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Brunei Restaurant Review: Xinful Cafe

Crumbs café made quite a name on Facebook selling their home made cakes such as Yam Cakes and Durian Cakes. It was not open to public but more of an pre-scheduled appointment basis.


The Xinful Café officially soft opened recently in Gadong Central. The name Xinful Cafe - means Sinful in English and Xing Foo (same as happiness) - both having the same sound. Sinful desserts which brings Xing Foo (Happiness) ~~ hmm .. sounds good to me.





The Xinful Café is still in it’s soft opening stage – still a learning in progress for their staff and chefs. Most of the decorations in the restaurants are DIY by the staff. Be patient and give feedback and advice to the managers.


The Xinful café offers quite a fusion concept to their food. Combining Taiwan, Hongkong style snacks with Western desserts.


Taiwanese style breakfast: Char Kueh with Soya Bean Milk ~~


Taiwanese Scallions Pancake – or we call them Chong You Bing.


Cheesy squid balls to satisfy your snack cravings ~~


Ooooo melted cheese ~~~~


The Xinful café has limited selections for their desserts at the moment and the popular ones run out pretty quick.


Opera Cake


Durian Pancake – Thin crepe like pancakes stuffed with durian cream


One of her popular Yam Cake with desiccated coconut – nom nom


If I were to nominate their strongest dish – It would most definitely be their Durian Cheesecakes – a heaven on a plate (unless you hate Durian – which would mean Hell breaks loose). Soft Creamy Durian goodness ~~~ thumbs up! I would come here again and again just for this dessert alone!


Drown all that dessert with a nice cup of Hot Hong Kong Style Milk Tea (Si Mak Nai Char)


Or fancy an ice cold Hong Kong Milk Tea ~~


They had not hang up their mascots – Sinful and XinFoo yet because they are still on soft opening stage. Hopefully the Café would get plenty of good feedback to help them come up with new ideas for food and service.

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