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Brunei Hidden Gems: Nasi Katok Sambal Cheese!

I posted quite a lot of cheap and nice places to eat lately and I'm going to introduce you another cheap place to eat. Have you ever been to a nasi katok place where there's a lot of different sambals to choose from?! Some call this place the Nasi Katok of Thousand Sambals ~~



They have quite a good range of different sambals for you to choose from to enjoy with the fried chicken and steamed rice.



Interesting ~~ Sambal Pinoy ~~~



What caught my attention was the Cheese Sambal ~~ omg ~~ anything with cheese is bound to be delicious! LOL ~~ soo typical of me!



You can even choose to add on some toppings to your nasi katok ~~~ this has gotta be the most customizable Nasi Katok place in Brunei!



I gave quite a few of their Nasi Katok a try ~~ they all have their own unique tastes and gives you more excuses to come back to try other flavours!



Obviously - my favourite is the Sambal Cheese B Nasi Katok ~~ the reason for the title of the blog post! It's kinda like having Jollibee Spaghetti ~~ spicy with a bit of cheesiness ~~ with fried chicken and rice ~ ooooh yes ~~ $1 ONLY!



Unfortunately - their sambals are NOT for sale ~ and be sure to ready some small notes ~~~ somebody must had tried to pay for Nasi Katok with $100, $1000 or $500 bills!



Pondok Nasi Katok 9894 is a nice nasi katok place that offers a huge variety of choices in terms of sambal as well as toppings -- getting the tile of most customizable nasi katok in Brunei and the one and only Nasi Katok Sambal Cheese! The name comes from the Simpang the stall is located at!

Nasi Katok 9894

To find it, its simpang 94 is just right after Gong Cha Delima (opposite Maktab Sains) .. turn in spg 94 and drive straight till you will see a pondok selling Nasi Katok on your left!


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