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Brunei Restaurants: Yellow Cab Pizza Co.


News of a new pizza place coming to town was already widespread months before its opening and it’s finally opened on 11th of August 2017 in Brunei! Welcome Yellow Cab Pizza Co. a pizza place specializing in New York style pizzas! To get an idea of New York Pizza, they are thin crust pizzas which are crisp with a slight bottom char, dense chewy center, and then topped off with generous serving of quality ingredients! Yellow Cab Pizza Co. has around 130 branches across the world internationally!


One might mistake Yellow Cab for a taxi company instead of a pizza place cause of their name– they are famous also for their iconic vespa scooters delivering to your home – note that currently they are not doing deliveries yet in Brunei but I can forsee this to be something that will happen in the future – for now – you can enjoy their New York style pizzas in house or take away!


There are two floors at the moment and sports quite a hip modern feel with an open kitchen where you can actually see the pizzas being made! Spotted the Brunei Foodies and Rano!


Love the wall art and theme ~~ note that the seating arrangement might be different as I’m invited to the pre-tasting event.


A sneak peek of their 1st floor ~~ ooo spotted some baby chairs for those with little ones ~~


Tall benches for either a big group ~~ or shared between a few couple of strangers who want some New York pizza!


I have to say this would be a hip place to hangout and share a pizza or two with your friends ~~


You can watch them shape the pizzas at ground floor’s open kitchen ~~


Adding the toppings ~~


Oooo that beautiful calzone ~~


You can see the pizzas on their specially designed pizza ovens to ensure they all come out perfectly cooked ~~


Homaigawd ~~~~ did I just see a slice of heaven? This is their 10 inch sized meat lovers pizza ~~ mmm ~~


It’s fun watching them slice the pizzas ready to be taken home by a hungry customer ~~ mmm ~~ that’s their Roasted Garlic and Shrimp Pizza! 


As you can see ~~ the pizzas are thin crust and loaded with ingredients ~ this is their biggest sized 18 inch pizza ~~ They call it the New Yorker XL size ~~~ This is their most famous New York’s Finest ~~ and their best seller – combining a good mix of vegetables and meat!


If you love variety – go for their Four Seasons Pizza which is a combination of four different type of toppings in one ~ allowing you to try a good mix of everything – and this is the only way you can get their special anchovies lovers topping (not available in other whole pizzas yet!) - New York Classic, #4 Cheese, Anchovy Lovers, Roasted Garlic and Shrimp all in one pizza ~~ Of course – order the XL New Yorker size for this and share this!


Fiqah taking videos of the four seasons pizza ~~~


This is actually sliced into smaller sharing sizes ~~ usually one slice is bigger ~~


We call this the New York slice ~~ my hands are actually pretty big so it doesn’t do this pizza slice justice ~~


You can see how big the pizza looks here ~~~ ooh la la ~~~


Suddenly when I carry it ~~ because I’m such a fat ass foodie ~ it doesn’t look as big but I tell ya ~~ 18inch is like the size of sport rims ~~ this pizza is good enough to share between 4-6 people or one hungry foodie Thanis ~~ Thanks Cyril for taking this pic for me

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-11 at 11.00.21 PM

If you have petite friends like Bella ~~ be sure to ask them to pose with the pizza ~~ hahahaha so cute la ~~


Jaymee, Amal and Fiqah had loads of fun as my guests of the night ~~~ thanks for accompanying me to enjoy all the yummy pizzas ~~ a pizza is always better shared ….. unless you are super hungry…. then sorry – all MINE!


The chicken ham and cheese calzone is another yummy choice from Yellow Cab ~~ it seals all the yummy cheesy flavours inside and as you slice it open ~ ahhh ~~~ all that aroma ~~~


Gorgeous cheesy goeey goodness!!!


The Dear Darla is another one of their special signature pizzas you don’t see very often ~ which is a special hand rolled pizza ~~


You will notice that the Dear Darla pizzas have a thinner crispier crust than the usual New York Pizzas ~~


This is the other Dear Darla pizza: Ricotta cheese and roasted garlic with mozzarella and romano cheese, enjoyed with arugula and alfalfa sprouts


To enjoy this ~ simply roll them up and eat ~~ I can say hand rolled pizzas will be a thing in Brunei and it’s a fun delicious way to eat!

Move over Peking duck! Hand rolled cheese, arugula and alfalfa sprouts pizza is the in thing now!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-11 at 11.29.28 PM

Bella enjoying the hand rolled Oh Darla ~~


Of course ~ you can’t enjoy pizzas without your soft drinks ~~ they have quite a range here ~~ even Rootbeer and Barbican!


Now Yellow Cab is not just about pizzas! They have a range of other goodies as well – such as their pastas ~~ and wings! Hmmm that root beer is callin my name ~~


Garlic Parmesan wings ~~ fried crispy chicken tossed with garlic butter sauce and then sprinkled with parmesan cheese ~~ oooh la la ~~


The Hot Wings ~~~ crispy fried chicken tossed in their spicy sauce ~~ though I’ll have to say for Bruneians ~~ not hot enough! Haha ~~ please bring in the Sriracha wings that are popular in the Philippines! I beg you!!!


They have four pastas on the menu at the moment ~ this is their Shrimp Aglio Olio Pasta ~~~ pan fried spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, basil and sun-dried tomatoes and shrimps ~~


This is actually a special Yellow Cab signature pasta dish! Charlie Chan Pasta ~~ which is noodles stir fried with chicken strips, shiitake mushrooms and roasted peanut in a spicy oriental sauce. Friends in the Philippines love this ~~ I’ll have to say it is sweet with a slight kick to it ~~ but might need an extra kick in the hot department for those who love hot spicy food like me ~~


Last but not least ~ These double baked half potatoes are simply DA BOMB! Watching them coming out of the oven was magical ~~ #foodporn ~~ You may think I’m just a boring potato ~~ but one day I’m gonna be a delicious double baked potato from Yellow Cab and you would crave and desire for me!!!!


Mmmm ~~ tapao some for your colleagues and they will love you ~~ #howtobepopular ~~ you hear this first from Thanis ~~


Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is located at Kiulap Shakirin Complex area ~~ you won’t miss it!

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

B6 Ground floor Shakirin complex Kiulap

333 9999

Follow them on IG at @yellowcabpizzabn

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