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Brunei Events: Freshco 5 Day Mega Buffet Promotion!

Have you ever heard of the term “spoiled for choice”? It means that you are surrounded by so much good choices with a lot of things that you want – but you don’t know what to choose first. The last time I experienced this feeling when I was at Freshco’s Sungkai Buffet at their big banquet hall. The good news is that Fresco will be having a repeat of that Sungkai Buffet but with MORE additions! Expect to see Turkey for the festive mood and the latest addition of their Franchise – I Love Yoo items available too!  In my last Sungkai Buffet reviews – Freshco’s Sungkai Buffet scored the most visits amongst the others so when they announced the return of this mega 5 day buffet ~~ it’s understandable to get excited! What a great way to celebrate your end of 2014!

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I must say Freshco really made history in Brunei for being the first buffet to feature food from a chain of different restaurants from different cuisines. They are able to do this because the Freshco group consist of different types of restaurants as well as franchises. You have Japanese cuisine from Sushi Tei, Indonesian Cuisine from Waerong Penyet, Chinese cuisine from All Seasons, Italian Western from Pasta Mania and last but not least – Pretzels from Auntie Anne’s – last but not least I LOVE YOO ~~ For such a good price – you get to try food from five different famous eateries in Brunei – quite a bargain don’t you think?


DSCF9478 (2) (Medium)_thumb[3]

Exciting addition to the buffet ~~ Turkey and I Love Yoo Franchise Items ~~ *slurps* Porridge and Other Fried Snacks!



The Freshco Banquet Hall is really spacious and comfortable – adequately air conditioned and despite a huge crowd – it is still a comfortable evening for us. According to the manager, they are able to accommodate 400 people for functions. For this month – the function hall is specially booked for this MEGA 5 Day promotion!



Remember when I said you will be spoiled for choice?! Your friendly neighborhood food blogger arrived early and was in awe of the amount of choice – I actually didn’t know where to start taking the photos! Now you have probably heard of Tsunami ~~ but be ready for a FOOD PICS TSUNAMI!!!! #foodtsunami #foodpornflood #foodstorm . I think I had a good workout just from taking pictures of the buffet spread! Are you ready for waves and waves from the Food Tsunami of Freshco Sungkai Buffet? Let’s begin!



Now for the first wave! Appetizers from Japanese and Chinese Cuisines. You have marinated jelly fish, silver fish salad, baby octopus (chuka idako) and squid salad.



Oh hello century eggs!!



Cheesy baked mussels! Now that wasn’t so bad ~~ are you ready for the second wave?!



The second wave is a range of assorted snacks or dim sum from All Seasons ~~



Pretty looking Amuse-bouche (one bite) appetizers from All Seasons I presume ~~~



Not forgetting plenty of steamed dim sum for you to enjoy ~~



Salad Prawns Dim Sum and Crispy Fried Prawn Spring Rolls are crowd favourites for their crispy crunchy skin and of course – who can resist prawn fillings? *gulp*



I love these sweet potato and yam puffs – shaped like spring rolls. Really yummy!



They have a choice of two soups – this is one of them – the assorted seafood balls soup ~ okay 2nd wave of food ~~ now for the third wave ~~



You can probably guess the third wave coming through by looking at this picture – oh yes – it’s Sushi Tei’s wave!!



Arrghhhhh it’s the Super Sushi Tsunami ~~~~~~~ *DROOLS* I spot some Unagi and Mentaiko Sushi in the wave!! *SWOOONS*



Arrghhh oh no ~~ it’s the Sashimi Tsunami ~~~ Three of the more popular sashimis – Sake (Salmon), Maguro (Tuna) and Hamachi (Yellow Tail) – OH MY SASHIMI ~~ COME TO ME PLEASE ~~ ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ~~~ *GOJIRA MODE = ON*



What? More sushi coming at us?! Oh my god! How can we survive this?! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!



A surprise attack by Ebi (prawn) tempuras while we were busy with the sushi and sashimi ~~



Fourth wave of food tsunami coming at ya! Chinese and Japanese Cuisine! Stir fried beef and chicken coming right at ya!



Oh would you look at these Japanese style scallop skewers!



Chinese style butter egg prawns and creamy saucy prawns!



Oh my Pandan Chicken! I really have a weakness for them! Do you?



Chinese Cuisine: Crispy squid – Sweet and Sour Fish ~~



One of the all time favourites – Salted Yolks SOFT SHELL CRABS! OMG OMG OMG!! LoL ~ I cannot play poker as I really can’t hide my joy when I see something delicious ~~~



Veggies! Stir fried asparagus and celery with scallops – broccoli with shimeji mushrooms ~~ very fancy! Me likey!



Japanese tofu in gravy – and curry chicken with vegetables – mmmm fourth wave of food done ~~ get ready for more!



Fifth Wave! All Seasons are popular for Chinese style BBQ Meats – such as their lamb ribs char siew and black pepper ribs – and these two are part of the sungkai menu! Hurray!



Chinese style Roasted Chicken is also part of their Chinese BBQ meats section ~~



You will also see bowls and bowls of chicken rice and char siew chicken rice near their BBQ meats section – be sure to check them out ~~ phew ~~ that’s a big wave number 5 but we are actually far from done! It wouldn’t be called a food tsunami if we’re finished here ~~


Bumped into my old classmate Hasnul with his family – he’s got his food already but his other members of the family are still out hunting for more delicious food from glorious buffet!



Let the Indonesian Food Wave Begin! It’s Wave number 6! Waroeng Penyet’s famous Ayam Penyet Kremus and their Beef Penyet – fried beef – remember to smother some sambal on them!



Tempeh and Tauhu Goreng ~~ beef and chicken satays ~



Indonesian style Salad – The Gado Gado – Peanut Sauce Salad ~ a crowd favourite snack! 6th Wave done!



Wave Number 7 by Pasta Mania joins the food tsunami with their Western dishes ~ look out for yummy spaghetti ~



Creamy Mac N Cheese – always popular with kids – or young at heart adults like me ~~ ahh the guilty pleasures of eating them while watching TV ~~



Creamy salmon wraps and Chicken in Creamy Sauce~~~ 7th wave done!



For the 8th food wave - there are some special stalls with staff to serve you ~ they have beef soto and laksa!



Pretty unique laksa as they serve them with char siew chicken ~~ the laksa is more on the creamier and sweeter side – a curry laksa type. Yum!



Are you a fan of All Season’s Peking Duck? Well – they are part of the buffet too!



The crispy skin of the Peking duck is usually wrapped with All Season’s in house Popiah skin and sauce. Delicious! This is usually an expensive delicacy and I’m quite surprised they are included in the buffet! WHAT A BARGAIN!



Debbie Too, happily enjoying the Peking duck wraps and her handsome husband Shim Jan Ting~~~



Oh – did I mention they have Chinese style ribs too? oooh la laa ~~~



After waves and waves of good food from different restaurants – do you still have room for the Dessert Wave!? Here comes wave number 9!! DESSERT WAVE!!



Assorted types of local Malay cakes



Different types and rows and rows of biscuits and sweet treats ~~



Ice Cream – a dessert wave is never complete without ice cream!



They even got chocolate ├ęclair and tarts ~~~ so – are we finally finished? Is this the last food wave?



No! Did I forget to mention you have Auntie Anne’s as part of the Sungkai buffet?! It’s the attack of the Pretzel waves! Oh would you look at the beauty of this Jalapeno Pretzels ~~ gotta lov the spicy and sour kick of these Jalapenos!



You can see a good lineup of Auntie Anne’s yummy pretzels at the buffet ~~



Auntie Anne’s stuffed chocolate balls!



One simply does not say no to Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sticks – NEVER! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Delicious!



The kids will be very happy with the amount of yummy desserts and delicious pretzels! I have to say this is indeed a buffet where everyone would be happy – as we all have different preferences but in this buffet – there’s bound to be something that you like! So much choice really!



Phew – after surviving that #foodtsunami – I must say – for a mere $29.80 – you get premium items like Sashimi, Sushi, Peking Duck, Beef Ribs, Lamb, Indonesian favourites Soft Shell Crabs, Dim Sum,  assorted desserts and Auntie Ann Pretzels – I must say – I wonder how the restaurant can make a profit – it’s simply so worth it man – here’s us bloggers pointing at you – You simply must try out this buffet – so make sure you make your reservations early!



Of course – a gentle reminder that – just take what you can eat and not too much – as any leftovers would be charged $5.00 per 100g.

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You could be one of the 10 lucky winners to win 5000 sky miles from Royal Skies! Everyone is a winner with their triple Royal Skies for each $1 spent!

My advice is to make your bookings early to avoid disappointment. For such a good bargain – buffets like these would be sold out pretty fast! Especially when it’s only 5 days! I hope you will enjoy this #foodtsunami as much as I do!

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