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Food Panda: Your food delivery buddy in Brunei

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Foodpanda is one of the fastest growing delivery service in the world, spanning millions of downloads and delivering food in more than 40 countries in the world. The formula to their success is their innovative app which gathers restaurants within the countries and making it easy for users to order for food delivery even for restaurants who do not have their own delivery services.



Foodpanda opened in Brunei last July and  is growing month by month. It started with a  few orders in a day in July till the 150+ orders in a day last week! Quite a good achievement for them!



To be fair, when Foodpanda first started out in Brunei, many were skeptical whether such an app would work in Brunei as I thought most would prefer to dine in or just cook at home instead of ordering deliveries. Initially when they started, there weren’t that many restaurants and they did not cover as many areas as they did but now they’ve gathered more than 50 quality restaurants and covering more locations, more recently even Kuala Belait! Foodpanda is now the most popular food delivery app in Brunei!



The idea is simple – just download the Foodpanda app from Apple App Store or Google Play, register an account, select area, choose and order your food from your favourite restaurant, then Foodpanda will do the ordering, collecting and delivering for you! You continue with your busy schedule and the food should arrive within 1hr to 1hr 30 minutes.



Initially, when the app was launched, I was disappointed that where I live wasn’t covered but good news ~~ they finally covered Bengkurong, Sengkurong and Jerudong areas – much to my delight! My Belait district friends are also happy that they now deliver for Belait district restaurants to selected areas in Belait now – even to Lumut!



As I opened this app on a Friday afternoon, it shows the available restaurants that are actually open. Let me guide you on how easy it is to use Foodpanda app to order delivery. Notice that all restaurants have a minimum order and some charge delivery while some don’t.



As you can see – you are spoiled for choice as they have quite a good selection of restaurants with different types of cuisines for you to order from. The good news is that quite a lot of these restaurants don’t have their own delivery services and could be quite a hassle to go to, due to traffic jams and difficulties in finding parking. You can now order, sit back and relax comfortably while relaxing or doing your work.



Now let’s take a look at Excapade restaurant’s menu ~~ The restaurants will work together with Foodpanda to list out which available items are available for delivery. Excapade provides quite an extensive menu for you to choose from. Let’s select some sushi sets ~~



Quite a few good sets to choose from ~~ you can click on the food items to have a clearer view of the picture and to place your order.



Here’s the ordering screen ~ select your quantity and add to basket – another cool trick you can do here is to zoom in to the food by dragging out using your touchscreen.



After selecting your set. you can proceed to check out and you will see if there’s any delivery fee. Since Excapade does not charge a delivery fee, it is listed as Free. You do have to pay a 15 percent service fee to Foodpanda for doing all the hard work for you. The ordering, the collecting and delivering (in whatever weather) to you ~~



Now you can just choose the address that you typed in when you registered your account (make sure you fill in your address when you register or you can edit it afterwards – this will make your ordering easier and faster) or you can select the current address you are in ~ be it at your office, friend’s or relatives place ~~



The best part of Foodpanda is that you only pay when food is delivered to you. After placing your order, you will receive an sms and email to confirm that order has been received. If there are any complications or possible delays, Foodpanda will give you a call to clarify.



When I ordered my sushi party set, Foodpanda gave me a call to clarify if it’s okay that it would take more time as the restaurant needs a much longer time to prepare party sets. Since I ordered about 2 hours before my big family reunion dinner, I was okay with it.



Foodpanda can be a lifesaver whether you’re a busy person who needs to finish work at the office, or you’re too occupied with catching up TV series at home and got sudden food cravings ~~ just pick up your phone, open the app, choose restaurant and make your orders. Here – I had a craving for Korean Fried Chicken and Seafood Pancakes while I was on one of my Korean drama series marathon, and decided to order from Kimchi Restaurant using the Foodpanda app. I didn’t even have to leave my house and that saved me a lot of time driving to Kiulap, braving all the traffic jam or even picking up the phone to call the restaurant. CONVENIENT!



At the moment, Foodpanda Brunei is having a SNAP and Share competition where you can order from Foodpanda, snap and share your deliveries for a chance to win big prizes such as GoPro 4and OKI printers! Snap the food with the brochure or flyer, then post it on your Instagram. Don’t forget to follow and tag @foodpandabrunei and hashtags #FPsnapandshare #(restaurant’s name) – in my case it’s #excapade. Above is a picture of my family reunion dinner, where I decided to spice up our dinner with a Sushi Party Set. It saved me a lot of time as I needed to focus on cooking other dishes and I don’t like to trouble others to pick up for me.



Can you imagine having football night ~~ and order food delivery for you and your football buddies? Awesome! How about some Kimchi’s Korean Fried Chicken, Sugarbun Fish Fillets or some gorgeous juicy burgers from Burger King ~~ the selection can give you a big headache ~~ but a good kind of headache!



So while you are reading this post and getting hungry, why not just download the app on Apple App Store or Android Google Play and make your first order?  Search for Foodpanda to download. or use the buttons below to download from your phone.

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