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Brunei Hidden Gems: Authentic Thai Restaurant in Bandar

My wife has been telling me about this special authentic Thai restaurant in Bandar that is highly regarded by the working community in Bandar. I must admit I've heard about this restaurant before from others but never got the time to check it out myself - but since my foodie wife highly recommends it - I decided it should be worth a shot to try out this place.


One look at that Green Curry Chicken and you know you're in for a real deal!



How authentic is this Thai restaurant? Well - for starters - they don't have English menus -- only Thai menu ~ LOL ~~ you can't get more authentic than that in Brunei!



Most people come here for their Tom Yum Noodles and Thai Beef Noodles



If you love beef noodles - then you are in for a treat - a sweet and salty beef broth with slices of beef, beef tripe and beef tendon. I find it a tad too salty but my friends love this Thai style beef soup noodles.



A glimpse of the Tom Yum Soup ~~ look at the coriander root, kaffir lime leaves amongst the herbs for this tasty tom yum!


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I have to say - The Tom Yum Noodles are pretty good and I love that they are pretty generous with the herbs used in the soup - double thumbs up from me!



On to their Pad Thai - I have to say this is my favourite Pad Thai in Brunei - the texture - the flavour - spot on! I couldn't stop eating this!



Did I mention how gorgeous their Green Curries looked? *SOOO GOOOD*



A good green papaya salad som tum goes a long way - refreshing with the other dishes we have here.



My Thai friend says their Basil Beef or Basil Chicken rice is really good as well - so be sure to try it the next time you're here!

Note: Food might take some time as they are cooked to order - so be patient and you will be rewarded with awesome Thai food!

Now - the location of this restaurant is at Wisma Jaya - 2nd Floor. Wisma Jaya is the building that is opposite HSBC (the same building where AIA insurance is)


2nd Floor, Wisma Jaya Bandar (same building as AIA)

Opening hours 7am till 4pm daily

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