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Brunei Restaurant Review: Kausar Cafe


Kausar Café is located on the same block as Misato Sushi in Qlap. It used to be a simple Sri Langkan restaurant – but has recently gone through good renovation to become the current café, which serves North, South Indian and Sri Langkan cuisines.


It’s pretty spacious and I like the touch of these dark wooden furniture. Yellow lights and an aquarium adds a touch to its ambience.


It’s fully air-conditioned for comfortable dining – possible to cater to a simple dinner date or a family gathering.


What’s interesting about this restaurant is their selection of good quality tea and fresh brewed coffee – owing to the hotel background of the owner – one can look forward to having a nice cup of coffee or tea in this café.


I settled for a brewed coffee tarik ~ using Vittoria coffee beans – doesn’t this feel like a cappuccino? Lovely stuff – though you should tell them to put less sugar if you don’t like your coffees sweet.


It’s really funny to see a Café Latte served in an old school kopi tiam glass. A good choice for latte drinkers like me.


Their Marsala Tea is a spiced up brewed tea – very fragrant and highly recommended. We all enjoyed a good sip of this tea.


This is off the menu – but we actually had Affogato – Ice cream served with espresso and Amaretto liquer – our version of course – did not include the Amaretto!


You can’t go wrong with a good glass of Lassi ~~ hmmm ~~


For starters – we tried out their Sri Langkan breakfast item called Aappa – a rice flour item made using special pots to give it’s special shape – crispy sides and soft centre. We ordered the ones with an egg in the centre – and I must say – they go very well with the spicy onion jam. I wouldn’t mind having this for breakfast often!


These are string hoppers – which you can see – are string like texture pancakes served with onion jam and coconut curry gravy. Something unique from Sri Langka!


Another Sri Langkan Special – Fish and Potato Cutlis – it’s got a crispy outer texture with a soft potato centre – almost similar to bagadel but crispier.


Hmm ~~~ beautiful ~~~


This is their Peshwari Naan – stuffed with dried fruits and coconut.


Laccha Paratha – a crispy multi layered bread – very suitable for dipping into rich gravies!


Puri – a puffed up bread – from the steam within the dough during the deep frying. It has quite a soft texture.


My favourite bread is their Tandoori Paratha – Layered bread cooked Tandoori style – crispy and has a strong hint of spices. Very very good.


Their beef vindaloo – a spicy hot beef dish served with potato wedges.


Acharri Gosht – a pickle style lamb curry – with a slightly sweet sour and spicy taste


Lamb Jalfrezi – A very complex tandoori lamb slices cooked in a blend of ginger, green peppers and spices. Rich and delicious!


One can never go wrong with ordering butter chicken – sweet creamy rich sauce served with moist chicken pieces.


You could easily mistaken this as tofu but this is their Tandoori style grilled cottage cheese (home made) – loving the fragrant of the cheese! Tandoori Paneer.


This is my favourite dish of the night – Paneer Makhani – home made cottage cheese – cooked in a tomato and butter cream sauce – I must say I could eat a whole bowl of this dipped with paratha myself! Om nom nom nom nom!


For desserts, we tried their Kheer Badami – a dessert served with ground almonds cooked in milk and sugar – flavoured with saffron and cardamon.


Watalappan – This is a Sri Langkan delicacy – made from gula melaka, coconut milk, eggs and spices – it has the texture of soft bread pudding with the added kick of spices.

Kausar Café has won me over with their comfortable settings, great choices of Indian and Sri Langkan cuisines – as well as having the option of having good quality coffee and tea. The Paneer Makhani alone is enough to make me come back often!

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