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Pureland Vegetarian Restaurant, Brunei

For Chinese, even if we're not full time vegans, some of us will be a vegan on the 1st and 15th day every month of the Chinese Calendar. We don't get many vegetarian restaurants in Brunei and I find that they tend to be quite pricey yet unsatisfying, not all, but most of them. I've ordered my share of vegetarian dishes and one notable dish was their vegetarian buttermilk prawns, which costs $8 but I see less than 10 pieces of vegetarian prawns in there. You can do the math on how much each 'fake prawn' costs. No wonder some people say it's not easy to be a vegan when you want to eat out.

However, not all is lost! There's finally a special vegetarian restaurant located in Menglait. Step forward Pureland Vegetarian Restaurant!

Brunei Times has already done a report here apparently! Now what's so special about this vegetarian restaurant you may ask.

First of all, it's a buffet style vegetarian spread. I simply like their vegetarian curry and they also have bittergourd with mock meat on that day. It's different dishes daily and they refill quite regularly here. Self service la of course!

They even add an international touch to it! Vegetarian Spaghetti! Served with deep fried wonton skins, tempeh or firm tofu slices. Hmm...

Even got drinks some more~

They sometimes have different types of juice and tea.

I simply love their vegetarian curry. Good stuff!

Besides soup and porridge, they also serve dessert. Hmm... this is green bean soup. Very light and healthy!

Bon Appetit! Your vegetarian buffet! Furthermore, you can bring your own container or use their wrapper to tapau food from here! Where else would you see any restaurant that allows you to tapau from their buffets? And now for the most unique reason this restaurant is special. For that rich spread and array of vegetarian dishes, you will wonder; how much do I have to pay?

You pay as you wish! You decide how much you would like to pay! This restaurant strives to serve the community especially when times are tough. It is also encouraging for those who want to be vegan but can't cook vegan food or can't afford to be vegan.

You do however have to do your part and only take what you can eat so you won't waste food. You also have to put the plates, cups and eating utensils back nicely into the special corner. Notice that people do a very good job piling the plates nicely there.

Just pay any amount you like~~

As you're about to leave the restaurant, just put the money into the cashier's mouth. Be kind and put in more if you're feeling generous. Don't be a poklen and come here to tapau for free ok? But if you're really broke and times are tough, come here and they will welcome you with open arms. Pureland Vegetarian Restaurant, truly a restaurant we Bruneians can be proud of. Don't you think so?

Pureland Vegetarian Restaurant
No.5 Simpang 28, Jalan Gadong,
Kompleks Hj Abd Rahman Bin Hj Hussin.
BE 3978. BSB Brunei.


  1. That's indeed very helpful on what you have posted on the blogpot. There are times that I am will be on vegetarian, with what you have posted here will be the place i am to visit sometimes.

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Oh I've been here before with my mum. And I was quite surprised with the hospitality and food they provided. And gosh, their 'pay what you wish' service is so thoughtful!