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Brunei Restaurants: All Time Delights


If you are in a mood for some good old fashioned Nyonya Kueh or Kuching Kolomee in a lovely cafe ambience – check out the latest restaurant in town ~ All Time Delights ~~


The place might look familiar to you and it actually shares space with Paddington House of Pancakes!


The place is recently refurbished to add on All Time Delights to introduce more nostalgic feel to the restaurant.


They have a kueh section for you to select your favourite Nyonya style cakes for breakfast, afternoon tea or anytime at all ~~


Traditional style kueh ~~ mmm ~~ now that’s a good choice for tea ~~~


Quite a good selection ~~ did you see kuih kochi? MMmmm ~~~~


I’ m also a big fan of their triple decker cake ~~ this is soooo good with coffee/tea ~ and so instagrammable ~~~


Curry puffs anyone? Nom nom ~~~


In a mood for some pulut panggang? Yes please!


Eh bro ~~ you want me to tapao or not? Or you come over and join me la ~~~ kuih and kolomee time ~~~


Haiya ~~ so much nyonya kueh ~~ I wanna eat everything ~~ how ah ??


You can enjoy your nyonya kueh with simple kopi o ~~ or you can order americano or latte from the Paddington House of Pancakes menu too!


Limpeh like a cup of manly kopi O ~~~ *flex muscles*


Besides nyonya kueh ~ All Times is very popular for their delicious kolomee ~ since the owners actually related to a famous kolomee stall in Kuching – their kolomee is legit!


You can choose the type of noodles you want – ranging from the curly style Kuching kolomee ~~~


The flat noodles/mee poh ~~


The slightly thicker than normal noodle called the Guan Dong Noodles ~~ I quite like this one!


Kolo Kway Teow ~~~


Last but not least is Lau Su Fen ~~ mmmmm ~~ so much choice of noodles ~~


You can choose to have the original sauce or the charsiu sauce or spicy sauce ~~~~ my personal favourite is the slightly sweeter charsiu sauce ~~


For toppings – there’s three different choices ~~ but I am diggin their chicken chop kolomee ~~~ $6 for kolomee + chicken chop is a steal!


ooooo kolomee ~~~ how can I resist you ~~~~~~~


Do you love kolomee so much ~ you eat as if you are eating boat noodles ~LOL~ stack them up!


I prefer a nice cup of Americano with my kolomee ~~ hahaha ~~~ sorry Kopi O lovers ~~


You can also order healthy fruit juices ~~~


Nasi Lemak is also on the menu ~~ mmmm ~~~


A good mix and match of the All Times lineup ~~ with coffee and juices from Paddington House of Pancakes ~~


I’m so glad I have more people with me so I can order more and try more stuff! Hu hu hu ~~


Speaking of more dishes ~~~ If you love Kuching style fried bee hoon ~~~ be sure to order their Kampong Style Bee Hoon ~~ the mix of ikan bilis and mani chai (cangkok manis) are an excellent combo!


Stir fried Seafood Guan Dong Noodles ~~~ooooh yeshh ~~


Or just some old fashioned char kway teow ~~~ nom noms ~~~


They got kolomee penyet too where you can choose your type of noodles ~~


Oooo did I mention their tau fu fa is very nice? Should give them a try and you can add ice cream to it!


Don’t forget that you can order pancakes from Paddington House of Pancakes here too!! A good mix of east and west!


What? Serious ah? Can have kolomee ~~ nyonya kueh ~~ nasi lemak ~~ then pancakes at the same time? Walao siok wei!!!


Now that sounds like a good combo to have for a family or friends fathering ~~~ yummmmers!

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All Time Delights

Unit 3&4, Simpang 58, Jalan Utama Berakas

Kampong Berakas, Brunei

Tel: 233 1668

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Endlessly enticing customers with mouth-watering innovations, KFC Brunei has introduced yet another exciting new flavor that is set to entice fans.


It was a pleasure to check out the new flavour this time at Gadong Central’s KFC ~~ wonder what the secret will be this time ~~


KFC unveiled their Thai inspired flavour – the KFC Spicy Sawadee Crunch, is a limited time special featuring a harmonious blend of distinctive Thai flavours from only BND 7.20


This latest Spicy Sawadee Crunch, is an exquisite union of KFC’s secret recipe and Thai mastery. The succulent chicken marinated with KFC’s signature Hot & Spicy mix, luxuriously coated with authentic Thai herbs and spices, fried to golden perfection. It promises a gastronomic experience that will please all senses.


“Thai influences need no introduction to our taste buds. Their cuisine boasts fresh, hot and citrusy flavours that Bruneians love. The subtle sweet, sour and spicy blend that is distinctively Thai together with KFC’s favourite Hot & Spicy chicken makes it uniquely satisfying and designed to satisfy all KFC and Thai food lovers,” said Jaymee Lau, marketing dept, KFC Brunei. “Our mission is to always delight our customers. We place great importance in understanding their preferences and take pride in innovating our menu to meet their needs. Our KFC Sawadee Crunch is no exception and we believe it will be widely enjoyed by all. Come try it before it’s gone,” she added.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-12 at 12.38.10 PM

Julaini ( Area Coach ), Jaymee ( Head of Marketing, KFC Brunei), Mr.Ooi ( GM, KFC Brunei), Priscilla ( Area Coach)

The members of the media also got the chance to welcome and meet the new GM, Mr Ooi. Welcome to Brunei!


KFC Spicy Sawadee Crunch is available in 2-piece and 3-piece chicken combo meals. Both combos come with signature KFC sides of coleslaw and whipped potato, and a refreshing soft drink.


Personally – I find that it is quite spicy but the good news is that it goes very well with the coleslaw to balance the heat and of course – the whipped potato is always a welcome sight!


My bro Aziz from Borneo Bulletin enjoying the fried chicken while updating his instagram ~~ hahaha ~~~

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-12 at 12.10.42 PM

Wanee does the Sawadeekappp pose for me ~


My advice is to order iced milo ~ to mark a good ending to your Thai spiced fried chicken goodness!


Putting out the flames with iced Milo ~~~~~~ ahhhhhh ~~~ sioook laa ~~~


Many have been hoping for the Chewy cheese sour cream to be available ala carte and your prayers have been answered! They are now available sour cream flavour at 5 pcs for BND 3.00! woo hoo!


Remember ~~~ eat them HOT to ensure you get your stringy cheese effect ~~~

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-12 at 12.17.50 PM

Mom always told me not to play with food ~~ but I’m a foodie ~~ sorry mom ~~ lol ~~


Of course – if you have a big family – don’t worry and go for the KFC Bucket Berbaloi value sets! 5 pc from BND 16.90 or 9 pc from BND 27.90! This is the 9 piece set ~~ yummm!


Just when you feel that you are too busy or felt that the chicken is so out of reach to you right now ~~ don’t worry ~~ do you know they can deliver to you?!


Just call 2222822 delivery hotline from 10am to 9pm! The minimum order is $12 with $2 delivery charge ~~ perhaps you can pool together with your colleagues at office to have the flavours of Thai fried chicken delivered to you! Delivery outlets are: Berakas, Sengkurong, Mentiri, Gadong. Do call the hotline to check if they deliver to you!

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