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Melbourne Food Guide: Best Buffet in Melbourne Melba Restaurant Langham Hotel

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If there was only one buffet you could eat in Melbourne, I suggest going over to Melba restaurant in Langham for their seafood buffet! An interesting story while I was flying business class using Royal Brunei Airlines, I met another well travelled lady who recommended me a certain restaurant called Melba. Back then – I wasn’t sure where it was but when I arrived in Melbourne and met Cindy, she told me she’s going to take me to the best buffet in Melbourne and it’s actually this Melba restaurant that the lady was talking about! This got me really excited to dine at Melba! Melba’s seafood buffet has got quite a luxurious spread of seafood and meats, as well as desserts, specializing in Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Western cuisines in their buffet spread.

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Fresh oysters, crabs, mussels and prawns at the seafood bar ~ mmmm ~~~ all you can eat oysters ~~ who can resist?!

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As part of the yummy seafood – they have a Japanese chef to prepare sushi and sashimi for you! Just order what you want and the chef will slice and make them for you ~~

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Mmmmmm ~~~ they even have Unagi and Hamachi ~~ my two favs! *pumps fist at the air* woohoo!

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I asked for her to put some diced salmon sashimi on my oysters, as well as a good mix of sashimi, with a soft shell crab sushi wrap ~~ mmmmmm ~~ ITADAKIMASU!!

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More sashimi and soft shell crab please ~~~ *drools* I am in Sashimi heaven ~~ #sashimiheaven #sashimicoma

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Did I mention these Japanese Korean fusion appetizers were delish!? So so good!

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They have Peking duck and other Chinese style roasts and various dim sum in their buffet lineup too ~~ Do you want some Peking Duck Wraps ~~ (to the tune of do you wanna build a snowman – Frozen) ~~ catchy ~~

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Siu Mai Dim Sum and Stir Fried Prawns ~~~ om nom nom nom ~~

The best part is that they have a chef to cook Chinese style noodles – with seafood and meat of your choice – I chose scallops with Kway Teow (rice noodles) – Super luxurious to the max! You gotta love the flames control of the chef ~ watch those flames!

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Stir Fried Kway Teow with scallops and prawns ~~ oooh yes!

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On the Western delights side, you can’t miss good old fashioned roasts such as these! Simply foodporn! *drools* Now slice me some of that!

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Oooh you just gotta admire these beautiful slices of heaven! Now where’s all the melons I can wrap these with!? *dashes to the fresh fruits section of the buffet*

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If you love pasta – they have someone cooking pasta and gnocchi – where you select your preferred sauce or toppings ~~ freshly cooked on the spot for you!

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They have a tandoor oven in their open kitchen?! Oh my ~~ look at those gorgeous tandoori chicken! *drools*

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Helloooo there ~~~

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Indian favourites such as butter chicken is a must try ~~ *DROOOLS*

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One thing I love about their buffet is custom made naan, that is made fresh to order by the chef ~~ it’s a joy to watch him make the naan and put it on the tandoor oven!

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You gotta love freshly made naan ~ with so many possible combinations ~~ oooh some cheese and herb with garlic naan please?!

Have you ever seen a Chocolate with M & Ms Naan? Now you see it here! Simply delicious if you add melted chocolate and ice cream from the buffet spread! #omg #foodporn #naan #dessertnaan

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Speaking of desserts – that’s quite a luxurious spread – like kids in a candy store feeling now! Plus there’s all you can eat ice cream – as well as a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN ~~ OOZING LIQUID CHOCOLATE GOODNESS!! That’s where I got the chocolate for my M & Ms Naan!

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So so much choice! I don’t even know where to start!

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Maybe I can just try a bit of everything! #dessert #dessertporn

Melba on Urbanspoon 

They are pretty well rated in Urbanspoon as well! I can say it’s one of the best buffet experiences I’ve had! I’m sure you will too so do check them out when you visit Melbourne!

Melba Restaurant

1 Southgate Avenue | The Langham, Southbank, Melbourne

(61) (3) 8696 8888

This concludes my Melbourne Food Guide for the best buffet! Do check out my other food guides on Melbourne!

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