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Brunei Restaurant Review: Coconut Grove Restaurant


I have mentioned a few times on Instagram about one of my favourite place for stir fried noodles. Located in Menglait, Gadong, Coconut Grove is not a well kept secret as it is pretty well known amongst the Chinese community in Brunei. The owners of the restaurant are from KB so it’s not surprising to see some similarities to Seria and KB style kopitiams.


They sell a variety of Chinese style kuih such as Chai Kuih (Vegetable glutinous dumpling) and Ham Chim Piang (Chinese style cinnamon rolls), Ham Sui Kok (Fried glutinous dumplings). Great starters or snacks for brunch or tea. They are also famed for good authentic Seria Kolo Mee, which according to Seria friends, can no longer be tasted in Seria as we all know their kolomee is now halal – so this place is probably the closest you can get to a good Seria Kolomee which uses pork lard.


Ahhh ~~ Chinese version of Americano ~


One of the reasons Coconut Grove is one of my favourite places to eat is their Signature Fried Bee Hoon – which you can notice is slightly thicker than your average bee hoon. I like the texture a lot and their chef managed to introduce a good amount of WOK HEI (caramelization) to the bee hoon ~~ making it super tasty! Make sure to ask for a sunny side up egg (He Bao Dan) to complement the delicious bee hoon!


Even their fried noodles is different from the typical Brunei fried noodles. They used a slightly thinner version, with the skill of the chef in adding a good dose of WOK HEI to the fried noodles, gives a great texture and flavour, especially with perfectly fried eggs~ oh my god! You can see why I love to come here. In fact, I actually consider Coconut Grove to have both the best fried bee hoon and fried noodles in Brunei.


Coconut Grove actually has quite an extensive menu – you can order this Ying Yong Crispy Combo – Deep Fried Bee Hoon and Deep Fried Kolomee served with gravy – as usual I always asked for extra sunny side up eggs ~~ *swoons*


*crunch crunch* Oh yes ~~~


They have Chinese style rice dishes too such as this Hainanese Pork Chop Rice ~

Now your biggest question would be – how to get there? Which part of Menglait? Here are some pics to help guide you.


Do you recognise this road? If you turn left – you will drive to Menglait Shell Station and Post Office – on the right side of the road – you would have just drove past NBT. Keep going straight ~~


You see the place where the red car turned out and you notice the big SUBARU showroom sign? Turn left into this entrance and you will see a mini roundabout. Note: If you go straight – you will drive past Riverview Hotel and get out of Gadong)


Once you’re in the roundabout – turn right and you can look out for a roof like this. It’s impossible to miss this. Turn in and you will see Coconut Grove restaurant!

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