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Brunei Restaurant Review: Paddington House of Pancakes


Paddington House of Pancakes is a must visit place when you’re in Brunei. The pancakes are made to order – not the commercialized franchised ones – to ensure great quality fluffy pancakes ~~ and I must say in terms of ambience, PHOP ranks very high in terms of best looking interior restaurant design.



The restaurant is very spacious and caters to small groups or big families. There’s a variety of tables and chairs in different sections of the restaurants – adding to the lovely interior outlook of the restaurant.



I like the nostalgic retro style of these round tables – very suitable for big families.



The best part is the kids section for the kids to sit down and mingle with others ~~ a good facility for families with young children.



It’s like a mini café for children ~~ so cute!



The first little one to sit around the children’s corner – but you can see in her eyes – she wants some pancakes and ice cream~~



Flipped Indeed ~~ ready for all the nom noming !! Now I know most people’s perception of pancakes are desserts and sweets but I would like to start having savoury items for my meals~



What better way to start your day with a big English Breakfast ~~~ sausage, eggs, baked beans and PANCAKES!!! Oh yes ~~ pass me some maple syrup please!


DSCF3318 (Medium)

Or you could have your pancakes with sausage,hash brown, slice beef and melted cheese ~~ why not BOTH!?



Smoked salmon pancakes with scrambled eggs ~~ yes please!



On top of the normal plain pancakes – they have these filled pancakes ~~ such as peaches, oreos or chocolate ~~ take your pick ~~



A savoury and sweet option such as this blueberry filled pancake with scrambled eggs ~~ yummers! This will go very well with the kids – or big kids like me ~~



They also serve crepes ~~ savoury ones too ~~ just like this lamb chop with peaches and crepes ~~



Vegetarian chocked goodness crepes ~~ order this if you want a daily dose of healthy delicious fiber~


DSCF6766 (Medium)

Provence ~~ Crepes served with sliced chicken, apples and herbs – bon appetit!


DSCF3312 (Medium)

This crepe is called Nice – crepe served with lettuce, pan fried chicken breast and chicken ham. Sooo nice~~ forgive my lame attempt to make a pun joke~


DSCF3272 (Medium)

Tokyo – Crepes with salad and mashed potatoes – pan fried chicken breast served with fresh tasting tomato salsa and chicken ham.



If you like thin crust pizzas, then you’ll like their Pannekoek, a Dutch style thin and crispy pancake, served like pizza ~~ crispy goodness!



Pizza? Nope – Dutch pancakes!


DSCF3263 (Medium)

They also have Galettes, which are like Pannekoek but using wholewheat flour. This is Brussels – served with beef or chicken ham, avocado, cheese, sunny side up egg with baked beans, sun dried tomato dip and salad on the side – A good satisfying meal to share for gymmers! Energy charged goodness!


DSCF3298 (Medium)

Lucerne – A seafood marinara galette – seafood with good marinara sauce and melted cheese? You won me over already! YUM!



Fish and chips? Nope – Fish and Crepes! Pan fried fish served with crepes~~



This Monaco is my favourite – lamb chops, mushrooms served with a zucchini pancake ~ delicious! I could easily eat two portions of this! Highly recommended as a yummy post workout treat!


DSCF3292 (Medium)

They have quite a lot of pancake burgers to try – Chicken, Beef or Lamb ~ take your pick!! Wait a minute ~~ did someone mention burgers?



Burgers and Fries in a pancake house? You betcha~ with a little twist ~~ pancake buns! The beef patties are freshly made with good quality sirloin ~ if you love your burgers – you gotta try them! Did I mention their fries are delicious!?


DSCF6741 (Medium)

Would you look at that ~~ Nom Noms! Nachos using French Fries ~~~ good to share!



Have you ever tasted nachos made from crepe batter chips? This is my first time too! This would be good to munch while having a chat with friends~


DSCF3278 (Medium)

I am loving this delicious Taco Salad from PHOP! Taco shell made from home made crepes, romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and black olives, hardboiled eggs, minced beef bolognaise and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese~~ how not to like?!



Pasta in a pancake house? Yup – this is their Carbonara! Be sure to break the yolks and stir with the pasta for that extra ooomphhh!


DSCF6755 (Medium)

Or you could go for their in house Spaghetti Bolognaise! Hmm ~~~ great for that friend who doesn’t want pancakes and want pasta instead! Make your group decision making on which restaurant to eat easier ~


DSCF1516 (Medium)

I tried their Aglio Oglio pasta with prawns and enjoyed it very much. They serve pretty good pastas in PHOP so if you have a friend whose not in a mood for pancakes but want pasta, they have no excuse – so drag them there ~ lol – do look out for their special wasabi pesto pasta ~~ for the adventurous!



What to drink to drown all the delicious pancakes down? Why not a whole jug of mocktails such as this Mojito ~~ ahhh thirsty! They also have a lot of freshly squeeze juices – so give them a try!



Give me a glass of iced mocha please – minus the cream ~~ I’m on diet! HAHAHAHA – Pinnochio’s nose would had reached China ~


DSCF6736 (Medium)

Finally we’re on to desserts ~~ You can order stacks of plain pancakes served with their delicious maple syrup and whipped butter like these ~~


DSCF3301 (Medium)

Or you could go for filled pancakes – pancakes with special fillings – such as Oreos or chocolate or like the picture above is blueberry filled pancake on the left, peach and coconut flakes pancake on the right ~~ oooh yes ~~


DSCF3304 (Medium)

I am seriously loving their New York Cheesecake pancakes ~~ pretty fragrant pancakes ~~



Keep calm and eat Pancakes with ICE CREAM!!! NOM NOM ~~ You can of course – order some fancy specialized pancake stacks ~~



Such as this Bananas and marshmallows using Oreos filled stacks of pancakes ~~~ Hmmm…


DSCF6774 (Medium)

Simply beautiful!! Another pancake stack ~~~ do check our their pancake stack choices!



Cinnamon and Banana pancakes ~~ ooo my~~~~~~~~~


DSCF3295 (Medium)

If you like something a little crispy for dessert – why not have this crepe with peaches, walnuts, ice cream and BANANA FRITTERS (CUCUR PISANG!!) Give it to me please!!



They call this big treasure box for a reason ~~ mini pancakes called dollar pancakes served with lots of peaches and ice cream! OH Mama MIA!



Strawberries and crepes serve with ice cream? How to say no to this!?


DSCF1518 (Medium)

We also took the opportunity to try other delicious goodies like these baked apples, crushed granola and coconut flakes, served with ice cream and strawberries.



Banana and Chocolate Filled Crepe Roll ~~


DSCF6779 (Medium)

This chocolate crepe roll is my favourite ~ peanut butter, chocolate sauce with crepe and chocolate ice cream! OMG! This is a MUST MUST MUST MUST TRY HEAVENLY DESSERT!!! Don’t you dare go to PHOP and not ORDER this! Super good!


DSCF3260 (Medium)

After all that,  I wished I could show you more dishes ~ but my stomach could only take so much in one food session – do give them a try and it’s good to have a great cup of latte to wash down all these sweet morsels. Don’t you agree? Above is a Café Latte ~~ you can go for plain or flavoured ~~


DSCF3261 (Medium)

Cappucino ~~ I personally like their coffees as they ordered very good quality coffee beans. They are winning a lot of customers because of their good coffee! I sometimes would come here just for dessert and coffee with friends.


DSCF1511 (Medium)

Updated Dec 2013: It was a pretty hot day and I was going to order my usual Café Latte ~ until the manager asked if I wanted to try their cold drip coffee – cold pressed and soaked coffee beans – which reduces the acidity and provides a smooth refreshing coffee – I went “ WHY HAVEN’T YOU INTRODUCE THIS TO ME AGES AGO'” – this will become my favourite coffee to drink during hot days – simply smooth good coffee – you might think it’s Kopi – O ping but you’re SOOO wrong – you can add syrup to sweeten it – but I like my cold drip coffee – dark and smooth without any sweeterners ~~ REFRESHING!



A good place for dates, group of friends meeting up to chillax or a big family dinner – drop by Paddington house of pancakes! Just know that the orders will take time for the time being, be patient and enjoy your time with your loved ones at this new place.


DSCF3326 (Medium)

photo 1 (Medium)

Birthday celebrations are fun at PHOP too! You can request for birthday pancake and sundaes!


photo 5 (Medium)

Share the excitement with your loved ones at PHOP!


photo 4 (Medium)

Happy faces and smiles at PHOP!



To get to Paddington House of Pancakes – turn in from the Airport roundabout into Jalan Berakas – take the First U-Turn and you will see the Happy Star Building~~

If you’re coming from Berakas – The Happy Star Building should be on your left – just before Sekolah Menengah Berakas.

Call them to make pre-orders and reservations at 2331668

Keep calm ~~ and eat pancakes!!

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