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Kimchi Restaurant - ANNYEONG HASEYO!!

A popular Korean dining experience, where you can have good Korean BBQ, soups and lovely desserts, with welcoming d├ęcor and good service staff, Kimchi restaurant is my preferred Korean place.
Kimchi restaurant is located at Regenct in Kiulap. If you don't know where that is, it's the same area as Deseo, National Insurance Branch and also the new Excapade Sushi Branch in Qlap.
Kimchi uses nontick hotplates so your food's not likely to stick to the plate while you're cooking. They also got exhaust on top of all bbq tables to absorb all the smoke and smell from the BBQ so you won't walk out of the restaurant smelling like smoked beef. Korean food is of course, not just BBQ. They have a wide variety of choices below!
You gotta love those condiments! Essential to every Korean dining experience.
This caramelized sweet crispy ikan bilis is one of my fav condiments ~~ other than kimchi of course!
Ya gotta love kimchi!

Seaweed Soup

Kimchi Tofu Stew
Steamed Egg Korean style ~~ oooh yessss~~
Egg Rolls
I am a fan of Kimchi Fried Rice ~~ the Kimchi gives that extra flavour!
Kimchi Fried Beehoon! Oh yes yes!
Tapioca noodles ~~ another Korean delicacy. Chap Chae (is my spelling correct?! LOL)
Koreans actually have their own rice rolls called Gim Bap – a slight difference from Sushi and they taste great with Kimchi!
I daresay their fried chicken is crispilicious! Crunchy NOM-ing goodness!DSCF2005
Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup!
Slurping up the goodness of this ginseng soup!
No Korean meal is complete without the iconic sizzling hot stone pot rice dish BIBIMBAP!
Korean Style Seafood Pancake which goes very well rolled with cabbage kimchi, sliced bbq meats or on it's own. One of my fav things about Korean cuisine!

Place your choice of kimchi or meat on top of pancake

Grab one end with chopsticks

Roll roll~~

Simply sensational! You can be creative and throw in bbq squid or sliced sweet potatoes topped with Korean hot bean paste~ be creative! Create your own pancake roll.
Beef, chicken and lamb ~~ ohhh yesshh ~~ thinly sliced, marinated and ready for some grillin! There are different flavours so you get a lot of choices!
Sizzling goodness!
The seafood set consists of marinated squid, prawns, scallops and mussels topped with a cube of butter and lime slices. Hmm...
Mother of seafood!

The vegetables set consists of sliced pumpkins and sweet potatoes, sweet corn and enoki mushrooms.

I like to grill my seafood shell side down
You can eat the BBQ meats on their own but koreans like to wrap their meats with fresh lettuce leaves, sliced onions, shallots or garlic and a little bit (or a lot) of Korean hot bean paste.
Assemble your wrap healthy delicious wrap

Roll and eat~~ it's really enjoyable. And same with rolling pancakes, you can create your own lettuce wraps! This makes it an enjoyable dinner with family and friends.DSCF0834
Grilled Korean Beef wrapped with Kimchi ~~ oooh laaa laaa ~~
Grilled Scallops anyone?
Kimchi also offers delicious desserts such as the iconic Korean ABC! PATBINGSU!!DSCF2016
Patbingsu, which is Korean's version of ABC. Give this a try! I super love their sweet potatoes!!
I especially like their smooth Soy Bean Pudding which makes a refreshing ending to all the spicy and tasty Korean BBQ.
They have big tables and well separated for big family functions or friendly gatherings!
Kimchi Restaurant
Unit 19, Block B, Regent Square, Simpang 150, Kg Kiarong (opposite Asian-Inc office)
Call to make bookings and enquiries: 2222233

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