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Brunei Restaurant Review: Golden Coffee Restaurant

Lately I’ve been eating at Golden Coffee often. It’s located just behind the famous Taurean Arch in Gadong. One of the reasons is that it’s very strategic and I love the homey feeling it gives whenever I dine in. I was actually quite reluctant to blog about this restaurant as it’s already difficult to get a seat during peak lunch hours but the foodie in me simply must share this ‘not so well kept’ secret!

The pictures in this post are taken with my Samsung SIII under inadequate lighting so do forgive the subpar quality of the photos compared to the usual pictures you’re used to seeing in this blog.


Golden Coffee is popular for it’s daily specials – having different daily specials encourage customers to come and them. There’s usually two specials available daily. Let’s have a look at some of the ones I’ve tried so far.


This is their pumpkin and chicken curry – I believe this is a very Chinese style curry. The chicken is tender and the pumpkin adds a certain natural sweetness to the curry. Goes very well with rice and their complimentary Pandan Water – try taking bite of the curry with rice – then a sip of the pandan water – a very heart warming experience!


This is their Herbal Chicken Soup Mee Sua (rice vermicelli). As you can see – it’s loaded with mushrooms, dates and longans. A slightly sweet herbal soup which I quite fancy (makes me feel healthy as well!) – but I hardly touch the dates and longans.


Prawn Noodles (Har Mee) is one of their specials too. It’s again slightly on the sweeter side and tastes pretty good – but I felt it’s missing something that a superb bowl of Prawn noodles should have. A good dish nevertheless and worth trying.


A lot of people are fans of their Laksa and I can see why. It’s pretty good and if you feel it doesn’t have enough kick – you should request for extra sambal for that Ooomph! It’s more Kuching style for me – not like the rich fragrant curry laksa or the sour fishy assam laksas from Penang.


Pumpkin Chicken Curry with Pumpkin Spiced Fried Rice – another one of their specials. Quite unique!


The Mongolian Chicken Chop has well marinated delicious crispy skin and moist juicy meat, smothered with a spicy creamy Mongolian style sauce.


Simply beef soup with noodles ~~ Tender beef swimming in beefy broth with yellow noodles. Slurp slurp slurps! It has a good star anise spice kick to the soup which goes very well with beef I feel.


Their home made popiah is more on the bigger side and it’s loaded with veggie goodness! Quite a popular dish here and I think it’s available almost daily. Can have this for lunch or tea if you’re watching your weight!


Nasi Lemak is available daily – a whole chicken leg deep fried till crispy and served with coconut rice and sambal.


Who can say no to a good old fashioned chicken and century congee (rice porridge) ~~with a dash of fragrant sesame oil.. hmmm ….


They have Chicken Kolomee or KoloMeePoh as well for only $2.50. Very worth it for me and I personally love their mee poh for their texture. They have beef kolomee as well if you wish to try.


Did I mention that their chicken pie is yummy? Good to tapao home or just as an appetizer!


Desserts wise – they have both egg tarts and pandan tarts.


They also serve butter cake, banana cake and Cottony Cheesecake – Japanese style soft sponge like cheesecake – plus an assortment of home brewed drinks – be sure to ask the waiters what they have available.

Once again – pardon my subpar quality photos from my Samsung SIII – I spent quite some time to gather pictures for most of their specials. I like their small cosy restaurant feel and the presence of the husband and wife team managing the place. It gives a personal homey feeling to the customer. The Golden Coffee restaurant opens from 7AM till 5PM daily to serve hungry customers.

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