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Brunei Restaurant: $2 Kolomee and $2.50 Kuching Laksa Place


Today my good friend asked me to join them to try a new kopitiam style restaurant to try out the food. When I saw the menu, I was very surprised to see the price of the food! Despite located at a prime location, you can get Kuching Laksa for only $2.50! Considering that the typical Kuching Laksa I see in restaurants range from $4 to $6, I have to say this is quite a bargain!



I looked at their menu and noticed that the prices are quite reasonable - I didn't believe that this restaurant is located at the new Setia Kenangan II area-  on the same block as Under Armour Brunei.



Look at the prices of ther kolomee and chicken rice! $2 - $3 range!



Their rice dishes are priced between $4 to $4.50. I haven't try them yet but at those prices - I can say I will be coming back soon!



Can you believe this Wa Tan Hor is only $3?! Hahahaha and it's not bad too!



The kolomee is not bad considering it's only $2. Very good value for money.



Nowadays, when a new restaurant opens, its quite rare to see such good value for money prices. Do drop by and pay a visit when you are around the area.



Great Taste restaurant is located at the new hip area of Setia Kenangan II Kiulap on the same row as Under Armour and opposite Nerdee Cafe.

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