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Restaurant Review: Savy's Brasserie

Savy's is located opposite Standard Chartered Bank and on top of the old KFC(now an abandoned restaurant) at Bandar. If my friends did not tell me about it, I probably would never get the chance to try it. It's renowned for having great steaks and after my disappointment with Charcoal - I hoped this place would impress me.

The atmosphere at Savy's has this old style European look with brick red walls.

Seating and ready to order

Took two photos without flash. It's not too dark but dim enough to give you the old fashioned romantic candlelight feel.

The fruit in wine glass gives a nice touch as well.

I like their cosy looking white theme for their tablecloth and their lit candles re-enforces the European style settings. The waiters were very polite and greeted us warmly while handing us their red coloured menus.

The menus

Ah... What to order ah? So much choice

The complimentary breads

Balsamic vinegar and spicy oil dip. Slightly sweet, spicy and sour flavoured oil.

The breads were given after we ordered our food. It tasted fresh from the oven warm and the dip has a nice sweet and tangy flavour that goes well with the bread. We ordered three appetizers. I should had used flash when taking the photos, they did not come out very well.

The first appetizer was watercress salad, with sliced red beets, apricots, oranges and almonds. The salad tasted fresh with the citrus flavours and the almonds gave a nice crunch to this appetizer. Thumbs up.

Next comes the chicken liver pate terrine. I must say I was never a fan of livers but decided to give it a try. The bloody aftertaste of liver was not present but instead I was greeted with a strong sesame like flavour of the liver pate - kind of like tasting chicken with peanut butter. Yummy! Thumbs up for this dish as well.

Our final appetizer was stir fried mushrooms sandwiched between two crackers. This one gets my thumbs up as well. Overall the appetizers were pleasant and made me look forward to the steaks we ordered.

I ordered the rib eye with bernaise sauce. The rib eye is properly seasoned and cooked to my liking, I ordered medium. I really like the buttery bernaise sauce.

Beef T-bone Steak. Now that's a huge chunk of cow.

Rib eye with black pepper sauce. Overall the steaks did not disappoint. All cooked to our liking with a slight pink inside. Thumbs up for the steaks.

Beef shanks. The beef shanks were soft and tender, the sauce that comes with it is simply gorgeous. I would definitely order this if I come next time. Thumbs up. Now on to dessert.

Creme Brule. Taste ok but the small portion for such a pricey dessert? Don't think it justifies it. Thumbs down.

Crepes with caramelized bananas and served with chocolate sauce. An alright dessert. No complaints but no praises either. I wouldn't order this again for this price. Thumbs down.

Italian ricotta cheesecake. This I did not really like. It was slightly dry and on the cakey side, rather than the rich custardy texture of a cheesecake. Perhaps this is the way the Italians like it but I certainly did not. Thumbs down.

The wall setting makes a good background for photos

Overall service was pretty good. Waiters would constantly refill our water and made sure we had enough sauce for our steaks. After every course, they would change a new plate for us. The waiters were all very friendly, making the evening enjoyable. Of course, bear in mind that we pay 10% service charge so the service must be good, or they'll piss off the fussy customers like me.

It was quite a pricey dinner but I would certainly come here again. The atmosphere and warm service definitely scores big points for those who want to have a special evening with their loved ones or friends. I will probably spend more on their appetizers and main courses. Their desserts are alright but more on the pricey side and I can't seem to justify that price for their desserts.


  1. So..this is the restaurant you asked me to try during V-day kan?

  2. Yup - tis is ze one :)

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I didn't know about this place! I think my husband doesn't either...looks good enough to try out one of these days.

  4. I really don't know there is a restaurant on it.Thanks for posted this place...i'll try it somedays.

  5. Anonymous5:46 PM

    where did you park your car?