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Brunei Hidden Gems: Where to get Soto with a good view?

Back in the old days - good food spread through word of mouth and back then things don't go viral very fast. Nowadays, whenever there's a good place to eat, you can be sure someone would instagram it or send it through whatsapp to their family and friends. Sharing is caring after all! Soto is one of Brunei's staple favourites next to Nasi Lemak and Ayam Penyet. A spiced comforting soupy bowl of noodles or rice vermicelli topped with chicken or beef and garnished with chilies and herbs, Soto is a must try when you visit Brunei. For this post - I'm introducing you two places that have serve Soto - one of Brunei's iconic beef noodles - with a great view!

The fun part of being in the Brunei Foodie gang is that you always have a gang of hungry food snappers happily food hunting with you!


Fancy a nice bowl of mouth watering Soto ~~ with a view of Kampung Ayer? Read on to find out more!


Soto Pabo


The first stall we visit is Soto Pabo - you can either get to here via boat or just drive towards Kota Batu - turn in at SPG 222.



You gotta love the view at Soto Pabo! Now on to the food!



Here's the menu ~~ naturally the Urat and Berubut caught my attention! Also notice the SUP GEARBOX! w000t!



Oh sweet combo of my favourite things to eat in a bowl!! look at the tendon and tripe ~~~ a beef textural heaven in a bowl!



Naturally ~~ we ordered the XXL Gear Box Soup!



Great view of Kg Ayer to enjoy a good bowl of Soto! While I have to say the soup is on the saltier side - I like the choices in terms of having urat and beurubt in my Soto!

Soto Pabo

Spg 222, Jalan Kota Batu



Soto Babu Nini


Soto Babu Nini is a bit further away - quite a drive along Kota Batu until near the Mentiri area.



#sotobabunini is gathering a cult following already on Instagram where people post their hipster shots of the view!


food food

They have quite a good selection of local favourites but their Soto is their main attraction - the best part? The prices are really cheap here!



You get free cordial drinks when you dine in here --- super thumbs up!



A down to earth slurpy bowl of Soto ~~~



Simple plate of Nasi Katok ~~ fried chicken with sambal and rice ~~



Or a plate of satay ~~~~



Enhance the experience with the great view ~~~ ahhh yess ~~~



Ahhhh ~~~ what an amazing shot!



My IG Soto pics are better than yours ~~~~~~



This spot is such a good place for budding photographers and models!



Wait for the right timing ~~ and your efforts will be rewarded! Nice shot Marul!



haha! Seriously love Gzul's pose and the awesome caption!



Soto Babu Nini

Spg 605, Nombor 605B, Kg Sg Besar, Jalan Kota Batu

(you can find the simpang as you drive along Jalan Kota Batu towards Muara)


Special Thanks to Marul and Gzul for the company and also the great photos!


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