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Brunei Restaurant: Modesto Bistro and Grill


Modesto Bistro & Grill has been around Brunei for some time serving a range of fusion Asian Western cuisine. Recently they underwent a makeover in terms of renovation and even introduced a new head chef, who has a resume of working in Dubai for 7 years. It was a pleasure to be able to check out the new face of Modesto Bistro and Grill!



The previous Modesto had a lot of tall sofas which makes the place look cramped – now they have a more spacious feel to it – and in fact made it more child friendly and comfortable for you to enjoy your meals.



There’s a few sections in the restaurant including the VIP section, which can be closed off for private functions.



The VIP section of the restaurant ~~ of course furniture can be arranged according to your liking.



You will also notice that there’s quite a choice in terms of places to sit – which ever suits your fancy ~~ a date, a family meal, a business meeting or catching up with friends.



The Children’s playground section is perfect for families with the little ones ~~ this section is nicely hidden on the side of the restaurant and will ensure the other diners will not even notice the kids having fun. There are a few tables just right next to the playground so parents can monitor their children while enjoying their meals.



Loving the new look of Modesto so far? Now let’s have a look at the menu that their new chef has prepared for us!



For appetizers, we had these delicious mussels baked with pomodoro sauce and cheese. I’m not usually a fan of mussels but these are yummy!



These chili garlic prawns have a slight kick to it!



Chipotle Barbecue Wings are crispy fried chicken wings *Oh yesss* tossed in a chipotle barbecue sauce ~~ we like this one very much!



Want a more sophisticated appetizer? Check out their Fish Rilletes; A delicious salmon pate served with toasted bread!



Some say in Italy – pastas are their appetizers! Modesto also serves quite a range of pastas and pizzas.



Man ~~ these pictures are making me hungry!



We were going to have a lot of meat from their grill ~~ so we tried out a vegetarian pizza – which is topped with camarelized vegetables goodness: grilled mushroom,capsicum,sliced black olives and of course mozzarella cheese.!



For those who like a quick meal – burgers and sandwiches are a good choice ~~ here’s their Charcoal Bun Burger – home made patties with their own in house charcoal bun! *drools*



Or opt for the Modesto remake of a classic American favourite – The Philly Chicken Sandwich – using juicy chicken instead of steaks.



Oooo cheesy cheesy hubba hubba ~~~



Modesto also serves an All Day Breakfast (everyone’s fav meal of the day) and would you take a look at this gorgeous eggs benedict with smoked salmon ~~ and hash browns ~~



Oooh DAT eggporn! Sorry ~ my job is to make you hungry ~~ bwahahaha!



The Modesto Aloha Breakfast ~~ scrambled eggs, baked beans, hash brown, sausages, baked cheesy tomato and in house breakfast buns ~~ mmmm ~~ meant for 2 or one hungry foodie ~~ Nom Nom ~ Breakfast is served …. anytime at Modesto ~



Now it’s time to bring on the big guns! The selections from their grill! Here’s a gorgeous T-Bone Steak for those who love steak!! Be sure to choose your preferred doneness ~~ I usually love my steaks medium rare!



Marul is happy that the steak is bigger than his face!



If you’re a beef ribs kinda person ~~ you will enjoy their fork tender fall off the bone beef ribs ~~ the extra sauce they put on the side simply makes it better!



Gotta Instagram Them All ~~~



We also have these gorgeous grilled lamb chops served with Mediterranean style cous cous and vegetables. YUMMERS!



Don’t like red meats? Don’t worry – these perfectly seared Balsamic glazed Chicken Chops are pretty good! Usually Chicken breast is a little dry ~ but not these ~~~ tender goodness!



The Modesto Mixed grill is for those who want a bit of everything! Beef, Lamb and a choice of chicken or salmon ~~~ oooh yess ~~ *drools*



If you love seafood – you gotta have their Mixed Seafood grill ~~ a good combo of prawns, mussels, salmon and squid ~~ served with root vegetables and potato ~~~ you won’t find Nemo ~~ but you’ll find delicious seafood goodness at Modesto!



Some good stuff for the kids are available here too ~~



I stole a shot of a kid’s Mac n Cheese ~~ hee hee ~~ wished I could steal a spoonful of that too! LOL #stealingfoodfrombaby



Now it’s time for dessert!! Modesto has quite a big selection of cakes for you to take your pick!



The Chocolate Nutella is recommended for those who love the chocolately goodness and an added crunch!



Red velvet lovers anyone?



Tiramisu ~~~~~



Enjoy your dessert with a nice pot of TWG Tea ~~ quality teas that are by Modesto ~



This Choco Caramel Supreme Milkshake is a dessert on its own! YUM!



Can you believe there’s such a gorgeous creation?! Yam and Cheese Supreme Shake! You can actually taste chunks of cheese with this Yam goodness! Thumbs up for this one!



There’s always space for a nice affogato ~~ ice cream and a shot of coffee espresso? YES PLEASE!



Ahhh what a night! We really like the new d├ęcor for Modesto and the dishes prepared by the new chef. This is indeed a good new beginning for this restaurant which will be a good choice when you feel like having some grilled meats, sandwiches, burgers or all day breakfast!



Modesto’s VIP room would be perfect for special occasions, celebrations, company dinners – they can cater a menu or even a buffet spread to suit your needs.


Modestro Bistro and Grill

Unit 8,9,10 Abraco Building, Jln Batu Bersurat

223 7771 (call for reservations)

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