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Brunei Restaurants: I Lotus All You Can Order Brunch Promotion


I Lotus has been one of the popular restaurants for Chinese food in Brunei for decades and they are very popular for their family style Chinese Ala Carte menus. Recently they have a more Thai influence to their dishes and you can have two types of cuisine in one restaurant. For the month of September - I Lotus is introducing their special All You Can Eat Brunch!



Unlike typical all you can eat promotions - which are served pre-cooked on buffet lines - what is special about I Lotus brunch all you can eat is that you actually order from the list and they will serve tasting portions of the dishes you order! That way you can try as many dishes as you like ~~ and if you have a bigger table ~~ they can actually cook bigger portions of the dishes you request~



You can use their menu to get an idea what some of the dishes are ~ or ask their helpful staff ~~ or better yet ~~ refer to my write up here where I'll introduce the dishes I've ordered and savoured at this brunch promotion!



Marul and Gzul wondering what to order ~ mmmm ~~~



Write down what you like to order ~ and they will cook it fresh from the kitchen!



I Lotus has their special soft silky home made tofu which I quite like ~~ this is their soy and shallots version ~



This one is fancier ~ with shredded crab meat and prawns ~~~ yummmerss~



I love how they have Thai influenced appetizers so I get to have one of my favourite Thai salads ~~ Papaya Salad (Som Tum)



If you love lemongrass ~ this Thai Lemongrass Salad is a must try ~~ the fragrance and spicy kick from chilies really kickstarts your appetite!



As someone who absolutely LOVES bidin veggies ~~ I was really happy to see BIDIN SALAD on the menu ~~ a refreshing salad with my favourite veggie! w00 h00!! *THUMBS UP THUMBS UP*



Kra Thon Thong is another Thai appetizer that has a similar concept to the Nyonya snack Pai Tie ~~ but this one is filled with minced chicken and herbs with a touch of acidity ~~ good contrast of textures!!



of course ~~ who can say no to the mighty deep fried crispy battered kang kong served with a special Thai sauce ~~~ *ooooh la la~~*



This is really something new to me ~~ Thai Style Steamed Dumplings ~~ filled with fillings like dessicated coconut flakes or minced chicken ~~ the skin of the dumplings are similar to the texture of glutinous rice cakes but thinner ~~ and the colours are actually not artificial colouring but are made from pandan leaves and flowers from their garden!



Gotta love stir fried baby kailan ~~~ but this one is special as its topped with fried butter egg floss ~~ gorgeous ~~



In this world, there are two types of people ~~ most are the people who hate taugeh (bean sprouts) and you will have that one odd friend that absolutely die die must order taugeh when they see it on the menu (Mr Gzul I'm looking at you) ~~~ Here's their stir fried bean sprouts with salted fish ~~ a classic Chinese dish ~~



This is actually a bittergourd dish ~~ but don't let the appearance fool you ~~ this is actually battered and fried with salted yolk ~~ OMG OMG OMG OMG ~~ even people who don't like bittergourd must try this one ~~ It will let you see bittergourd in a different light! Highly recommended by me ~~



This dish wasn't on the menu but I highly recommend the manager to put this in as we ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS ~~ SALTED YOLK FRIED EGGPLANT ~~ OH MY GOD THIS IS GOOD! Be sure to ask if they can cook this for you ~~ simply delicious ~~ move over French Fries ~~~ this is the new king of snacks ~~ ok ok ~~ I think I'm getting too carried away with my salted yolk obsession ~~ better stop here ~~~



HAHAHA I LIED! NOTHING CAN STOP MY LOVE FOR SALTED YOLK ~~~ here's a picture of Salted Yolk Chicken ~~~~ have you achieved #saltedyolkCOMA yet? LMAO!



This is their Crispy Fried Squid ~~ don't worry ~~ it's not salted yolk ~~ just plain old fashioned deep fried till crispy Sotong ~~ oooo looks sooooo goood la ~~~ *crunch crunch*



They also have Sambal Sotong *drools* spicy sambal with sotong is a fav combination of many!



Moving on to their fish dishes ~~ let's start with a Thai favourite dish ~~ mango fish ~~ mmm ~~ deep fried fish with shredded mango ~~ mmm aroi mak mak ~~



A dish with Nyonya roots ~~ Assam Fish Fillet ~~ a good spicy and sour dish ~~ Gzul's favourite fish dish of the lot!



Oooo my curry fish fillet ~~~ the curry is perfect with rice ~~ *smacks lips*



Ahh prawn dishes ~~ speaking of prawns ~~ I must confess one of my favourite all time I Lotus dish is their coconut prawns ~~ a rich curry like gravy shelled prawns ~~ usually served in a coconut shell but for this promotion ~ their small portion comes on plates but I'm simply happy this is on the menu ~~ I can easily finish this plate myself ~~ sorry ~~ not meant for sharing ~~ ALL MINE!



Rich saucy buttermilk prawns can be really enticing too don't you think? Yes ~ more of this please ~~ so delicious ~~~



Mmmmm ~~~ I could have prawns for the whole brunch ~~ but ~~~ gotta save space for other dishes ~~~ hee hee ~~



I have friends who absolutely love lamb so they will be happy to know lamb dishes are on the menu ~~ here's the 5 spices lamb ~~ saucy finger licking goodness there ~~



Honey Lamb with sesame seeds ~~~ another classic Chinese favourite dish ~~~~



With over 58 dishes to order from @ilotusrestaurant All You Can Eat September brunch promotion , you are simply spoiled for choice! Now what should I eat first? Hu hu hu!



Oh how could I forget dessert!? Yes ~~ desserts part of the menu too for all you can eat ~~~



Thai Sticky Rice with special Thai style egg custard ~~ mmmm ~~



Ooooo I love these ~~ Thai Yam and Sago ~~ Oooooo yesshh!!




Thai Coconut Jelly ~~~



Oooo gorgeous red bean jelly ~~



Ahhh ~~ tapioca cakes with coconut flakes~~



Last but not least ~~ it's stemed tapioca ~~ serious comfort food ~~ simple yet it makes you crave for it ~~



You just gotta drizzle that gula melaka on it ~~ oooooh #foodporn



Seriously ~~ no matter how full women say they are ~~ THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR DESSERTS ~~~ No kidding you ~~~ ask Michelle ~~~ she loves desserts to the max ~~~


Weekend Specials

On weekends (Sat and Sun) - There will be something extra for the brunch promotions ~~


There will be bouncer for the kids to play ~~ (you can also rent the bouncer when you order catering from I Lotus). You can enjoy the food while the kids are occupies at the bouncer ~ hee hee ~~



These Thai style crispy crepes are only available on weekends! Very popular during Ramadhan buffets!



of course ~~ the famous Thailand Ice Popsicles will be available on weekends! All the popsicles you can have!



Gzul enjoying the popsicles ~~


amend flyer (1)

The I Lotus September All You Can Eat Brunch starts at 11:30am and ends at 2:15pm daily for the whole month of September. About 58 dishes to choose from and cooked fresh for you from the kitchen to your table! It's $21.80 for adults for $14.80 for child (4-10 years old) There will be 10% off for I-Lotus VIP Cardholders! Be sure to call and book early to avoid disappointments!




If you are looking for mooncakes for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival ~~ I Lotus has quite a good selection too! So do call them up to check out their mooncakes for sale!

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