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Lim Ah Siaw Restaurant

When I described Lim Ah Siaw restaurant to my oversea friends – I usually called it the most haram restaurant in Brunei. It’s because it’s located at the Pork Market which is located behind Terrace Hotel. It has the kopi tiam feel to it and don’t worry about the smell of the pork – you won’t really smell it while dining at the restaurant.
Quite long operating hours: Ranging from breakfast to early supper.
The restaurant is pretty spacious
The restaurant is not new to many of the local Chinese community but many come here usually for Kolomee or economy rice. I feel they have many other good dishes that people should try when they dine here.

The menus are written on the walls – it’s interesting to actually read what they have to offer. We usually ask the lady at the counter to introduce us their signature dishes but our eyes did catch something from the wall menu and ordered.
I personally raved about their Kueh Chap. The soup is very good indeed! I can say it’s even better than the Hing Nam Hong version. Simply must try!
Fresh pork spare parts ~~hmmm
This is their Bai Chie Wu Hua Rou (Sliced White Pork Belly) served with a savoury spicy sauce. An appetizing dish which will get you hooked!
My eyes caught the sight of Curried Deer Brisket and immediately ordered it – quite tender and goes well with the curry – I should had ordered Curried Lamb though but that’s for the next review.
Stir fried sambal Pakis – who can resist them? Hmmmm….
Hung Nam Pai Kut – A delicious braised pork ribs dish. Nyum!
This is their Tie Gong Jie (Real Steel Chicken) – don’t ask how they got this name but its seriously crispy and goes very very well with the sauce! You simply must try it to believe it.

Nyum Nyum Tie Gong Chicken! *Nom Nom*
There’s definitely many other good dishes in this restaurant – so be adventurous and ask for recommendations! Who knows? You might spot something I didn’t!
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