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Miri Food and Travel: Best Cafes in Miri, your Miri café hopping guide!

Café hopping is one of the life’s pleasures for travelers, foodies and coffee lovers – and I’m a combination of all three. You might be surprised that Miri’s café scene is growing and there’s plenty of choices. To write this post – I went down to Miri to personally hop from café to café – to bring you this Miri Café Hopping Guide – your guide to the best cafes in Miri!


Thanks Cyril Canvas for this beautiful shot


Café Murano 莫拉諾咖啡館


Café Murano is a Taiwanese style café that features beautiful elegantly designed glass lamps as their main theme. It is one of those cafes that oozes class and has that wow factor when you walk in.



You will notice the stylish patterns of colour glass all around the café



They have a selection of cakes, sandwiches and waffles as well as many choices for tea and coffee. You can actually customize your tea or coffee sets to suit your needs. Good for a good afternoon date or hang out with your girlfriends.



Menu shows some information about their Tiffany Glass



Pretty looking cakes and waffles are part of their highlights. I think tea is their strong point here as well. Go for their premium tea selections. The pricing is also on the pricier side – but I guess you pay for the unique themed ambience here.



They even recently launched Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches *picture from Murano’s Facebook Page’

Café Murano, Lot 2972, Grd Flr Block 2, Miri 98000 (use Google map to locate this place around Pujut area)

Mon- Friday: 11:00 am – 10:30 pm, Sat – Sun: 08:00 am – 10:30 pm


Meet d’Brown Café


Located just right opposite Café Murano, Meet d’Brown café spots a simple spacious ambience and serves good coffee, savoury brunches and desserts.



As you can see – very simplistic down to earth décor – and friendly staff as well.



Coffee is one of the strong points in this café.



They have savoury choices in their menus but I had quite a big meal before this ~~ but there’s always room for more waffles. Prices are reasonable and staff very friendly as well.

Meet d’Brown, Lot 2991, Grd Flr, Pujut 7/5c, 98100 Miri, (just right opposite Café Murano – use the Google map I posted)

Opens Weekdays 9 am till 11 pm. Sat and Sun 8:30 am till 11 pm Closes on Tuesdays




Brewhouse is located at Permaisuri Imperial Mall in Miri so it’s very easy to find. If you are a coffee person – then you will be happy to know that despite being located inside a mall – simple down to earth décor – their coffees are spot on and a welcome resting spot while your other half goes shopping.



You know they are very serious about their coffee ~~ they actually supply beans to other cafes in Miri! Their coffee scores top marks for me ~~ try out their pour overs to fully enjoy the coffee!



My mum enjoying a nice cup of latte at Brewhouse.

Check out Cyril Canvas’s detailed writeup on Brewhouse

Brewhouse, Permaisuri Imperial Mall, LotFF11A, Miri. (first floor right next to Watsons)


Piato Bistro


Piato Bistro is located around the Boulevard Commercial area and is famous for their brunches. I included this in my café hopping guide as they do serve decent coffee but I must say it’s a good place to have breakfast and brunch. I have to say the pricing is very reasonable especially for Bruneians. #exchangerate #bndrm



You can never go wrong with poached eggs, bacon and croissants ~~ mmmm



Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ~~ *swoons* Enjoy with a nice cup of coffee to start your day!

Piato Bistro, Lot 2455, Boulevard Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

Opens: Tues – Sun 7am to 12am (according to their FB)


The Maker Cafe


I must say this is the first ever Christian Inspired Theme Café I’ve ever visited. They are a pretty cosy café with a lot of inspiring Christian decorations. The coffee is good here and they have quite a good assortment of cakes baked by home bakers – their cakes even have names of the people who baked them!



Bible Quotes to inspire your day!



Gotta love these mugs!!



I personally find their coffee decent and it’s quite a big glass – good for those who want value for money – but might be a little low on the coffee taste factor for coffee addicts.



What drew my attention was this cake though – very delicious chocolate cake! Definitely adds a lot of marks to this café!

The Maker Café, S/lot 2376, Ground Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Jalan Boulevard 1, 98000 Miri

Opens: Mon – Sat: 10 am – 10 pm. Rests on Sunday since it’s a Christian Café


Route 66 Café


Route 66 Café is a little out of the way around Lutong area – but perhaps a good spot to visit on the way back from Miri to Brunei. The boss is a coffee lover and displays quite a range of beans for you to try. A serious coffee place in my opinion.



Cookies, cakes, brownies and pies ~~ choose your nom noms ~~ I didn’t have space to try the food here – came for the coffee and I’m very pleased with their menu.



Quite a few selections for coffee ~ their signature MOKA Pot brew certainly caught my eye ~ basically a style of making coffee!



Choose your blend – then they will use this Moka Pot make the coffee for you ~~ you’ll have to be outside when you want flames ~ lol ~ for safety reasons.



Ahhh ~~~ cup of heaven ~~~ *bliss*



or you can just go for crowd fav good cup of café latte ~~

Café Route 66, Lot 1401 Of Parent Lot 991, Jalan Agama, Lutong 98000 Miri,

Opens: Mon to Fri: 7am – 7pm, Sat: 10am – 10pm, Closes on Sun.


Sao Bao -  烧包


Sao Bao is not a café but I feel it deserves a special mention in this post because I always tapao their buns here.



I especially like to sit outside the shop – order coffee or milo – while enjoying their buns ~~ steamed or baked ~~ mmm~~ Don’t you think they should open their own café and serve these gorgeous buns!?



Baked or steamed ~~ you are spoiled for choice.



Sneak peak at some of my favourite Butter Buns ~~ *drools*



People tapao their baked buns from Brunei on weekends – I come earlier to make sure I get my hands on them! Usually sold out very fast!



Sao Bao, Lot 1098,ground floor,jalan permaisuri,jalan caliandra., 98000 Miri,


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