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Brunei Restaurant Review: Bite Restaurant

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In one of the competitions I’ve judged, there was a talented chef who won the competition unanimously with his very delicious dish. I am happy to announce that talented chef has recently opened his own restaurant to follow his passion of cooking. He opened Bite restaurant, a cosy gem of a restaurant in Kiulap just right behind Sim Kim Huat Supermarket.


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Bite restaurant has a pretty comfortable classy décor – this is taken during lunch time which is more brightly lit.


DSCF5626 (Medium)

They have another floor upstairs to accommodate more people as well – and can be booked for private functions.



For dinner, the restaurant’s setting becomes more romantic and is quite a good place for dinner dates ~



Table setting at Bite Restaurant during dinner ~~ now let’s take a look at the food ~~


DSCF5644 (Medium)

Bite offers some good value for money lunch sets on the menu, which includes steam rice, pickled vegetables, soup of the day and tea.


DSCF5645 (Medium)

This is the Fish Florentine, which are seared dory cutlets drizzled with mushroom garlic sauce and spinach.


DSCF5642 (Medium)

A hearty chicken and potatoes curry set ~~ mmmmm ~~ lunch is served!



This would be a good lunch for beef lovers – their mixed beef slices and tendons, served with white radish, carrots and fresh herbs. You can choose to have this with vermicelli or steamed rice. I enjoyed the gelatinous goodness of the beef tendon and piping hot beef broth! *slurps*

DSCF5635 (Medium)

The Bite restaurant Signature Nasi Lemak ~~ comes with choices of chicken, beef rendang, fish or squid. Yum! Would you look at that piece of chicken~~ *drools*



I like how the egg is below the rice and there’s three different type of sambals to match ~~ this is the Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak.


DSCF5632 (Medium)

They have a few selections for soups but do ask if they have any special soup of the day. This is their Cream of Asparagus Soup, beautiful to look at. Loving the good smooth taste of this creamy soup.


DSCF5967 (Medium)

I quite enjoy their cream of mushroom soup which has a good mushroom taste, good texture from the puffed rice and mushroom stuffed fried wontons. I break the wonton open just for picture purposes ~ hee hee ~~ #camera_eats_first


DSCF5973 (Medium)

This was the soup of the day ~ spiced roasted pumpkin soup ~~ it has a good spiced kick to a heart warming soup and the cheese bits do add a nice touch to it.


DSCF5648 (Medium)

Bite Restaurant has quite a few unique appetizers such as these cherry tomato wrapped with beef bacon ~~ they are grilled and I love the sensation of a hot popped cherry tomato which goes so well with the fatty beef slices ~~ oooooo yum!


DSCF5630 (Medium)

Their spicy Umai fish salad is packs quite a punch and is a good refreshing starter to begin your meal.


DSCF5977 (Medium)

Scallop wontons served with a special home made pesto and salsa, and mashed potatoes.


DSCF5982 (Medium)

Ooooo what a treat! Look at that juicy moist scallop! *slurps*



Another interesting appertizer: Crumbed prawn balls stuffed with mozarella and served with stewed beef! In a way – it’s like a mini surf and turf appetizer – prawns and beef together as one dish ~ the cheese just makes the combination better ~~ oooh yeahhh!



Oooooo embrace the cheeese! Yum!


DSCF5662 (Medium)

Now on to the mains, for something light ~ we have these beautiful plump stuffed squid in a herbed tomato concasse sauce. *smacks lips*


DSCF5994 (Medium)

Chicken Cordon Bleu Medallions, which are chicken stuffed with beef bacon and cheese, served with waffle fries, vegetables and home made creamy garlic sauce!



Persian style beef pot pie ~~ Beef stew with chicken liver and carrots, topped with a flaky puff pastry ~~~ mmmmm ~~~ comforting looking pie!


DSCF5999 (Medium)

Oooo would you look at these lovely bowl of baked garlic prawns in Worcestershire sauce and fries! These are really good and to enhance your enjoyment – please eat with your hands!


 DSCF5998 (Medium)

Don’t worry ~~  as they prepare a bowl of water for your to wash your hands as you enjoy these luscious prawns!


DSCF6015 (Medium)

They also serve pasta such as this delicious seafood marinara! Gotta love clams and mussels!


DSCF6008 (Medium)

This is a special seasonal item that I’ve tired and I must say I absolutely loved this! It’s such a unique dish – Pan Seared Atlantic Trout served with roots vegetables in lamb jus! It might sound weird, but the lamb flavour packed sauce actually goes very well with the pan seared trout! You simply must try this if you visit Bite but do give them a call on the availability of this delicious masterpiece!



For something heavy, let’s move on to the heavyweights ~~~Oooo gorgeous tender beef ribs ~~ for meat lovers!


DSCF6030 (Medium)

Delicious rack of lamb served with their home made mint sauce and pesto! You gotta admit – that fatty layer of goodness looks soooo goood!


DSCF6038 (Medium)

So beautiful ~~ one must take pics with it for good memories ~ #selfiefood


DSCF6021 (Medium)

Last but not least is our favourite for the night ~~ the grain fed rib eye steak served with an smoked oyster butter ~~ and a lovely roasted pumpkin wedge which goes surprisingly well with the delicious juicy steak! Perfectly seared and well seasoned! Double Thumbs up!


DSCF6036 (Medium)

I love my steaks medium and juicy ~~ they go soooo well with the roasted pumpkin indeed! *SLURPS* ARGHHH SO HUNGRY AS I TYPED THIS! #foodporn #HUNGRYMAX!


DSCF5657 (Medium)

There’s always room for dessert and Bite restaurant does have some signature desserts such as this potted crème in light syrup ~~ a very comforting dessert ~ like heaven on a spoon when you scoop it ~~ mmmm ~~~


DSCF6045 (Medium)

They also serve poached pear in spiced syrup ~~ with a nice crispy pastry to enjoy it with ~~


DSCF6049 (Medium)

Vanilla bean panna cotta with fruit jellies ~~ a good combo and I must say the texture is spot on!


DSCF6058 (Medium)

Lava cake lovers will definitely enjoy their ooozing molten chocolate goodness served with ice cream and ginger biscuit crumbs! A good contrast of hot and cold – and different textures! Very good!


DSCF6065 (Medium)

Another impressive lava cake is their Green Tea Lava cake ~~ which has a good texture and green tea ooozing goodness but what makes this even better are the ice cream that’s served with this!



oooo my god! Red Bean flavoured Ice cream potong ~ and puffed rice!! Such a goood goood combination! We were actually fighting over this dessert throughout the end! Top marks for creativity, presentation and taste!



Bite restaurant is an exciting addition to the Brunei dining scene and I recommend you to try out their exciting dishes. Stay tuned for more updates of new dishes from my instagram posts!

Bite restaurant & catering

No. 1, Ground & First Floor,

Block A, Simpang 150, Bangunan Habza, Kiulap (Block behind SKH Supermarket)

Bandar Seri Begawan BE1518

Phone: 717 0327

Opens 10am to 10pm

Closes on Friday

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Brunei Restaurant Review: SCRXpress Citis Square


SCR Xpress Citis Square is a restaurant that doesn’t need much introduction. It’s quite a popular restaurant for it’s fast consistent food and comfortable settings. They open from daily 7:30 am until 10pm except for Friday 12pm – 2 pm prayer times. Usually during breakfast, lunch and dinner times, this restaurant would be packed with loyal customers.



SCR XPress is located at the first floor of Citis Square. from here you can see it’s balcony section.



The restaurant has quite a colourful interior setting and pretty spacious as well – there’s a few sections to cater for different crowds.



For those who like a little bit more of privacy, they have a section with tall chairs to give some privacy and quality time for your family, dates or meetings.



For those who like to sit outdoors, they have a balcony outside and it’s quite a nice place to chill especially at night when there’s a good amount of breeze. I was surprised that even during lunch time, there are some who like to have their lunch here!



There’s also quite a lot of space outside the restaurant area, with three air conditioners to keep them comfortable. This area is usually packed during lunch time!



Another thing to note is that SCR Xpress restaurant is involved in giving back to the community ~ they recently hosted a blood donation campaign and served good food to those who donated! That’s a good gesture indeed! Look forward to more of these!



SCR Xpress Citis Square is not only about the ambience of course – their value for money food is the main reason it’s popular. Now let’s check out some of their signatures!



SCR Xpress Citis Square is certified halal by the Brunei Halal Board



They have quite a selection of drinks – such as this thirst quenching four sour drink – Quite a refreshing drink especially during hotter days!



Their Coffee C and Rosie Queen drinks are very good too! A very good combo ~~~~ ooo and my friends were raving about the Jasmine Cin Cau Milk Tea! So give these a try!



I’m more of a coffee guy ~ so I went for a Coffee C Special which is Coffee with milk and grass jelly (cincau) ~~ mmmm ~~



Stating the obvious – SCR stands for Singapore Chicken Rice and therefore – their popular dish here is their steamed or roasted chicken rice. I love the fact that they have good blended ginger and chili sauce to accompany their moist juicy chicken. They have good chicken rice but they have such a great variety of other good dishes! You can’t be that popular with only one dish ~~



Their Sarawak Laksa is one of their signatures ~~ though it is not as rich as your typical Kuching Laksa, it doesn’t lose in terms of flavour. Probably a lighter version (probably healthier too!)



Tom Yam Noodles Soup for those who want a bit of a fiery kick to their meals ~~ HOT! For fire breathing dragon readers – if this is not hot enough for you ~ you can always request for more chili padi! HAHAHA! You can order Tom Yam Soup on it’s own without the noodles to complement your other dishes.



Their Fried Seafood Kway Teow is actually pretty good ~ with a good amount of caramelization (wok hei) and balanced seasoning. They do have the option of chicken and beef as well.



Another noodle dish we liked was this Mushroom Chicken Noodles – the sauce seriously matches it very well! Thumbs up!



I have to admit – when I saw stuffed chicken wings on the menu – I immediately ordered it and wasn’t disappointed! It is served with chicken rice and sunny side up egg ~~ I must say – it’s good!



Oooo yeshhh ~~ Another angle of their stuffed chicken wings ~~



Their boxing chicken is served with a good sweet tangy sauce ~~ and pretty popular too! Easy to eat and goes well with the rice.



We Bruneians love our buttermilk chicken and I’m happy to say SCR Xpress’s Buttermilk Chicken is good! It got the most votes for favourite dish of the night!



Would you want a bite of this? Say yes say yes ~~



Another staple of Brunei is the iconic Ayam Penyet ~~ SCR Xpress’s version is more on the crispy side and served with a good spicy sambal!



Speaking of Sambal. they also serve sambal prawns ~~ for those who love a good kick!



and one simply mustn’t forget another of their star dish ~~ Butter Prawns ~~ another rich indulgence dish favourite for Bruneians!



Dining out with friends or family – there’s bound to be one of those that doesn’t want to have local delicacies but prefers a more western touch ~~ they serve sandwiches, fish and chips or chicken chops with chips ~~ such as this one ~~



My dining guests for the night: Gzul, Maurina, Hazidie and Reedah ~~ we had quite a good feast for the night ~ and enjoyed ourselves. Overall – SCR Xpress’s food is consistent and quick to come out as well. The prices are very good value for money. An excellent place for a quick lunch in my opinion but also a good restaurant for family and friend’s gathering.



If you want to book the restaurant or part of it for functions or catering – with complimentary cakes and balloons! The restaurant is pretty big and can definitely cater to big groups. They also offer outdoor catering for all occasions.



Do give them a call to make plans for upcoming functions!


SCR Xpress Restaurant Citis Square

1st Floor Citis Square

Tel: 2339391 or 7180315


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