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Brunei Hidden Gems: Where to get the best curry puffs in Brunei!


One of my favourite things to eat is curry puff and what makes a curry puff delicious is how flaky and how saucy the curry puff is. A lot of curry puffs tend to be too dry on the inside but recently there's a nice place around Gadong that sells these gorgeous curry puffs. The puff pastry was crispy and flaky while the sauce as you can see - is pretty saucy!



They are fried hot and ready to be packed into boxes ~~ it's 70 cents per piece but if you buy 10 pieces, they are $6 in a box - a $1 discount so it pays to buy in boxes.



You can already tell they are very flaky and delicious from this ~~~ and I'm actually using my phone camera to take the picture ~~ really doesn't do this justice!



If that isn't curry puff porn ~ I don't know what this is ~~ simply saucy goodness!! *drools* They have chicken and sardine flavours but I haven't tried their sardine ones yet cause they were sold out both times i visited!



Mmm ~~ got egg inside the curry ouff ~~ YUM ~~



Simple and sweet packaging ~~



Nutrition facts, address and phone number is at the back of the box ~~



Look out for Kedai Kopi at the back of Semporna Restaurant around Gadong Properties.



Once you see this - you have reached your destination ~~ now go queue for the curry puffs quickly! They have other dishes at very affordable prices but I haven't tried them yet!


Kedai Kopi Brunei Old Klang Road Curry Puffs

Unit 109, Bangunan Kambang Pasang, Gadong

Tel no: 8686466

@kedaikopobn on Instagram


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