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Brunei Hidden Gems: Nasi Katok Buttermilk!

Nasi Katok is one of Brunei's most affordable staples. Priced at only $1, you get a piece of fried chicken, sambal (chili paste) and steamed rice. We Bruneians love our buttermilk chicken - so when we heard there's a place that combines two of our favourite food - nasi katok and buttermilk - we were SOLD! Both Marul and I decided to pay this special in house place a visit!



The place was pretty packed when we visited (maybe because it's around dinner time) According to my sources, this is a favourite spot for UBD students and RIMBA residents. Don't kill me please for sharing your fav food locations ~~~ sharing is caring ~~ ;)



Here's a list of their available menu ~~~ I love how everything is priced at the awesome cheap price of $1 per packet! We managed to try out the Nasi Katok Buttermilk Chicken and Nasi Katok Honey Chicken - unfortunately - the hati buyah and fish fillet were sold out by the time we arrived. You can choose your sambal from a range of Biasa, Pedas, Sambal Tomato, Campur - or Sambal Hijau Pedas. Personally if you can't decide or make up your mind -- go for the Campur (a mix of everything!)



I must say the combination of crispy fried chicken with buttermilk sauce and sambal is an excellent combo! The sweet buttery sweetness of the sauce is balanced by the spicy sambal! DOUBLE TRIPLE THUMBS UP!!! Can't believe this delicious packet of goodness is $1 only! After trying a few sambals - my fav is the Sambal Tomato to pair with the buttermilk sauce! See if you have the same taste as mine!



The Nasi Katok Ayam Honey is actually pretty good and goes well with spicier sambals - I recommend enjoying this with the Sambal Hijau Pedas!



Ahhhh ~~ all the crispy fried chicken with steamed rice ~~~ ready to be enjoyed with buttermilk or honey sauce ~~ then with added delicious sambal of your choice ~~ only $1! I reckon they must had sold more than 200-300 packs of these a day!



Here's the address for Nasi Katok Buttermilk SDK! Map taken from their instagram ~~ follow them @sdksignaturefoods

Address is no.22, Spg 148, Jalan 99, Kg Perpindahan Rimba.


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