ooooh hubba hubba ~~



Their steak and eggs is pretty good! Lovely juicy sliced steak cooked to your liking (I am always a medium rare person but they suggested medium) and served with poached eggs (oh my egg porn) and brioche toast.



This is their Prawns and Blue Cheese Slider which is similar to Lobster and Burger’s version of their Lobster Sandwich – the high frequency’s version is thankfully not overly strong in terms of the pungency from the blue cheese – is a yummy treat – especially with the texture of the brioche bun!



I must mention that their yummy salads comes with sun dried tomatoes – a yummy treat!



Fancy some Mentaiko Pasta? Simple angel hair pasta tossed with mentaiko ( Japanese Pollock or sometimes Cod Roe) and shaved nori (seaweed sheets) – similar to kolo mee texture ~ but with a Japanese and Western fusion touch!



Lobster bisque soup ~~



Creme of Wild Mushroom soup ~~



This is the only dessert for the breakfast menu so far – French Toast!!! Their brioche bread – sliced – served with cinnamon sugar and blueberries. Make sure you don’t take too long to instagram this – it has to be eaten hot – or they get soggy pretty fast!



Waffles are not on the menu yet – but do look forward to them in the future ~~ smothered with good old fashioned Maple Syrup – the iconic yummy condiment of Canada!



For dinner, so far I’ve tried their Filet Mignon – which is pretty juicy and served with a sauteed vegetables and a tower of sliced potatoes. Nom nom!



The Sirloin Steak on lava stone is a beautiful masterpiece on its own. The leaf in between helps to make sure the steak doesn’t stick to the stone while not interfering with the lovely flavour of the beef! Thanks Ridwan for snapping this picture.



I’ve also tried their Charcoal chicken served with a healthy wholegrain; quinoa. A pretty good dish and recommended by many. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the dish but maybe in future! Personally – I usually can drink two cups of coffee here ~~ the food is more towards the upmarket price by Brunei standards but it’s the competitive price similar establishments like these in Singapore and Australia. The food is quality and worth every penny. I think you will enjoy your High Frequency experience as much as I do. Their menu is not fully complete yet – so look forward to more menu items being released in the near future! Just stay tuned to my Instagram and Blog updates!



As for now – be patient with them when waiting for the food as with all new dining establishments. I’m happy I don’t need to travel overseas for food and coffee like these! Hurray for Brunei!


High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe

Opening Hours: 8am till 10pm (last orders 9pm)

1st Floor, Unit 5, Blk B Sempurna Complex, Baru Bersurat, Brunei

(Opposite Fun Bee Park – up the hill of Batu Bersurat – in the newer blocks)

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